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Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to take part in first event. It was settled in stunning bar in Spinniegfield, Artisan. I loved how they presented all the new beauty technology gadgets within the old industrial space. When I arrived, I was welcomed with a Yummy cocktail and I had a chat with Laurence the Co-Founder who explained to me how works and the idea how the brand  was born. This is the only website that specialises in the latest and most innovative health and beauty technology. It’s home to all the biggest and best brands including Clarisonic, Caci, Philips, T3, Riiviva, PMD, Wellbox, SilkN, Tripollar, HairMax and NuFace. 

I wouldn't agree more to the fact that we do need a one place when you can buy all this stunning technology gadgets. I personally love the concept and their store of course! Laurence also, mentioned to me how he really appreciates his staff hard work. I work within workplace consultancy and I know that the most successful companies are these, where employers really appreciate their staff.

Of course not just the display was beautiful but the actual products were amazing too. I love events like that, as I have amazing opportunity to try and see the products. I was really impressed with the designs and the products purpose. I have also joined Emma their brand specialist in her seminar. Check out her video’s as well. She is super confident and I love how she know all the stuff! Amazing.

 I had a little browse and picked my few favourites. I loved how Clarisonic comes in so many different colours! Normally you have simple white and if you are like me a design freak, here you go.. you have some nice selections! More impressed I was with the Pulsdarm Buddy. So, super cute and come with many heads finishes. Perfect for the summer festivals! So handy! Also I loved the deisgn of Foreo Luna T-sonic facial brush!

My eye also caught the teeth whitening and cleaning section the Luster PremiumWhite System . I used to be a freak about my teeth as well. I have white teeth but not as white as I wish to. I think its just a matter of few shades and I would get them in the shade I want. I didn't see this system on display but browsing their website I love this one!!The LAB  whitening kit!  I really want to try this! The Foreo ISSAToothbrush also looks amazing!  I think these to paired up would give the cleanest mouth ever! Just perfect for me!

The Talika heated eyelash curler, another gadgets that got me intrigued. I have naturally long lashes but very straight. It takes many attempts with mascara and my normal curler to get them curly. I was also watching the RIO 60 second facialtoner and the LAB pro lift Face and Lift toning. These ones Emma was showing us as well. Loved it! I am 32 year old and even if I can’t see wrinkles yet it’s maybe time for me to think ahead?
I also loved the Tripolar Pose! Would be ace to try this out! Especially, that I am not fat, I just have few stubborn areas where this would probably give me the best results. Oh the Beach body! I need to get it ready! We also get amazing goodie bag! I loved the sleep mask. I think I also got something for nails but it didn't work so I couldn't use it to show you.

Right, so this is all from me about the Event. I could go through the whole list but I let you explore them by yourself. It’s a great place to find all your newest technology to get your skin, hair and body look amazing! I wish I could try some of these! Let me know if you buy anything! Enjoy!

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  1. Wow this must have been a lot of fun. I really wanna try the Clarisonic. Those toothbrushes look fun too :) really fascinating post!!!

  2. Really useful post! Actually I want to put my hands on a Clarisonic, but they are quite expensive..
    Have you purchased anything from the event?

  3. This is so fabulous! I really love how you covered this event so well :) xx

  4. Really insightful on Clarisonic!
    Thanks for sharing about the event!


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