50 shades of Pastel Purple so lets colour our world and interiors of course!

pastel purple living room
I know I didn't discover America and I am not the new Einstein, but last week when I was looking for a new project colour scheme, I came across this colour and I fell in love with it!
Pastel and neon colours have always been my favourite! It's really difficult to explain why, especially when I am a designer, but I am not a massive fan of plain bold colours! Colours are there to be playful with! Colours are to calm us, inspire us, give us an energetic boost or simply to enjoy them!

A few more facts about pastel purple colour :

pastel purple lavender shade
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Pastel Purple comes from family of Purples of course but there is so many shades of this colour, so if you're not familiar with it, here are the names of the more popular shades of pastel purple family (how weird that sound!)

Bright Ube
Brilliant Lavender
Cyber Grape
Dark Pastel Purple                                          
Deep Lilac
Deep Mauve
Electric lavender
French Lilac                                                                         Medium lavender Magenta              
English Lavender                                                                Mountbatten Pink
Lavender Purple(web)                                                      Old Lavender
Lavender Web                                                                    Opera Mouve
Light medium orchid                                                         Pale Lavender
Light pastel purple                                                             Pastel Violet
Light Orchid                                                                        Purple Mountain Mejesty
Lilac                                                                                      Peri Winkle
Mauve                                                                                  Wisteria

pastel purple magenta shade
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Now, here are a few other facts you may not know... So, the name? I was always interested how all these things got their name? Like ''Oh hey this looks like purple'' Does it? Well, the word 'purple' comes from the Old English word purpul but has its roots in Latin purpura but in turn from the Greek πορφύρα porphura! Many people confuse Purple and Violet but these are 2 different colours! Issac Newton was the guy behind Violet where Purple is achieved by mixing red and blue together. Pure violet cannot be accurately reproduced by the Red-Green-Blue (RGB) color system, the method used to create colors on a television screen or computer display.
pastel purple beans stones
Bold purple colour has been worn by Roman Emperors and magistrates, and later by Roman Catholic bishops. Also this colour is associated with royalty and richness. Often used in Luxury hotel interior spaces! In addition according to psychology of shopping, the colour purple encourages clients to buy more, so this colour is great to use in retail design!

These very subtle shades of Purple can bring a delicate and peaceful quality to any interior space. Here, shall we have a look at beautiful interior spaces in the Must have colour? Yay! Mix of all Pastel shades of Purple

pastel purple living room
pastel purple bedroom
pastel purple living room
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pastel purple living room
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pastel purple wallaper
pastel purple bathroom
pastel purple bedroom
pastel purple sofa
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pastel purple console inspiration

pastel purple bedroom

pastel purple bedroom

Pastel Purple Looks great, best with White, Grey and Mustard Yellow or Olive Green!!

pastel purple and mustard

pastel purple and mustard

pastel purple hair
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I love Pastel Purple Hair! I wish I could be a teenager again and be able to dip dye my hair like that!..and of course the nails!! Just pure love from me..
pastel purple hair
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pastel purple knit jumper
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The methods of dip dyeing hair like that are multiple and Google is full of ideas! When I was a teenager with red ends-inspired by Christina Aguilera (eh I miss that time!) I have used Directions pot, I know they do a million and 1 colours and the colours stay up to 2 weeks. Another temporary method is hair chalk availble on ebay. Plenty of methods! Pastel colour in your wardrobe and nails should perfectly complement the interior of your apartment, it's a must I always believe that colour coordination doesn't end on the outside The secret is to blend it, in a unique and discreet way!
pastel purple nails



  1. It is interesting the trending colours, people predict them up to two years (possibly more) in advance in the fashion world, by "predict", I mean "dictate" them to us, of course.

    In my role as a designer (product designer) we have a supply of markers in the trending colours, tellingly at the moment I have two cases of general colours and one case given solely to ORANGE, we are terming it "product design orange".

    1. World would be boring if you always stick to same colours and predicting colour trend make it more interesting. Big leading fashion brands do ''dictate'' I agree but then we all like it, don't we?

  2. Purple is my favorite color so you got me with this one! I'm not sure my fiancé would like this color in our apartment though ;)

  3. I love when people decorate with pastel purple and gray together. It really works! I know someone who used to have a bathroom in those colors and I loved it!

  4. gorgeous inspiration! I love the lilac hair colors and that super plush looking sectional!!

    stop by for a visit :) | http://StorybookApothecary.com

  5. I am also very much a purple lover. It's so calming!

  6. This is too many purples! My nieces favorite color is purple, I bet she would love this!


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