How many...... does it take to change a light bulb? Girly Guide to Light bulbs !

Q: many mystery writers does it take to screw in a light bulb? 
A:Two, one to screw it almost all the way in and the other to give it a surprising twist at the end.

Q:How many philosophers does it take to change a light bulb? 
A:Three. One to change it and two to stand around arguing over whether or not the light bulb exists. 

Q:How many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb? 
A:Only one, but the light bulb must want to change. 

Light Infographic
It's only a light bulb right? What do we need to know about it? It seems to be pretty easy... but.. when your room goes suddenly dark, because your light bulb said goodbye and walked into the dark side ...we unscrew it, look at it and go to the shop. If we're smart enough we would take the light bulb with us, as a guide..if you are like me you think ''I don't need to take it, I will remember'', you probably would be facing the same scenario as me.. a massive panic attack in front of 1001 light bulbs.. but wait...Next came up with this life-saving bit..All light bulbs are perfectly explained on their Light Infographic Guide! What a handy bit! Lets have a look at it!!

In their guide Next explain pretty easily about everything that we need to chose the right light bulb! Lets look at it closer!

incandescent bulb
Reflector bulb
 Incandescent bulbs are the most popular they come in many shapes (G,A D, R, PAR) on image. These are those which we use on a daily basis, they are warm and come with different Wattages (amount of energy) so you can get small moody lighting or strong task lighting (60Watt) Reflector bulbs are those we use in kitchens mostly, they're brighter than incandescent bulbs. The difference between the two of them is that a reflector light has a coating inside which makes it shine in one direction, when incandescent bulbs shine all around. That's why it is mostly used in many spaces like hallways, living rooms, pendant lamps or floor lamps etc.

Here is also the guide to the Magic Codes for lighting colours :

  • C :means cool,
  • W is warm, 
  • WW is warm white, 
  • CW is cool white, 
  • D is for daylight,
  • IF is for Incandescent Fluorescent ,
  • N is for natural white
Also the Magic is in the fixing Bayonet will start with B, meaning the one with Pins! E stands for Edison screw fixing, and the last one; PAR, it’s a specialist light fitting for a spotlight or floodlight. I know it is very confusing but I hope after this post you become a master in light bulbs! When you go next time to pick the right light bulb you will stand proud like a princess/ prince and pick the right one, right there, no more nervous looking around to find the shop assistant or man who may have an idea about light bulbs! Another thing you should know is the shape and size, Like G25, G40 - the letter means the base type of the bulb and the number is showing the size of it; the larger number the larger the diameter of the bulb etc.

I hope you all are masters now. I have to admit that Next really put all this in a very easy guide! I also love the way the guide is done. Very pretty font, easy to read graphics. Very modern way ! I am giving Next a big Yay again!
Now, lets have a look at few pretty light bulbs... and Quiz Time!! Who can guess which light bulbs is which?? Answer in comment:

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