New Year Resolution!Birthday Girl Note!

So, traditionally I have to do my New year Resolution! but.. since is my Birthday Today !Yay! I have to add/ show off my gifts! I just love them so much that I decided to share them with you :D Share happiness they say ;) .. I have received tones of bday wishes from my friends and family and it's been so far a very special day for me! Before I go to the pressies bits here are my new year resolutions...

1. Blog. I want to blog more often. I promise to post minimum once a week. Every weekend and + notes during weekdays. I am very busy at work so I can't post daily but I will try to make it more often!I want to buy my own flat so I am hoping this blog will help a little. I want to share my passion, love and little talent to find quirky and cheap staff with you so hopefully this can lead to something :)Write, type.
2. Photography. I have purchased new camera this year and I am planning to expand my non-photographic skills! I have downloaded few very fancy apps!(I'll explain next time) I met (online) few people who really helped me, advised me etc. Thank you! Shot!shot ,shot!Pictures.. not people ;)
3. Work. I love my job. So here no changes apart that I promise myself to be even more dedicated if that's possible! :) I want the company to be happy having me on board so the 2015th is going to be a Great Success! I want to be better organised as well!
4.  Home. I can't physically spend any more money to decorate my apartment so the real big challenge is to save for the deposit for my very own place.. with a fire place, a roof garden, brick walls .. dream!Save, Save..Save!
5.Learning. I want to learn more designers programs. I want expand my skills in AutoCad, 3DMax etc. learn, learn learn! My motto for 2015!

So.. these were my small New Year Resolution :) Lets now jump onto my Birthday Gifts and Xmas!!

I was dreaming about Michael Kors Handbag! Madly, badly... Got one! and new GHD Eclipse! and these stunning Warehouse Coat! Also I got a pyjama, Hair products, Mango dress, mug and book! Love it! Firstly, Michael Kors Handbag Channing Large Tote Handbag! :D

Then my new GHD Eclipse :) (It's honestly best ever straightener) Right after my old Braun one!

and my lovely coat from warehouse !



  1. So much to look forward to! Good on you!! Happy 2015.. I hope to see you fulfilling a few of your goals and a big HAPPY BIRTHDY to you! xx Much love and blessings - Mel

  2. Aww Thank you Mel!All best in 2015! :)

  3. You are my Friend. You are always there for Me, party Supporting Me, Encouraging Me , Listening to Me and all those other things that Friends do. Happy Birthday Wishes to u Friend.


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