22 Aug 2016

A week of my feet!

Today, I want to take you on an unusual journey, a week of my feet! Inspired by a popular hashtag #IhaveThisthingsWithFloors, I decided to take on Luxury Flooring challenge and photograph all cool flooring types I found on my way, one each day. I'm totally obsessed with taking photos of my feet, whether it's a floor or shoes' or outfit, or whatever I find interesting on floors and believe me there is so many weird, funny and less describable what I can find on Manchester floors... Right, let's stick to the subject :)

16 Aug 2016

Instagram worthy gallery wall inspirations for your home

I recently became totally Instagram obsessed. With the Instagram new feature of stories gently ripped off from Snapchat, many people turned into this platform which made Instagram, even more, interesting. I'm not going to lie, I personally love it! I used Snapchat, occasionally and only for stories only as I personally think it's rather teenager platform but now Instagram have 2 in 1, it's a winning game for me. Since Instagram introduced stories a few days ago, I've noticed more people started uploading pictures and thanks to this, I have found new amazing accounts to follow. Even I got hooked, and I upload more often. Go, have a little look ;) @idontcrampmystyle

15 Aug 2016

How to create a low-maintenance kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home they say, and it’s true. I remember when I was a little girl, and my mum cooked in the kitchen, I always sat next to the window back to a radiator and read a book, while enjoying the smell of food and warmth from the oven. Such a lovely time. Now, when I live on my own I often go back to these memories.

14 Aug 2016

Should you rent from an agency or private landlord?

rent from agency or private landlord
Whether you just finished university, met ‘that’ guy/girl to move in with or any other reason you just decided you want to rent, there is always a decision; whether rent from an agency or private landlord. I currently rent from agency only but while looking for apartments I have dealt with many scenarios. I already touched this subject in my previous post Before you rent hints and tips, where I explained the difference in cost but today, I wanted to explain more about the experience of renting via private landlord and agency. 

12 Aug 2016

Interior Styling, Matalan Direct sheepskin rug challenge.

Who said that rug is only to be placed on floors?? I am breaking the rule! I have styled sheepskin rug 3 ways to show you what else you do with it! 

10 Aug 2016

My weekend DIY! Spray paint stool, angle-poise lamp and candlesticks!

So, It’s been too long since I last done any  DIY at home. I always enjoyed getting my hands dirty and jazzing up my pad. I had shared with you last month my Living room update post and when I looked back at the photos, something just didn’t look right. I had this bright orange stool, and copper accessories but despite your lovely comments (Thank you by the way!) for some reasons, it just didn’t feel right. 

6 Aug 2016

Bloggers Afternoon Tea with Farfetch at the Manchester House

One thing I love more than taking photos of myself, my house and writing blog posts, is working with fabulous brands. When I started blogging, I genuinely thought, that all bloggers are like super rich kids, who just spend the day shopping, writing and enjoying fabulous life. Well, I am not far from that with the difference that bloggers are not rich kids and actually, they work really hard behind the scenes to theme their photo-shoots, edit the photos, write the content then promote and apply all SEO. It’s a seriously a full-time job itself! Yes, amazing events and cocktails are part of the benefits.

How to Assemble the Perfect Capsule Wardrobe - pink hair outfits.

outfits for pink hair
Few months ago, I came across a term; capsule wardrobe. It was something new to me since I am nowhere a fashion guru, I just like to dress up! My friends always were telling me, that my style is slightly different & unique. I was always obsessed with clothes and I like to experiment. I had no clue that, one day I will be dressing and photographing my outfits! I know, all girls like to dress up but having your own unique style and ability to mix and match the same clothes, can be challenging. That's what is called a capsule wardrobe!

5 Aug 2016

5 of the World's Most Stylish Luggage Brands

Who love travelling? Of course, ME! I have been recently expanding my Travel category, so the travel wardrobe, but Girl gotta pack all the pretty clothes somewhere! So, if you are planning to splash out and invest in some shiny new luggage, why not choose from some of the world’s most stylish luggage brands?


4 Aug 2016

Moving house: Stick or twist? Thoughts on brexit & home improvements.

We all moved house, once or twice or like me several times! I always find it fascinating to speak to people, and hear what they have to say. One thing I’ve noticed more and more recently is the number of people who are falling out of love with their homes. I even talked about it at the Ideal home Show (soon soon here!) Too small, too far away, too busy, too loud – I’ve heard it all, and it’s fair enough. We all have our reasons to move house!

3 Aug 2016

Glamping at Bach Wen cottages review + Lava BrightSounds 2 Speaker Giveaway!

I went glamping! I needed a little time off to rewind and recharge batteries. We booked probably the most beautiful hidden spot in Wales we possibly could. Located at the Bach Wen Cottages, Dandelion & Burdock are twin camping pods that are placed at the fields overlooking Caernarfon Bay. I was looking for a place like that for quite a while and fellow blogger recommended that to me. I wouldn’t be more grateful! I emailed them straight away and booked the place for 2 days. It only cost us £60 per night. Now, I need to warn you; This post contains 30 stunning images!


30 Jul 2016

Let's talk about tiles! Simple guide to tiles.

Many of you know, that I am a qualified interior designer. It's absolutely normal for me to be choosing different tiles every day. I remember when I had to choose my first tiles for a client, and I had absolutely no clue where to start. These days you have a huge range of shapes, sizes, and colours and I were little like Alice in Wonderland. In today post, I wanted to show you a simple infographic created by Thisisstone.com where the guys explained in such a simple way type of tiles with some great advice! I couldn't say no to this collaboration as I know this would definitely benefit you guys!(picture on top Artisau TopsTiles)

22 Jul 2016

Let's talk fashion with pink hair!

Pink Hair Outfit fashion style
Most of you, know my blog as an interior design blog despite I have of course categories like Beauty, Fashion and general lifestyle. You may perhaps notice, that I recently added a new category:Travels! I have few exciting trips I wanted to share with you, hence the little change! 

17 Jul 2016

Blogger breakfast & amazing collections from Next Home! Vlog

Back in April, I was invited by Next for their VIP Blogger Breakfast event to showcase their amazing collections! It was honestly the perfect event! Next Home collections looked incredible and all that accompanied by a perfect company of fellow bloggers with yummy food! I have enjoyed the event so much!

11 Jul 2016

My living room update; new blinds, sofa & lamp!

For the past 3 years, I was living like in a fish bowl! My old blinds were absolutely disgusting! When we came to view the apartment for the first time, we walk into a proper hangover house!

10 Jul 2016

My new toaster from House of Fraser! Delonghi Argento review!

Can you imagine, that I never ate breakfasts? Well, since I left my family home to specific. It was down to the fact, that I usually either burn my toast or eggs. I never thought about investing in a toaster, like a proper one. I always just buy a cheap market one, so it will just do the job.

6 Jul 2016

How Do You Put the Luxe into a Luxury Bathroom?

If money were no object and you didn’t need to factor in things, like  tripping over vinyl laminate flooring or your dated tile grout looks rather odd yellow! (picture on left Dunelm Rustic charm collection)

The reality of living in a rented apartment

While waiting for a bus, I was wandering around Piccadilly Gardens and picked an August issue of Cosmopolitan. Failing to find horoscope (is not there anymore!), I stopped suddenly on page 102 titled : ‘’Are you caught in the rental trap?’’.