The Press Tent Blogger Meet Up!

Another great event I have joined in the May madness
was The Press Tent Blogger Meet Up! I love this type of events! You can not only get in touch with fantastic brands but also meet amazing new people! The Press Tent is a new, brand and bloggers platform in Manchester. On their website you can browse through a database of fantastic bloggers (like me;) then great brands and PR’s. The concept is fantastic and I love that place like that exist in Manchester. I definitely need to say that their first event was an absolute success! And the yummy cocktails by Luc Belaire, Licor 43 and Luxardo Cocktails ! That’s what I need in event! Hannah who organised the event is such a sweet and caring person but also Tressia and Rakaya were lovely too. Working with companies like that after a while you are just friends! And I love that!

I met Samio in the city and we went there together.  We were greeted by lovely Hannah from Press tent. The venue again, was fabulous. I love the concept behind this place. It’s a cafĂ© but they have meeting rooms and space ready to rent in the back! It’s great!They called Escalator by you enter through cafe. After all we went to Revolution the Cuba as we were given amazing monopoly money! Can you imagine we paid with them? I always wanted to do that! ;)

There were multiple brands that joined the event ;

Jailbird ,NaaNaa ,Miss Foxy, Madam Rage, Koko Couture, Swade, DML, Llunaa, Rock On ruby, What Emma Did Blogtique. With Rock on Ruby  
@Rockonrubyxx I have my special order already with lovely Holly! I will blog about it soon!! A must have items! I didn’t have much time to explore rest of brands but I loved the Twinface jewellery as well! @twinfacejewellery

Again amazing goodie bags! And the Pink Colour Freedom hair Ultra-Vibrant Hair colour !! I will definitely try this! Again refreshed with Vita Coco drink!Love the drink! I gave my Licor 43 50ml bottle to Samio ;) She loves this stuff ;) I was impressed with NaaNaa clothing brand tote bag! So big and handy! Gosh Liquid Gel eyeliner- Ive lost it L( I cant find it anywhere!) shame! ASAP sticky Notes by Knock Knock Stuff  - I love the sticky notes! . Luxardo  sunglasses- no clue what’s that about but definitely cool! Pop Chips – I am addicted already! I didn’t tried the Kiehl's samples yet but I will J

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  1. I love that punk rocker tank! It's super cute!

  2. I love that camera! that's now on my wish list too xx

  3. Lucky you! It looks like you had a blast...On a sidetone, I LOVE your blog, cool title, and great content....I had to follow! Great stuff, keep it up!

  4. That looks like so much fun, and I'm so jealous of the goodie bags!

  5. Great post!! :-) Look forward to seeing your outfit post with your Rock On Ruby top! xx


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