CBraille, a Pop-Up Exhibition not only for blind people!

My last post was about Light bulbs, here's more about LED power.. Cbraille launched a lighting exhibition where blind people could touch dome tipped LED's and read them as braille words.  What a fantastic idea! The exhibition was created to raise awareness of blind people and the importance of light to them. Did you know that 90% of vision impaired people can see light?? This exhibition was set in a custom made shipping container and shows many possibilities; such that there can be signage created for blind people, to help improve their daily life. I love it! Instead of typical TV adverts or leaflets..
which we receive through the door, they normally get ignored anyway. Here everyone has a chance to see, touch and interact. I believe the best way to raise awareness is where we can actually face the issue ourselves! People normally are not interested in helping others (a sad truth) until they actually either meet the person who needs help personally and hear their story or sometimes after accidents, if they received help. For example. if you lost an animal and you get so much help from the RSPCA you will then realize how much they are helpful and start donating, or if you have been rescued from an accident you will then donate to a hospital or charity that supports the hospital. With Cbraille's Pop-Up exhibition people have the chance to meet and chat with blind people. I think the best exhibition is an interactive exhibition, otherwise people easily get bored if there is only ''watching or reading'' part. We like to get engaged in tasks, open drawers, press buttons, touch and feel. That's how we work humans We are all little Einsteins aren't we? We all like to discover! Let's have a look at images from the exhibition designed by E2 at Customs House, Sydney. They definitely deserve a big Yay from Me! From you too?

phots by Fred Kroh


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