How to design a great office? Yunakov Architects will show you!

Daily, I am staring at so many office designs. I love it. Workplace consultancy is not what I thought I would be doing when I started university year back in the years. I imagined I would design luxury homes... I don't even know if I would enjoy that now as much as I like to design offices!One of my favourite offices I came across is this Notting Hill office in Kiev, Ukraine by Yunakov Architects! 

Divided into different zones, with quirky names like Chelsea Hall or Kensington Hall; this place brings the beauty of ukrainian architecture with recycled and carefully selected materials. Beautiful. Huge yay!Lets have a look!



  1. Dziękuję za odwiedziny i miłe słowa, Twój blog też ciekawie się zapowiada, będę obserwować i zaglądać :) Do siego Roku :)

  2. Dziekuje :) Blog dopiero rekrecam i jeszcze jestem zielona w tym wszystkich ale powolutku do przodu jakos pojdzie. Pozdrawiam serdecznie na Nowy Rok!

  3. These are all beautiful designs. My husband works from home and he is forever asking me to convert a room into an office space for him. My favourite interior design style would be cute kitsch - I doubt he will be happy with that one though #yayinteriors

    1. Thank you Malvika for lovely comment! You can look int my Pinterest board for some inpirations(these are more girly and industrial/skandinavian but good resource of how to organise the space etc.

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