Interview time!Paper Panda and beautiful hand cut art!

paper panda craft cuts lettersWhen I first time saw Paper Panda art on Facebook I
didn't know that all the tiny bits are cut by hand! I was really impressed. More, I loved it. I liked the page instantly! Then I saw picture of Louise in her super cute onsie leaning forward above cutting mat with craft knife in hand. I have clicked onto the image to see her working. I couldn't believe that all these cute animals, very fine detail and wonderful precision is cut by hand. I accused Louise in my head of using a laser cut! I have browsed through her page and looked into the amazing work she had done so far! I wanted to share her work with you. Her work is so inspirational and I can't wait to have a project where I could use her stunning art pieces. Paper Panda is an art; hand drawn and later cut by hands, it includes beautiful typography and all is made of recycled paper. Louise describe what is Paper Panda on her page ''The Bird & Bunny and folk series of papercuts have been hand drawn and hand cut by Louise. They are inspired by Quarwood, where the Panda family lived in a little cottage in the Cotswolds surrounded by animals and woodland life.''

Wait!...It is not only the art, Paper Panda also have amazing selection of prints!! The Stag is my favorite!! Do you remember my post What does the Fox say?!..Probably;..Oh Deer.. Can a chicken be cool??!! I have shown you few nice Deer design but Paper Panda is fantastic! Also, Rabbit on bike or heart shape are stunning!! The prints are available on Mugs, cushion wall Vinyl- the ideas are endless.. link

paper panda mugs and cushions

paper panda mugs and cushions

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The Interview!!

Louise was kind enough to answer few questions for me.

1.       First a little introduction, what is your name and tell me please a little about yourself.
Hello, my name is Louise, aka Panda. I live with my husband Ryan and daughter Poppy who is 11 and lot of beige fuzzy animals in the Cotswolds.

2.       Why paper art? How it all started?
I have always loved typography and I was browsing Etsy one day and found a typographical papercut. It was really simple but I was smitten. I couldn't afford to buy it but was so taken that I wanted to try and make my own. So I did! I never intended to make a living from making papercuts, it was something I made for myself but quickly grew to love it.

3.       What was your inspiration for the first animal art?
My first hand drawn papercut of a pair of birds was inspired by the lampshade in my living room. I sat there for ages twirling my pencil with an empty sketchbook in front of me then saw the potential in the birds with foliage all around.

4.       Where did you learn your amazing skills?
I'm entirely self taught, but I admit that I've always had an incredibly steady hand from painting signs and hand drawing typography.

5.       How is possible to achieve such an amazing result just by craft knife or do you use any machines?
It does come very naturally to me. I don't even think about it anymore. I tried a machine once - bought it, set it up and it took 2 days to try and figure it out (I'm not very technical) and the result was disappointing. It wasn't precise enough for me! Now I supply laser cut artwork to galleries but it's made by a laser cutting expert elsewhere.

6.       Who bought your first art?
An old school friend who spotted it on Facebook.

7.       What was the biggest amount you sell and to who? (no need of client name just if it was company individual etc.)
£2500 to a private buyer. I do have a group of very special ladies that buy a lot of work from me and greatly support me. I am very grateful for them.

8.       Which is the most popular of your designs?
The Alice In Wonderland 'Tea Party' has been the most popular.

9.       Which was the hardest design you had to make?
I think memorial pieces. They have been incredibly difficult to make in the past, quite upsetting.

10.   If not animals, what would you design and made art of?
I like to make fairy tale pieces and dioramas.

11.   What is your biggest dream?
To be able to watch television with my feet up for more than an hour a week.

12.   If you would become very rich, popular and had enough money for employ people to do the art….would you ever stop?
I DO employ people, there are 6 of us and 2 of those 6 CAN papercut, but I never would, no. It's a very personal thing for me, I couldn't pass it on to somebody else although I admit I've thought about it in the past. Also I think that each cutter has their own style and flair even if they follow the same lines. It just isn't the same. If something happened to my hands THEN I would, but as long as I can cut myself then it'll just be me.

13.   You also sell self-kit, what skills potential buyer requires?
Patience and being a perfectionist helps a lot. Otherwise it's just a lot of practice.

14.    What advice would you give to your self-kit buyers?
Don't compare yourself to others. Everyone develops at a different rate with a different style. Concentrate on what YOU can do and enjoy yourself. 

All images belong to Paper Panda!

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