Lets dream a little... about first home...

white glass modern apartament
Ok, I am not going to ask if you dream of your own apartment because it would be a very silly question! Everyone wants their own beautiful space. A place, where they come and relax after work, cook and enjoy themselves. A place you call home.. Here.. look what I would call home if I were to be rich one day? I was always a fan of white. I know, I know! I am a designer, you think.. I should love colours, quirky products, unique shapes... Yes, I do admire them and like to use in my designs; all sorts of products and styles, industrial, minimalist to funky!.. but in life.. my own bed, my own kitchen I love whites! That would be my ''base and frame'' I would, of course, splash it out with my favourite green-yellow, orange or mint! Then I would add the love of my life! Typography! On walls, rugs .. everywhere! Here is the concept of my dream house!! What is yours?? Do you like sophisticated Minimalism? or Romantic French Chic? Or maybe very rural and industrial space with exposed beams and Concrete?- That would be my house nr 2 !

siematic white kitchen
Kitchen! Big!!! Spacious!! Open Plan! Yes! .. a breakfast bar and drop kitchen hood!.. This S2 Siematic Kitchen in Lacquer Matt Lotus White colour is my best ever kitchen and of course on my must have list! Also the floating shelves to display all my accessories.Pure Love! Where to buy??? where to buy.
This drop kitchen hood from Faber is my favourite. It has LED lighting and is, so far, one of the most Eco in this kitchen hood style! We love Eco, don't we?
pastel hood extractor fan

Living Room! That's the place where I would like to sit on my Grey Corner Sofa!! (The one I will have one day!)

modern home black fabric sofaor maybe brown one... I love both! But the sofa style.. is important! I really like the chunky cushions! I could sleep on it. Just imagine, nice warm flat... cup of hot chocolate, comfy hoodie, shorts and warm socks, sitting on a sofa like that with a tablet writing notes... I am there.. right now.. I can even smell the chocolate! Can you?
Swedese Boxplay Sofa 

Diesel Fork Lamp 

to buy from

XOXO & hello cushions 

Bedroom. My favorite Place. I miss that place daily but when I am actually in I can't stay for too long as I always have a million thoughts and ideas so instead of lying i I will take my laptop and work, research..check! My life!  A bedroom with nice walk in wardrobe behind a glass with drapes.. mhmm. Just imagine when you bend down to open the drapes and stare at the shoe collection, all the pretty dresses and handbags... free depression therapy! At your own space! Well at least that would work for me!!

modern glass white apartment

All from gan-rugs.com

  Bathroom. Definitely with Jacuzzi facilities and these beautiful Davide Vercelli taps! Hell yeah! I would love to have incorporated glass and behind have sort of tree branches in vases and placed on small stones.. ech dreams!
Also an open wet room! I am claustrophobic after those tiny Manchester shower cabins

So, this is it! My dream Home! What is / would yours be like??

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