26 Jun 2016

How to make fashion inspired DIY cushions covers! Video

I always loved simple DIY.  I found some unused cushion covers (or pillow covers if you like to name it this way). Simple white covers that usually worked as back up pillow for my comfort, by I had so many of them already. I decided to jazz them up a little. I found some lovely cushions before but were quite expensive so for this #swifthomehacks I decided to show you how can you re-use these white simple covers (whether pillow or cushions) and create something really simple and super quick and most of all super cheap! 

24 Jun 2016

How to find the perfect sofa for your home

I have recently got sofa upgrade in my rented pad, thanks to the kindness of my landlord! Yay! We had small black two seater sofa, that I had pretty much enough of. The sofa was okey, for those who loves leather seating... and personally, I prefer fabric sofa’s in corner option. I like to lie down and stretch my legs, and bring duvet from bedroom.. wrap like a burrito and watch Pretty Little Liars! I am extremely grateful we were able to finally change it and that my landlord allowed me to pick one! (picture on top Loaf.com hunker sofa)

22 Jun 2016

VQ Hepburn II DAB Bluetooth Radio Review & Giveaway!

Believe me or not but in a past 3 years, I didn’t really listen to music at home! Not at all! Very rare, and perhaps in some occasions when I had guests, an MTV channel was on and that’s about that! I often listen to music at work with headphones on, or on my way to and from work but never actually at home! I actually felt okey with it… until I got VQ Hepburn 2 DAB Bluetooth Radio! Literally now, as soon as I enter the property, I turn the radio on! I can’t even express how much I love this radio! VQ Hepburn MK II DAB Bluetooth Radio not only surprised me with the fantastic quality of sound but also many very useful functions!

6 must have pool side essentials

This year, I am really hoping for some nice holiday! I haven’t got anything booked yet! Although, I think it will be the last minute one! With my super busy lifestyle lately, I really started looking forward and plan ahead. As I do recently with all my blog posts, social media etc. I schedule, plan and organise everything in advance, therefore, my holiday will be planned ahead too! Every single time I am on holiday, when unpacking in my pretty hotel room, I always discover I have forgotten something! This year I am making my list, so it won’t happen! I also decided to share the list with you!So, as well as the usual items I would put into my suitcase, what essentials should I be packing for the poolside? Perhaps this simple list should be helpful to you as well!

19 Jun 2016

Creating a sense of space in rented apartment, Video

My living room is an open space sharing with kitchen. It worked for me this way for a couple of months until I started to feel little cramped there! I had books around the space, as I was still at university, I was eating by my coffee table and my living room perhaps didn’t exist as I didn’t really watch TV or use this space as relaxing space. Until I got fed up and started to make this space a little more usable.


14 Jun 2016

Smart styling bedroom tips to help you sleep better!

When I was at University, for whole 3 years I was fighting against insomnia! All 3 years I was like walking zombie. I have no clue, how on earth did I manage to finish uni with first class degree and Dean’s Award?! I am just ace! ha! On a serious note, there is nothing funny about insomnia. I went through the worst days you can imagine. I could go for days with no sleep at all, study and work. It was awful! I will never forget these days! I was even put on sleeping aids by doctors but I refused to take them, as I didn’t want to become dependant on them.

13 Jun 2016

My little box June 2016 review!

my little box june 2016
Last year, I discovered what's the fun with beauty boxes! Perhaps you remember my review where I compared My little box vs Glossy box. Today, I got back on the fun and got My little box June 2016 box! It arrived super quick, and I so couldn’t wait and opened straight to work! This month My little box didn’t fail me! it’s so perfect for the Summer Vibes, as per the big title on the box! 

5 Bedroom Styling Tips to Recreate French Décor

french decor throw
Last week, I joined The French Bedroom Company Instagram blogger takeover! I loved their lifestyle shots so much, that inspired me to post a little about some french decor. Being a fan of shabby chic style, painted French furniture, I wanted to explore some of the ideas in which you can recreate various Parisian themes in your own home. 

9 Jun 2016

Ideas for making small spaces seem larger!

small apartment layout
Most of us are troubled with small spaces, but there is really no need to put up with them. Whilst enlargement and renovation may be out of the question, there are a few tricks that you can employ to make your small spaces seem larger and which are easy to implement yourself. I perhaps mentioned this tousand times but you should know by now that I live in the tiniest apartment ever, despite having 2 bedrooms which one is totally cramped! Yep, with all my landlord stuff that I have put there, so I could replace furniture in other rooms! Sacrifices!  


7 Jun 2016

Does diet & detox tea works? Teami Blends: the most honest review you’ve seen!

teami blend detox diet tea review
Last year, right before summer my Facebook was flooded with advertising of the ‘revolutionaries’ detox and diet tea’s that helps you with bloating, skin and general weight loss. I was intrigued! I bet most of my female friends were intrigued too! Why we wouldn’t be??! Sounds easy, you drink tea in the morning and in the evening and then magically the scale number is down, your skin is beautiful and just by judging all the skinny and tanned beautiful smiley girls, who hold a cup of tea is must a pretty genius option isn’t?? Well, I decided to try! 

6 Jun 2016

Blog First Birthday Tea Party with Next!

just a nibble plate and chocolate tart
I can't believe that it's been a year since Don't Cramp My Style was '''born''!

24 May 2016

How to create gallery wall in rented space

When you rent an apartment and dream of a gallery wall, this is impossible to achieve as of course you can’t hang picture frames! If you like me, rent from an agency with restrictions, who came to your apartment every 4 months to check everything is still in place! I sometimes get comments from people, saying ‘Oh you could just repaint or hang picture and ‘’make good walls’’ when moving out, well, it’s not that easy! When you have a contract only for 6months and you don't know whether you gonna be kicked out after 6 months or they would kindly let you stay?

20 May 2016

My guest speaking at the Ideal Home Show

Winners Announced! (Read in comments) 

I am super excited for the 4th of June! You simply can’t miss this! I will be guest speaking at the Super Theatre at the Ideal Home Show Manchester 2016! I am little nervous, I must admit! Despite, I have some stage appearance little background this is when I will be speaking to an audience like that for the first time! I had a live interview at BBC1 Radio with Phil Throw before and appeared in Manchester TV etc. but both were with only small number people in the room and this will be different! But don’t worry I am going well prepared, full of ideas to share and little samples to show!

Ideal Home Show is a national exhibition the biggest in Manchester! You can have a little sneak-peak to my visit from the Ideal Home Show 2015! This year you have to remember these days: 2nd – 5th June 2016 and definitely check out the show highlights as loads of things going on apart from impressive 300 exhibitors Including: Interiors, Home Improvements, Food & Housewares, Technology, Gardens sponsored by Hydropool, Fashion & Beauty and Shopping. 
Also, every year Ideal Home show gather their celebrity ambassadors who share their top tis and expertise and you can’t miss goodie Gregg Wallace, interior designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, architect and TV presenter George Clarke, TV presenter and inspirational author Katie Piper, gardening expert Diarmuid Gavin, savvy Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis and tech-guru Suzi Perry.

Lee Newton, CEO of Ideal Home Show organisers Media 10, said: "Our award winning home show is back in Manchester for the third time this June, and we're delighted about it's success so far up North. The Ideal Home Show has always been at the forefront of British home trends and inspiration and we love that we are able to provide a space for people to visit and visualise different aspects of their home aspirations.”
Whilst there, don’t miss the Champagne bar (of course), the Gregg Wallace restaurant or if less hungry The duke’s head and of course The Idea Super Theatre! 


I am also giving you the chance to Win tickets!! The competition prize will be one pair of tickets per winner (5 winners in total). Winners can attend any day of their choosing with these tickets. Tickets cannot be exchanged for cash refunds! To win, simply comment below: Which day would you attend and what you loking forward to see? You can also tag me in Instagram or Twitter with your answer!
UK entrants only!

To book tickets visit www.idealhomeshowmanchester.com or call 0844 209 7366.
Prices for Ideal Home Show, EventCity, Manchester:

Adult - £12.00 In Advance, £15.00 on the Door
Concession (over 60) - £11.00 in advance, £14.00 on the Door
Children aged 15 and under go free when accompanied by a paying adult (Max 2)
Advanced tickets transaction fee of £1.70 applies
Groups of 10+ from £6.00

Venue: EventCity, Urmston, Manchester M41 7TB
Duration: Thursday 2nd – Sunday 5th June 2016, 10am – 5pm

For more information please contact the press office on idealhomeshowmanchester@mancfrank.com or call 0161 669 4708

ps. You can now Shop My Style!

19 May 2016

My hair for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards by Brooks and Brooks, London!

Cosmopolitan Blog Awards
I am little late to this post ;) few months to be specific! Well, sometimes we all postpone things, don’t we? Or maybe is just me?. Anyway, I got caught up with life, work and everything else and I just have this stupid thing! When I am so much into something, I want it to be perfect, so I postpone it and postpone it until is like ridiculously late! I wanted to share this with you before but well, life happened!

18 May 2016

6 Fashion tips for the spring you

When I come across amazing styling not only in the interiors, but fashion as well, I am automatically getting fast heart bit and my stomach has butterflies! Yes, you guessing right1 I am falling a little with love! Especially when it comes to amazing collaboration for a fashion magazine!I just loved the collar between Photographer Troyt Coburn and Stylist Kate Harrowsmith for a Marie Claire Australia! is just perfect! 

10 May 2016

How to Create DIY Ombre Bedding

Perhaps, I am not only the one addicted to Pinterest, I know there is more of us! It only seems like I am going to re-pin one and before I know it, there has been few hours of me pinning and pinning and going through thousands of beautiful photos. One of those I am most hooked up to is the bedding! I have an obsession! Especially, natural cotton and linens in all sort of shades of grey, white, and pastels! I do however have special feelings for the ombre style! Inspired by celebrities many years ago I have done my hair, then changed to pink. The ombre style looks absolutely beautiful on bed linens too! I have researched many companies and sadly I find the most beautiful ombre a little too expensive for my budget.

5 May 2016

Outdoor Fashion for Camping or Glamping. What to wear?!

I am like super excited for the next month! We going glamping!! Surprisingly, I only came across this 'name' last month and didn’t even know that such a thing like glamping existed! For those who doesn’t know, glamping is a short cut of Glamorous Camping which is basically a prettier camping style. We did traditional camping 2 years ago with my boyfriend parents in Croatia and I loved it! I don’t mind this type of holidays, it makes me sleep less and explore more rather than staying in exclusive hotels, plus I can spend more money on some fashion! Yay! (on left Joules lovely wellies)

2 May 2016

Designer’s plastic chairs vs replica’s, crime or cheap style?

eames dsw replica chair
I have been blogging for a year now, usually keeping quite safe, well if blogging about all type of pastels in rented space we can call safe ;) Today, I wanted to touch a subject that has been quite bothering me for a while now. I want to talk about replica’s furniture. As you know I am an interior designer, and I do share values and respect toward other designer works, whether interior or product designers. I know myself how hard is to create something, and keep it unique. I also know how easy for others is to ‘steal ideas’ or let’s call it ‘’borrow’. I think this subject may me be quite controversial and I want to talk about negatives and positives about it. (Picture on left - Cult Furniture summer edition)