Apartment with love... and How to Recreate the look of small Scandinavian apartment from magazines.

I came across this apartment ages ago. I love these Interior Visualisation or CGI's (whichever you like to call it )designed by Russian IN2Architecture. The apartment is fantastic.My favourite design so far! Despite the Scandinavian influences, I love the fact that they have added geometry, colour and textures! Especially that Scandinavian design is lovely, but it tend to be everywhere lately. I feel like people are over-use it. It started to bore me. I loved it so much but nearly every ''trendy'' blog is all about Scandinavian design...of course it looks lovely on pictures; nice crisp lines, perfectly clean whites..monochrome with touch of colours, quirky prints etc. But I feel like this is the Ikea catalogue/interior magazine style is for you you just watch and admire only... but you can't actually live there without disturbing this beauty. ...The mug on a table in ''I am actually drinking tea now'' way, that ''open magazine'' or perfectly ''messy'' bed... that if you disturb the perfect view; you will destroy it. Can you actually live in such perfect mess??

I think interior space should reflect the souls of the people who live there, not showing the perfect magazine look like...and we all live differently- one person likes the artistic mess but other pedantic one will hide any evidence of living...
Check below to find the moodboard I have created plus all the products and accessories used in it so you can actually recreate this look yourself!


Here is where you can find the staff and create the look by yourself!
The tiles are from Domus called Rhombus Tex, stunning textures! I am sure you have noted that these are no identical staff but since we working with Visuals not a real shots of interiors I have tried to come as close as possible! Also I have swap the pastel green for pastel blue- Just a personal touch ;)

Modern Scandinavian Design

Louis Poulsen cable lighting
$825 - finnishdesignshop.com

Noir tripod light

Cage light

Ivory wool rug

Grey yellow rug
$235 - habitat.co.uk

Cotton flat weave rug
$86 - habitat.co.uk

HAY wall mirror
$195 - hauslondon.com

Wall art
$23 - ohhdeer.com

CB2 grey couch

Black end table

Molded plastic rocking chair

$92 - cultfurniture.com

Mobile table


  1. To jest stanowczo to co lubię, a te literkowe kafelki w łazience rewelacja!

    1. Tez uwielbiam! Skandynawski zwyczajnie jest piekny ale to glownie szarosci,biel-czern i lekkie pastele a tutaj taka paleta kolorow plus widze tez, styl industrialny plus geometria! Tez uwielbiam!:)

  2. Scrable w łazience to super pomysł na urozmaicenie. I cudny ten Twój moodboard:) Będę zaglądać i szukać detali:)

    1. Scrable jest piekne! Ja kiedys na konkurs zaporjektowalam lazienke ale z liczbami jak z matrixa ktore reprezentowaly wazne daty dla klienta. Moze wrzuce wizualizacje pozniej. Ciekawie wyszlo, ale mrocznie no ale taki mial byc klimat ;)

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