How to cure NYE hangover..-fast !

So last night was my Bday and I was spoiled rotten! You can read about it here: Link My boyfriend cooked an amazing meal for me! ...and we had nice evening at home with champagne! I didn't feel like going out this year so it was perfect!
 Todays note a little not so about interiors. We all love a little champagne on that evening..but if you have such a weak head like me you will end up waking up with headache next day. How to avoid the nasty hangover? Here is my solution!
1.Firstly, you need to start to the whole thing before night out, not after drink it only. So, before you go out drink up 2-3 litres of water on the day. If you normally do that's good,but if you don't then is a MUST. Alcohol dehydrates you and thats the main thing you feel next day, the effects of dehydrations. You need to avoid it. 
2. Vitamins. Start taking vitamins as well. I recommend Feroglobin it helps produce red blood cells and lower the feeling of tiredness etc, while being on this for a week I had barely any hangover next day...and I can drink a lot!;) well that's the post effect of being a waitress for several years':)

3. While you drink, try to have glass of water with every shot or glass of wine. It does work!
4. Before going to bed, have a glass of warm water with squeezed whole lemon along with sachet of dehydration drink. Alcohol washes out you vitamins, salts as well and vitamin C is what you have to replace! 
5. When you wake up have again glass of warm water with lemon, dehydration sachet and glucose. Glucose is really important! You have to replace your sugars! Have a pain killer. I would strongly recommend to put that paracetamol away and buy ibuprofen as it less damage your liver.  
6. Have  a breakfast! A proper one. Full english breakfast or scrambled eggs with bacon. You need to replace your electrolytes  and eggs are perfect for it. Do it along with sugary sparkle drink like sprite, fruit water or redbull. 
7.Have a chocolate drink high in sugar or enjoy some cakes! ;) Yes! You lose sugars from your body and you have to replace it. 

8. Have a nap or watch a movie. Relax! for an hour and then hit the gym! You have to sweat it out! I would avoid treadmill and stick to weights and  some swim.Use the sauna at the end!

After that whole process you should walk out of the gym feeling like you didn't even drink the day before! but if you drank way to much and have hangover killer here are my cats to at least make you smile! :)




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