How to decorate a rented flat on a minimum budget!

I had a dilemma for a year... whether should I start decorating my flat or live the way it is and save for my own place. For a year I managed to leave the way it was. Blant, cold furniture- cheap staff from Argos, Tesco, Ikea etc. My landlord has no sense of creativity ;) The problem with rented, furnished apartments is that you cannot do much. You can't put picture frames, you can't paint walls, (unless you do both but when move out you have re-paint whole place again as it was);you can't replace the furniture (unless you leave them there). This is all I have personally in my contract with the agency. I absolutely hated the fact I can't do much but I kind of tried to ignore until.... Xmas!Yes, this time when you want to seat in your onesie with hot chocolate or mulled wine at ..home! How can rented place feel home? The problem is that usually the rented furnished place has already sort style! Cheap furniture, magnolia walls, cheap cream floor laminate or white tiles... Once upon a time..., I have decided to do little make-over. I have hung frames and wall decorations, I have bought staff that suit the place. Half a year later I have moved to another place where non of the previous staff suits and I have to give it away. On top of that the agency took of my whole deposit stating they had to re-paint the place because I have hung few picture frames. Absolutely waste of money.
This time I was smarter. I have re-decorated existing pictures in a way I can turn in how it was. I have bought pieces that were so cheap that I will not feel bad throwing them away or give them charity and most of all I have made several things like cushions and decorations myself! Now the place feel home!Budget spend £92 only !!!

Lets start with the living room. Here as is Xmas (still on for me until end of the year)! I have bought Xmas tree from Home bargains fo £12 and the little advent calendar houses from Sainsburys for £10, Lights from Ebay for £3, Heart shape light Sainsburys for £7.99 and rest of decoration is from Tesco for £3.

Advent Calendar houses bought in Sainsbury

Study area, Ikea desk and bookcase (old one) Retro chair Ebay.

Sheepskin -Ebay

Cushions, Primark, Poland

Re-decorated picture frames

...and the bedroom :)

Bit of teenage dream ;)) Picture frames-Next, Retro lamp-charity shop, boxes -tkmax,homesense

As a bonus I am adding pictures of my two cats Maru and Mia. Both are a big part of this house so I can't missed them out ;)

Most of the staff I have either bought second hand, sales or very cheap in primark,wilkinson, Ebay auctions; £1.5 or £2 etc. I don't think I have paid more than £20 per any item. 

Where to buy stuff:
1.Wooden Heart Shape chalk board- Ebay
2. MoodBoard- an old board I have repainted myself, and print of internet images and typography inspirational quotes.
3. Desk and bookshelf.- Ikea
 4. Retro chair- Ebay
5. sheepskins-Ebay 
6.Cushions- charity shops, Primark, Ebay
7.Picture frames- Made by me.
8. Cotton ball lights-
9.Heartshape cushions and decorations- Primark
10. Lady Picture Paint- Next 
11. Retro Tv Stand and bin- bought of my friend.
12. Retro Spot table lamp- Gumtree
13.Boxes-Homesense, TK-Max
14.Candles and glass holders- Wilkinson
15. Cats- Priceless ;)) 

What's you favourite budget or handmade pieces? 


  1. I think your place looks cozy and stylish... I was expecting it to be awful from your description! Your cats are adorable too, a house without a cat is not a home :)

  2. Thank you so much Anni for stopping by! I tried do what I could. There is still loads of possibilities but I would need to spend more money on DIY accessories. I am thinking of turning the bedroom from this romantic look into modern geometric colour etc. Maybe next year! Atm I want to save up so everything stays at it is.


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