Do you have limited / no cooking skills and dream about a new refrigerator?? Well, this note is for you then!

Samsung Home Appliances #chefsectes competition
Siematic Kitchen S3 Range
I am probably the only woman in this world who is lacking cooking skills! Yes, and No.. I am not just modest! I honestly can't cook! I have tried several times! If I managed to make some food (not Sainsbury's ready meal) It was either burned, lacking in seasoning or simply disgusting! Even my cats refuse to eat that! but...hey... I think there is light at the end of the tunnel for me and for every woman / man who is exactly in the same position as me! Samsung Home Appliances have launched a great competition! Not only can I win an amazing Refrigerator or Smart Oven Microwave but I can actually learn how to cook! Isn't this just amazing!? I love Samsung home appliances! I used to work ...
..for Siematic  kitchens and we often used Samsung, as this brand is the real high-end when it comes to home appliances! All the appliance owners cannot only enjoy the functionality but also very elegant and smooth designs! Samsung also have multiple tips on their page so it's worth checking it out if you want the real WOW Factor when your friends visit you!  Dinner Party Tips!  In my small rented apartment I can only dream of having such appliances!! Even my microwave is falling apart! I am definitely in this competition! I can learn how to cook and I can hopefully be the new owner of one of these beauties! It's win win all the way! I really want you to take part in it with me so we can laugh at each other or admire our creations on Instagram! Let's do it!

The rules are simple! 

Step ONE: Choose a cooking tip from  video playlist

Step TWO: Use this tip to help you cook any dish at home

Step THREE: Upload a photo or video of your dish on Instagram. Use #chefsecrets and tag @samsunghomeappliances

I have watched every single video and it is amazing how everything is beautifully and clearly explained, that they really made me want to make this! I love the decorating plates video! It shows that creativity and details are not only in seasoning or cooking techniques, but also presentation is very important! (I am designer I am obsessed with the detail!)


Yes!I am now ready!! Neighbours, cats, or any human being around my house; I would strongly recommend, please keep enough distance for safety! Wish me luck! I will upload my results soon!ps. Hurry the competition ends on 23rd of January!  

Who is going to enter? :)

Yay or Nay Interiors

All images and videos belong to Samsung Home Appliances references taken from link and Siematic link . Please note that I am not taking part in any promotion of Samsung Company or any other, and not receiving any goods/payments for this note. This is purely my entry for the competition blog post! 

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