Crazy Cat Woman Wishlist January 2015 !

Crazy Cat Woman Wishlist January 2015I knew this would have happen.. it was just matter of time ;) Having 2 cats that I love more anything and spare time could only lead to that! I was just browsing through stores and Next inspired me to wrote this post. When I saw this cute brown snuggle or (dogs) but still cue treats jar just something really kicked me and I had no choice than make this moodboard! All products available from Etsy, Ebay and Next. Also I don't really own cat products apart from obvious litter, scratch pod etc. what cat's needs. I only have 1 cushion with cute cat;p Just so you know ;) 

Wiedzialam,ze to sie stanie.. To byla tylko kwestia czasu.. Majac 2 kociska w domu, ktore kocham ponad wszystko i akurat wolne tylko moglo to doprowadzic do tego! Przegladalam sobie Next catalog online, ktory mnie zainspirowal wlasnie do napisania tego postu. Gdy zobaczylam to kocie lozeczko piekne i puszke na przysmaki, cos mnie naprawde kopnelo i nie mialam wyjscia musialam zrobic ten inspiracyjny collage. Produkty dostepne w Next, Etsy i Ebay. Nie posiadam tak naprawde zadnych kocich gadgetow oprocz oczywistych- typu kuweta, drapak itp. Jedynie mam poduszke ze slodkim kociakiem. Tak cobyscie wiedzieli, nie;) 

Moje Kociska/My cats.

image of cute cats

Mouse pad

Gray shirt


Tote bag

$21 -

Dog Bed
$55 -

Stoneware Treat Jar
$19 -

Moustache And Bow Tie Accessories Set
$16 -



  1. My mom, sister and I could buy everything on this post x2! We're a little loony about cat things. Lol

    1. If I could I would as well haha! but I think that would go little to far ;p

  2. I'm a crazy cat lady (who doesn't own a cat, but owns a lot of cat-adorned things). Love these!

    1. Thank you Wita! I think there is nothing wrong with loving cat's isn't?;) ps. you cats are super cute I would love to blog about your work, what you think?


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