22 Jul 2016

Let's talk fashion with pink hair!

Pink Hair Outfit fashion style
Most of you, know my blog as an interior design blog despite I have of course categories like Beauty, Fashion and general lifestyle. You may perhaps notice, that I recently added a new category:Travels! I have few exciting trips I wanted to share with you, hence the little change! 

17 Jul 2016

Blogger breakfast & amazing collections from Next Home! Vlog

Back in April, I was invited by Next for their VIP Blogger Breakfast event to showcase their amazing collections! It was honestly the perfect event! Next Home collections looked incredible and all that accompanied by a perfect company of fellow bloggers with yummy food! I have enjoyed the event so much!

11 Jul 2016

My living room update; new blinds, sofa & lamp!

For the past 3 years, I was living like in a fish bowl! My old blinds were absolutely disgusting! When we came to view the apartment for the first time, we walk into a proper hangover house!

10 Jul 2016

My new toaster from House of Fraser! Delonghi Argento review!

Can you imagine, that I never ate breakfasts? Well, since I left my family home to specific. It was down to the fact, that I usually either burn my toast or eggs. I never thought about investing in a toaster, like a proper one. I always just buy a cheap market one, so it will just do the job.

6 Jul 2016

How Do You Put the Luxe into a Luxury Bathroom?

If money were no object and you didn’t need to factor in things, like  tripping over vinyl laminate flooring or your dated tile grout looks rather odd yellow! (picture on left Dunelm Rustic charm collection)

The reality of living in a rented apartment

While waiting for a bus, I was wandering around Piccadilly Gardens and picked an August issue of Cosmopolitan. Failing to find horoscope (is not there anymore!), I stopped suddenly on page 102 titled : ‘’Are you caught in the rental trap?’’.

5 Jul 2016

Festival trends 2016

Perhaps, I am not only the one who check trends reports after each festival. I love to see the creativity and the bohemian style. I think every year there is something new exciting coming to it. This year, I think the highlight was hair glitter! Specifically, the glitter roots! I totally loved this little buns and sparkles in between! Also, another trend spotted this year is tiny lip tattoos! Instagrammers and beauty bloggers use tiny nail stickers or just body fake tattoo's (yes the ones you apply with water) and apply them on lips along with cool coloured lipsticks! Forget the Kylie lippy! Now, that's something! 

4 Jul 2016

Arena Flowers beautiful bouquets plus Win £100 Voucher !

'How is it you can all talk so nicely?’ 
Alice said, hoping to get it into a better temper by a compliment. 
`I’ve been in many gardens before, but none of the flowers could talk.'
`Put your hand down, and feel the ground,’ said the Tiger-lily.
`Then you’ll know why.....
Chapter 2: The Garden of Live Flowers,  Alice in Wonderland. 


26 Jun 2016

How to make fashion inspired DIY cushions covers! Video

I always loved simple DIY.  I found some unused cushion covers (or pillow covers if you like to name it this way). Simple white covers that usually worked as back up pillow for my comfort, by I had so many of them already. I decided to jazz them up a little. I found some lovely cushions before but were quite expensive so for this #swifthomehacks I decided to show you how can you re-use these white simple covers (whether pillow or cushions) and create something really simple and super quick and most of all super cheap! 

24 Jun 2016

How to find the perfect sofa for your home

I have recently got sofa upgrade in my rented pad, thanks to the kindness of my landlord! Yay! We had small black two seater sofa, that I had pretty much enough of. The sofa was okey, for those who loves leather seating... and personally, I prefer fabric sofa’s in corner option. I like to lie down and stretch my legs, and bring duvet from bedroom.. wrap like a burrito and watch Pretty Little Liars! I am extremely grateful we were able to finally change it and that my landlord allowed me to pick one! (picture on top Loaf.com hunker sofa)

22 Jun 2016

VQ Hepburn II DAB Bluetooth Radio Review & Giveaway!

Believe me or not but in a past 3 years, I didn’t really listen to music at home! Not at all! Very rare, and perhaps in some occasions when I had guests, an MTV channel was on and that’s about that! I often listen to music at work with headphones on, or on my way to and from work but never actually at home! I actually felt okey with it… until I got VQ Hepburn 2 DAB Bluetooth Radio! Literally now, as soon as I enter the property, I turn the radio on! I can’t even express how much I love this radio! VQ Hepburn MK II DAB Bluetooth Radio not only surprised me with the fantastic quality of sound but also many very useful functions!

6 must have pool side essentials

This year, I am really hoping for some nice holiday! I haven’t got anything booked yet! Although, I think it will be the last minute one! With my super busy lifestyle lately, I really started looking forward and plan ahead. As I do recently with all my blog posts, social media etc. I schedule, plan and organise everything in advance, therefore, my holiday will be planned ahead too! Every single time I am on holiday, when unpacking in my pretty hotel room, I always discover I have forgotten something! This year I am making my list, so it won’t happen! I also decided to share the list with you!So, as well as the usual items I would put into my suitcase, what essentials should I be packing for the poolside? Perhaps this simple list should be helpful to you as well!

19 Jun 2016

Creating a sense of space in rented apartment, Video

My living room is an open space sharing with kitchen. It worked for me this way for a couple of months until I started to feel little cramped there! I had books around the space, as I was still at university, I was eating by my coffee table and my living room perhaps didn’t exist as I didn’t really watch TV or use this space as relaxing space. Until I got fed up and started to make this space a little more usable.


14 Jun 2016

Smart styling bedroom tips to help you sleep better!

When I was at University, for whole 3 years I was fighting against insomnia! All 3 years I was like walking zombie. I have no clue, how on earth did I manage to finish uni with first class degree and Dean’s Award?! I am just ace! ha! On a serious note, there is nothing funny about insomnia. I went through the worst days you can imagine. I could go for days with no sleep at all, study and work. It was awful! I will never forget these days! I was even put on sleeping aids by doctors but I refused to take them, as I didn’t want to become dependant on them.

13 Jun 2016

My little box June 2016 review!

my little box june 2016
Last year, I discovered what's the fun with beauty boxes! Perhaps you remember my review where I compared My little box vs Glossy box. Today, I got back on the fun and got My little box June 2016 box! It arrived super quick, and I so couldn’t wait and opened straight to work! This month My little box didn’t fail me! it’s so perfect for the Summer Vibes, as per the big title on the box! 

5 Bedroom Styling Tips to Recreate French Décor

french decor throw
Last week, I joined The French Bedroom Company Instagram blogger takeover! I loved their lifestyle shots so much, that inspired me to post a little about some french decor. Being a fan of shabby chic style, painted French furniture, I wanted to explore some of the ideas in which you can recreate various Parisian themes in your own home. 

9 Jun 2016

Ideas for making small spaces seem larger!

small apartment layout
Most of us are troubled with small spaces, but there is really no need to put up with them. Whilst enlargement and renovation may be out of the question, there are a few tricks that you can employ to make your small spaces seem larger and which are easy to implement yourself. I perhaps mentioned this tousand times but you should know by now that I live in the tiniest apartment ever, despite having 2 bedrooms which one is totally cramped! Yep, with all my landlord stuff that I have put there, so I could replace furniture in other rooms! Sacrifices!  


7 Jun 2016

Does diet & detox tea works? Teami Blends: the most honest review you’ve seen!

teami blend detox diet tea review
Last year, right before summer my Facebook was flooded with advertising of the ‘revolutionaries’ detox and diet tea’s that helps you with bloating, skin and general weight loss. I was intrigued! I bet most of my female friends were intrigued too! Why we wouldn’t be??! Sounds easy, you drink tea in the morning and in the evening and then magically the scale number is down, your skin is beautiful and just by judging all the skinny and tanned beautiful smiley girls, who hold a cup of tea is must a pretty genius option isn’t?? Well, I decided to try!