What does the Fox say?!..Probably;..Oh Deer.. Can a chicken be cool??!!

So.. Whilst browsing through the internet I have found out that, these animals become very inspiring; from deer, owls to - very popular lately Foxes- . I don't know who started it first but I believe, that these animals moved from the forest into our fabrics, walls and homes for good. I'll give it a Yay!

Deer first.. :)
Deers moodboard made by Me:)

most images from etsy


Then foxes...

Foxes Moodboard made by Me :)
most images from etsy

then owls...


I like forest animals but farm animals can be also be cute...Although, can you imagine having a chicken head on your walls?I'll give it a Nay to it...

 It's very Vintage keeping sculptures of farm animals these days but I can assure you that even a chicken at home can be adorable and can easy to adapt to your homes. Like these below:

but also a chicken can be an inspiration for new trends.. Chicken wire is used not only to keep these big birds inside and not allow them to escape; but there has been many beautiful creations made of chicken wire! Check it out! It's A Big Fat Yay from me!!

and who said chickens can't be inspiring? :)) and just for little fun Sacha Goldberger, a French photographer, made these funny chix pictures!

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