White Interior Loft design by Dominik Burkard!

white loft bedroom
What a stunning design! This distressed sanctuary like; created in loft attic is just beautiful. Perfect cosy snuggle for any winter evenings. Accessories ? White bicycle or eames chair -just completing the space! Perfect study/work area combined with big open bed space! Hey, and look-simple wooden planks! They can look so amazing! White brick wall against distressed concrete and white wood...The selection of lighting ...Dream! I admire the use of space. The way the designers created the layout is just simple amazing. I love it! Everyone is all about the Scandinavian design, but this is far beyond the title!The way this apartment is created; functional, beautiful and stunning! I wish my design one day could be so much loved the way I love this one. I am getting hot chocolate and getting into designing,So Inspiring!Are you??(ps. the only things that bother me is the Apple.. I don't own one, I am the Windows girl so far.. but I do have to admit Apple looks so cool in interiors!!Maybe time to change? !Enjoy the View!

white loft space

white loft living space

white loft bedroom

white loft bedroomwhite loft bedroom


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    1. Thank you I dream about bedroom like that! One day.. :)

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  3. I agree. I also want to find my dream home in an old apartment house with attic like this one.


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