Boring health and safety of DIY at home you all need to know about.

It’s Christmas time and we all want our homes looking more beautiful than usual. We all know that buying new furniture or paying for builders and specialist is costly, so we turning into doing a DIY’s ourselves. You know, I am a huge fan of DIY and up-cycling so I will always strongly encourage you to do so, but also I always mention health & safety in any of my DIY posts. I tried to always remember to include simple safety steps like for example in my latest post Jazzing up Christmas stag head when I mentioned using spray paints outdoor only. I know it's boring, I get that. No likes those health & safety classes, neither I like them, but it's important to know what products, materials and surfaces you are working with to reduce a risk of getting yourself ill. 

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The Best Polish Christmas Advert that gone Viral for a reason!

I've seen many Christmas Adverts and some makes me cry, some lakes me laugh but this particular Christmas it's so real and so close to my heart. Not just because it's from my native country, but also it shows the way I have learned English, how I was repeating words and just because it's a funny and ''aww' type of advert. What else.. Just watch it!

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Chcesz Udstepnic? Kliknij w czarna duza kropke ze strzalka w prawym dolnym rogu :)

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UK Blog Hop: Jazzing Up a Christmas Stag head and bedroom update

pink antlers stag head diy

Christmas is round the corner and it’s time to decorate the entire flat! Yay! I am starting with some festive touches in my bedroom! I took part in the UK Interior Blog Hop with some fab interior bloggers, so scroll down to bottom to found out to who should you link next :) Kimberly Duran, the awesome blogger and winner of Blogger Choice Award is the Host of the Blog Hop and you definitely can't miss her post about her dreamy Christmas Home

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Enchanted Christmas, nutcracker and magical world of Christy

enchanted and magical christmas with christy
Christy Victoria Bed Linen in Dusky Pink

Christmas is one of the most amazing time of the year. We are gathering with families around Christmas tree, sharing presents and there is something enchanted and something we can't really explain during those days. Perhaps, are we nicer to each other, are we more relaxed? Are we less stressed? Definitely.

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Sainsbury's Home Challenge, Bedding set & towels review

reading book in bed sainsburys bedding

When it comes to buying homeware and soft furnishing, we tend to just go to a typical hight street stores or buy online but actually, you can get amazing quality bedding set and towels just of your local Sainsbury's supermarket! Sainsbury's Home really up their game with homeware and soft furnishing especially with their Everyday Luxury bedding and towels. Now, before Christmas where we are all super busy buying Christmas gifts and food, there is usually last minute home decor shopping so why not take advantage of the amazing quality and prices? 

relaxing bed sainsburys bedding

It took me while to create to this video, I am not going to lie. I had few issues with a file being corrupted then, trying to edit with zero editing skills, but hey! I finally did it! I hope you enjoy it! Watch till the end ;) 

Once you enjoyed the video, let’s chat a bit more about the collection I have received. I have to admit, I was very positive surprised. Usually, we tend to think that supermarket quality will be far from our expectations, but here the Everyday Luxury bedding has its name for a reason. It is a truly soft and silky bed linen thanks 400 threads Egyptian cotton and the quality is just simply amazing. Since the video been taken, I have washed the bedding now twice and I have to admit, that it become even softer after the wash! This is what was my first worry, as when you buy a budget friendly product, it usually looks great and feels great until you wash it when it starts losing color or quality. Here, I have to admit the experience been great and after washing the bedding I didn’t have to spend hours ironing as the fabric is silky in touch and easy to iron!  The pillows are filled 85 percent White Goose feather 15 percent White Goose Down and are super soft, yet I can feel the support on your neck as it doesn’t go completely flat like most pillows. 

relaxing bed sainsburys bedding

relaxing bed sainsburys bedding

relaxing bed sainsburys bedding

breakfast in bed
When I set the bedding and lie in my crispy bed, it was just an amazing experience. Like, come, one guys, who don't like a fresh crispy bed? Of course, we all do. Waking up next day, and a single day for a week, it was just beautiful. I literally had the urge to style the bed and do some changes in my bedroom. You can read here my Autumn bedroom makeover. 

white bedroom boho style
Prosecco & Pancakes cushion is from (use DCMS for 20% off)

The night I set the bedding, I decided to ‘test’ the towels straight away, why not? I pour myself a nice hot bath, pour a glass of prosecco and throw prosecco bath bombs and rose petals! I don’t bath often (Don’t read me wrong, I shower instead;) so once I am having a bath it’s like a ceremony for me. Everything needs to be perfect! I have washed my towels before use them, which I think it’s a normal thing to do anyway. The Everyday Luxury towels from Sainsbury’s Home are made from fine Egyptian cotton Hygro which is a smart technology that ensures towels are thicker and softer. Once my bath was over and I could wrap myself in the towels, I literally wouldn’t want to unwrap! Sainsbury's is super right that the towels are softer and softer after every wash. It was such a treat and these fluffy towels are so warm as well, Especially the bath sheet, seriously you could swap for a blanket! 

relaxing bath time
relaxing bath time
relaxing bath time water with petals

white sainsburys towel

After the entire week, when it was time to change the bedding and wash them, I was really tempted to leave it on! normally my bedding would go massively creased and towels as flat and dry but here apart from some stains (oh you dirty woman!) the bedlinen and towels were as soft as used on the first day. I loved it so much that I washed it in the morning, letting dry and changed back instead of using another. If you pop to Sainsbury’s, don’t forget to pick yours! With prices like Large Quilted throw £30, Double bed linen set £35 or bath sheet £17 and hand towel £7- seriously! You must!

relaxing bedroom winter

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* I was gifted the bed linens and towels but opinion as always it's my own :)
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DIY gift, rose and lavender bath salts with own package and label

DIY bath salts with rose and lavender

When it comes to Christmas gifting, nothing can bring a bigger smile like DIY gift, especially when you make your own package as well. Today, I am back with another SwiftHomeHack with SwiftCover and I’ll show you how to make DIY bath salts with rose and lavender. It's a great looking gift but also it has fantastic health and beauty benefits, so it’s a perfect gift for literally anyone!

bathroom bath salts with rose and lavender

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A few very honest words to future myself, as a blogger and as a person.

A future goals as a blogger

 It took me a while to get the strength to finally write this. I had written this post many times just to delete it after. I tried to write it different ways, sometimes it was a happy post, sometimes it was just a rant at myself, other times it was just too sad.  It was harder than I thought. When reviewing a brand or company is easier than judging yourself. I wanted to write this so I can stand back and perhaps, re-read if I feel down or have doubts. I am now working from home and spending time much more with myself which means that I'm sometimes over thinking certain things but also I have the best opportunity now to work on myself and on all goals I want achieve. So, today I wore my comfy joggers on and decided to finally post it. Also, I decided to link this post to a fashion showing you my latest photoshoot with BowsBoutique jacket and shoes, as I just love this combo but also I really felt happy, relaxed here and I didn't wanted just throw you pretty picture of sunset or other meaningless imagery but show you real me and my real emotions. 

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Quick DIY advent calendar plus win £20 Hobby Craft voucher and more!

quick and easy DIY advent calendarHey ho! Christmas is round the corner, who is excited?! Of course me! I have decided to make you quick DIY advent calendar you can make at home. I have seen many methods and some are more difficult and some easier! The advent calendar is something I always need at home. I can live without a wreath or outdoor decor but not without advent calendar. I count days but also, I like to treat myself every day with some small treats, just a family tradition, you know. Today, I am back with another #swifthomehack with SwiftCover! As you can see, all my hacks are super easy and budget friendly, so I hope you will enjoy this one as well!
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Cosy Home, Living room idea for Winter plus Win Giant merino wool blanket

cosy home with hot chocolate mug

Yes, officially it's that time of the year, so let’s start the cosy home features! Last year, I have shown you how to cosy up your living room with furs and textures. This year, I am back with Swift Cover with a new #swifthomehacks: cosy home ideas. I decided to do up my living room. Mainly, because I find it more challenging to style living room than the bedroom. Unlike bedroom, living room in my home it’s an open space connected to 3 other functional spaces so making this area as it’s own independent and cosy space, is something I really wanted to do.
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How to pay off your student overdraft, tips and ideas to save money on food

ikea live lagom
In January, I became an IKEA Live Lagom ambassador and little I knew then how this will change my lifestyle.  I have graduated 3 years ago, with hopes and dreams like every other student. I used to live with my boyfriend in an outskirt of Manchester. We were renting a small room above a takeaway and shop on a busy road. I wasn’t working on my last months of university, only relying on a student loan. As soon as I graduated, it was natural that I wanted to move to closer to the city and find a job. In order to find a flat, we had to pay a deposit and the first month of rent. This is where my first student overdraft monies went for.

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The basic rules of mixing pattern and textures

We all struggled once or twice when having big chintzy patterns in front of us. If you either in the shop and just found this amazing cushion or throw, or at home trying to put things together, when it comes to patterns and textures, sometimes is so easy to make the things look tacky! (image above- Aidas bedding in marble)
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How to look after your skin in your 30’s and cheat the time.

pastel pink hair

Not many people know that I am 33 year old, (last month sigh.. )…I know, I am very lucky that I don’t look my age. I have been asked many times, what do I do and I promised to write this post. So, here you go.
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