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best cat kitten healthy food
If you are following me for a little while now,  you will know,  that I am craaazy cat lady! I own 2 furry trouble makers; Maru, 2 month old white kitten and Mia; a 2 year old brown and ginger moggy. When I got them, I knew nothing. I didn’t how to feed them, what litter to buy, where to buy them food etc. I often see people sharing their cute photos of their new kittens and I wonder if they actually aware of how to properly feed and look after you newly kitten and later cat?? –yes they grow! Even If we wish they would stay so cute and small forever ;) I thought I would share some information’s I have learned over the past 2 years, so you won’t make the same mistakes I’ve made.
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white cat with blue eyes
Maru 6months
cute tabby kitten
Mia 6months
Spring is the time when cats are making love;)and new stunning kittens are born therefore I have created the 5 simple steps guide to make your new kittens and even existing cats happy and healthy!


This is one of the most important part. Giving your little four paws the right food and nutrition’s can not only help them grow stronger but also you will avoid future veterinary cost when they become ill! There are few rules when buying a cat food!

1.       Read the etiquette! Honestly! I know, I probably sound like your gran now but knowing the ingredients is a key factor ! You want Minimum 40% of meat! That’s the rule. Also check calcium, fibres  and fat contain.
2.      No grains, cereals or loads of rice! This is just carbs! It doesn't fill your cat stomach properly and makes them hungry after short period. Now you know why your cat is meowing every half an hour ;) Also grain free can sometimes be swapped for high carbohydrates supplements like potatoes etc. check that out!
3.      Ditch supermarket food! Unless rule nr.1! Also, if the source of meat is unknown, or the labels shows mostly 4-10% of meat! Just check what type chemicals and any other crap they putting in to fill the cans!
4.      Wet food. There are multiple opinions whether just wet or just dry food should be given but I prefer to give them both of it! Some of the foods like Applaws have two types of wet! One, is the full diet with all nutrition’s like theirs pate and some are just 100% natural fillets but it does not contain enough fats and fibres etc and is more like a treat so I would think to mix that with complete food like the pate etc..

5.      Dry food.  Again, the same rule apply, min 40-50% but I actually buy with 75% or higher.  When I introduced Canagan that was gifted to me by www.petshop.co.uk that has 75% of meat and 25% (Perfect combination) my cats don’t want anything else! This is one of the best foods ever!

6.      Kittens. Forget the pretty images of people giving cow milks to kittens. It’s is actually very unhealthy to your cat! It can irritate stomach and cause diarrhoea . I give my trouble makers lacto-free time to time as treat! Kitten milk is good but for the first week or two and try to introduce normal kitten wet & dry food in mean time. Switch to water as soon as they start eat normally! I strongly recommend nature menus it has over 70% of natural meat! No crap in it! Again, this was gifted to me by the lovely www.petshop.co.uk ! Aren’t they fab?! Maru loved it and I could see visible difference in his coat!

what to feed my kitten cat
best cat kitten food

7.       If you have loads of time, you can feed your cat homemade food like cooked chicken breast or just raw meats(read more about BARF). I am very little experienced with that so I won’t advise much here. Just remember never give your cats cooked bones. They split and broke, so it can spike your cats stomach! Eww!! Danger! Is good to give your cat raw chicken wing as chewing on that they can clean their teeth! Also, separate eggs with white and serve your cat the yolk (never whites) for super shiny coat!
8.      Switch to online shopping! Honestly, you can’t imagine how much money I have saved buying online! Try www.petshop.co.uk! They have amazing selection of food that you won’t find in typical pet shop or supermarket! Just make a trip to typical pet shop write down the prices and compare them to the on their website!and buy the piggy jar to start saving! Also, it can be very heavy to bring all that heavy bags of animal food and buying online you have all that delivery that comes straight to door! Puurrfect! What's more if you sign up you get 5% off with code :FRIENDS7 !
9.      Don’t always trust vets opinions. They can sometimes get commissions on food. Even if your vet recommend food just read your label and decide yourself. There are plenty well known and recommended foods but if you actually start reading a label its only shows as ‘’protein and vegetable’ ’contain.  I have no clue of what type protein? It could be cows feet? or meat that didn’t passed the test for being human? We can only guess! I like food where they shows me what I am giving to my cats! I want to know they have liver, lungs of cow or chicken heart etc.
10.   Also, Try to balance it well. I like to give my cats apart from standard beef or chicken cans, fish as well, real or canned tuna or any other  type of fish. Just be careful not to give them too much tuna, it can be dangerous for them! I know weird! It is only fish isn’t?Again, here Applaws  are good.
11.    Don’t forget about treats! I love Orijen real meat dried pieces! Well not me.. My cats love them! They see the package and they run toward me like no tomorrow! Sometimes It’s a proper fight who gets closer! I was lucky that www.petshop.co.uk gifted me pack of this! Since I got I have to now buy it all the time! Tricky guys,  tricky ;) !

what is the best cat kitten treats
healthy kitten cat treats options
tabby cat stealing food
tabby cat stealing food
what is the best cat healthy food

Here are list of the best foods in my opinion!  Canagan, Natures Menu,Nutriment, Acana, Orijen, Ziwi Peak, Taste of the Wild, Lilys Kitchen, AlmoNature, Applaws, Naturea, Thrive,  Animonda Carne, Feringa, Cosma, Encore, Grau.

Here, I just wanted to tell you to be careful especially for these who just got new kitten. Kittens tends to eat litter. When you have clumping cement style ones, these can be danger if kitten eat it! Also the chemicals mixed with my cat urine nearly made a hole in my cat litter box. I would recommend natural paper one (although can be smelly quick) or my best ever-wooden one! It can be little messy so I would recommend to get rubber mat placed in front of litter but it’s clumping so you can just throw it away to toilet! No dramas! Here, again buying online comes handy. We all know how heavy it can be! And saves the pennies! Think of hooded litter. Cats likes their privacy, often that’s the reason on doing their toilet behind the Tv’s or other corners! I have this one, isn't great? Love Simon's cat, who doesn't?;)


 I often see usually in bloggers posting pictures of certain pot plants and cat in background. I am not sure if they actually aware that thee plants can easily kill, poison or make seriously ill their little ones? Here is a list of absolute no no for cats owners! So, think twice before the pretty blog photoshoot with Tulips or Spring Hyacinth…Lillie’s are extremely toxic for cats did you know that? Find here are full list of danger plants to your cats!

Right, that’s all to my Guide of what best to feed your cat with. I know you all love your cats who doesn’t maybe crazy dog ladies;) If you want to learn more about feeding and in general go to this page! Loads of useful info! Link!
Just for you my lovely readers www.petshop.co.uk have a great 5% discount when you sign up! Use code FRIENDS7 on check out! Enjoy.. no sorry that was to your cat and your wallet! ;) Feel free to ask any questions!

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* disclaimer I was gifted 3 x types of food but opinion in this text are my very own based on my expeierience with my all cats. I wouldn't recommend anything that I wouldn't feed my own cat!



  1. Masz piękne kotki :) bardzo ciekawy wpis !

  2. Congratulations on your first vlog! I'm going to pluck up some courage and make another video this weekend - I always get so nervous! Also, your cats are gorgeous - I used to have a white Persian cat called 'Joey' (after the character in Friends)... He was crazzzy! Enjoy your week :)

    1. I love crazy cats :) Oh I really wanna see your video! Please share it! :)

  3. sliczne koty!
    tez jestem kotomaniaczka manchesteru, wiec jakbys chciala pogadac to zapraszam:)
    mam rowniez bloga o moich dwoch diablach :P
    pozdrawiam i zycze powodzenia na kanale yt

    1. Oh na pewno! Juz lece do Ciebie poogladac twoje diabelki :) Pozdrawiam!

  4. Well done on your first ever vlog! I started mine a little while back and was so nervous!!
    Your cats are adorable and you're totally right about people not knowing how to care for them properly so posts like this are super important!!
    Love Lucinda xx

    1. Oh I need to see yours then! :) Im really intruigued! Thank you! I wanted to help people , I know how many mistakes Ive made so saving others time and money!

  5. Piękne te kociaki! Miałam kiedyś pod swoim dachem kotkę :) Charakterek miała bardzo indywidualny!
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie :)

    1. To ja moja dziewucha.. indywidualistka intelektualnie nazywajac.. a tak naprawde to zwykly z niej ''samolub'' i tyle ;p

  6. My babies are just too spoiled sometimes! Thanks for the great post! also i did my first Vlog a few weeks ago and i was so confused at first and it took my while! LOL

    1. These two are spoiled all the time! Oh I really want to see it then! :)

  7. I more of a dog lover myself, but cat's are cute too. Dog's are more needy than cats as well. I think that's why I'm drawn to them. Great Post Anna! :)

  8. Your kitties are so cute! These are great tips for a newbie cat owner! Thx!

  9. Congrats on your first vlog! I start bookblogging a little while ago, I didnt know there was a community for booktubers! Anyway, great cat tips!

  10. Aniu - pięknie i naturalnie wypadasz przed kamerą! Więcej kręć! Więcej tematów Tobie bliższych. Nawet idź w miasto :-)
    U nas karmienie kota zdefiniowane jest jego schorzeniami - tak, tak to wiekowy kot i już się zaczyna... najważniejsze nerki i pod te narządy ma dobraną karmę. Także u nas kot śmieci nie zjada, nie je też ulubionych rybek. Ale za to czuje się dobrze i nic narazie mu nie dolega :-)

  11. This would be awesome to win for the cat shelter I volunteer at! Thanks for all the great information and tips! :]

  12. I'll keep my fingers crossed for all participants as unfortunately as a dog owner I could not part in your giveaway. Great idea, congratulations!

  13. Best Wet Cat Food :I have never had a problem with a cat vomiting from wet food. I have used the Natures Logic, Natures Organics, Wellness, Avoderm, Natural Balance. I also make my own cat food with raw meat, made from chicken and turkey. So it surprises me that your cat is reacting that way. I would be less surprised if you were using some of the less desirable foods such as Fancy Feast, Science Diet, etc.

  14. The Best wet cat food is the best foods because it has all the needed nutrients that our cat needs. The nutrients are well-balanced with all the nutrients like vegetables, fruits, proteins, and carbohydrates. Just like humans, our cats must have a balanced diet that requires meticulous selection of foods. With too many foods that you can buy produced by new cat food manufacturers, surely you will get too overwhelmed about it. Don’t be mislead with the packaging as well, you need to check the labels like the nutritional facts. From there you can weigh in whether you consider buying it or not. Also from there you can check if the food contains ingredients that can trigger allergies.


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