How to design small apartment , Manchester -Polish style!

Currently I am designing an apartment for a Polish couple in Manchester. They lovely and its so great to be designing for a such a creative and open minded people! I have been enjoying this so much! The design is ongoing and I will only show you the mood boards and some products I have created for them. I wish I could show you a little sneak peak but I woul like to to wait until it's all done. The apartments really reflects my style as I like to combine natural, smooth colours with something that shouts! Also I have created these, based on client inspirational images and they really open to new ideas also they have great personal taste to!Working with the couple closely, we created quirky little space for them! We changed some products from these moodboards along with the design but its not far off! Below each moodboard, I have added the products that we ordered. It is still quite a lot to go but I am only showing few. They currently under refurbishment, room by room. Bathroom is nearly finished and they jumped onto the bedroom now. Kitchen will be done done middle January etc. Once the apartment is finished I will put images up along with all details where to buy all things. Also the apartment was design in a small budget as well, so totally affordable!

Bathroom has hexagon floor, an inspirational mosaic quote on wall and circle mirrors with leather belt. It was quite a risk to combine square mosaics with a 2 x types of hexagons but my motto is if you don't risk you will never achieve anything! It really paid off as the result is fantastic!


Kitcen will be grey with black concrete like worktop, black glass splashbacks and chalk wall(writable). It will also have island with 2 pendants hung asymmetrically. I don't have picture of the fronts of kitchen unit so I added the inspirational which is the closest colour of the grey units!

Since we work with an open kitchen plan the brick wall is a part of living room as well therefore I am adding this composition in between Living room and kitchen!

Living Room!
Living Room accessories includes  cord soft sofa, tripod floor lamp and coffee table is in 3 parts. There is an wooden floor (not installed yet)- but I actually I have found amazingly priced £15m3 engineering wood floor! In fantastic colour!Walls  will be covered with white brick wall panels  and the quirky neon light! (look at kitchen boards)

Corridor originally had an idea to continue with the brick wall but with a wallpaper to save the cost. I am normally not a fan of brick effect wallpapers but this corridor is quite dark and needed a brightening up and since the natural light doesn't touch it I felt this could work!(Brick effect wallpaper in natural light look tacky and cheap for me)-Only real or brick panels!:)
We also went for an open Ikea wardrobe and cute bunch of pendants!


This effect just blown me away! Went client send me the end effect picture I was really wowed! Effect much better than the image below! It really add a little mystery to the bedroom!

Below the open wardobe Inspiration. Please ignore the Pastel colours. We decided to go for recycled wood and create really cool effect. Inspirational image won't reflect so I won't add it. With regards to client dressing table, I wanted to look quite mature and sophisticated that will suit the space but won't create teenage dream effect.

All Proucts comes from next,, ikea etc. The full list will be published once the apartment is finished!

What do you think about the space?

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  1. Chętnie zobaczę mieszkanie gdy będzie gotowe - drewno z odzysku to fajny pomysł i myślę, że będzie się dobrze komponowało. cegiełkowa ściana to mój faworyt!

    1. Tak beda zdjecia, mam kilka w trakcie ale wole dodac ja juz bedzie skonczone. Narazie koncepcja :) zastanawialam sie nad malym sneak-peak ale stwierdzilam,ze nie zeby nie zepsuc efektu wrzuce juz skonczone mieszkanie :)

  2. Love these! Look forward to see more!

  3. Bardzo ciekawe te twoje moodboardy, pełno nowości i inspiracji :) pożyczam kilka pomysłów :p

    1. Oh bierz ile chcesz i wracaj kiedy zechcesz ;)) dziekuje!

  4. Wspaniala inspiracja, bardzo lubie taki styl! Tez sie nie moge doczekac az zobacze zrealizowany projekt - baw sie dobrze przy nim! :-)

  5. I love that there are so many choices but I wouldn't know what to chose =)

  6. Your mood boards look like my decorating style, I love them! :)

  7. I'm liking all of this. I tend to gravitate toward clean lines/graphic/textural things for my home even thought I'd say it's on the more traditional side. Great post!

  8. I love that white wooden shelf! It would go perfectly in my apartment!

  9. Thanks so sharing, I am a college student so I obviously live in a fairly small apartment so tips are always great.

  10. Love the tile work in the first picture. Can't wait to see the finished product.


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