The Ultimatum Lighting Guide! How to choose lamps for your home.

How to chose lighting to your home
I often lose my head when I walk into amazing lighting store or see fab pendants online. Is just the  ‘I want them all’ feeling! It’s so easy to fall in love with lamp and buy the wrong one! Sometimes we simply unaware, how the lighting actually can affect our mood, our productivity or simply gives us headaches! Also, lamp may look pretty in a store shelf and how the visual merchandiser styled it, but not practically looking good at your space. I have prepared a lighting guide, so before you buy your next lamp you can remember these few simple rules and improve your well-being, while creating a proper design statement. Don't forget to check my light-bulb guide post as well.

For every woman, kitchen is the main command centre.(Ok, guys like kitchen too..sometimes) Having the right amount of light here, will help you not only prepare yummy meals, but also it will inspire you to be more creative. Also, naturally we want kitchen to look stylish and cosy. This is the home ‘’heart’’, so as much as the furniture are important, that is the lighting too!
modern kitchen pendant light
1.       Create a statement above the dining table or island. Don’t just go for ‘’any’’ pendants. Look around your kitchen and furniture, cabinets especially.  If you have fresh, modern cabinets with chrome handles don’t go for glass pendants- pick coloured, Scandinavian style. If you have retro, wood mix with colour or dark cabinets, try to choose pendants that have a wooden element with less pattern ( unless you specifically want to go for the retro style).  I love industrial pendants in the kitchen, this style go nearly with every kitchen apart from late 80’s beginning 90’s typical cabinets with gloss round plastic handles (like the one I have! awful) For best prices and savings, check out stores like Next, BHS, habitat, johnlewis,, urbanoutfitters, littlewoods etc. You are most likely to find there bargains and sales. Check out my Shop (right above the post) for unique discounts. 
modern pendant light
industrial lighting in the kitchen
2.  Main light. I think you can skip the main pendant here. Focus on good quality down lights. Chose white LED, that gives you enough light you need.  Kitchen like any other room (apart from bathroom), is also one of the place that is more likely to get bacteria from food. You need bright and strong light bulbs to see properly when cleaning up. Up for a higher voltage light bulb. (here is light-bulb guide  ).
3.       There is popular ‘’trend’’ lately within kitchen designers to add LED strip colour lighting within the Splash-back area and also by the plinth. Just be careful when ordering these. Many kitchen designers will try to convince you to add them ( extra money  for them- more tacky home for you). It can look absolutely awful, so be careful. Adding strip light to splash-back can help to keep low light during nights and can look good, as long as you will go for simple white light without making a nightclub of your kitchen.
LED strip Lighting
images 123, 4, 5,

This is the place where we come to re-charge out batteries, read good book before sleep or just spend time on laptop ( like me). 

1.   Bedside lamp. I know, you seen this amazing online eclectic colourful pendant and you Must have it! Before you buy it. Take a snap of it. Hold it against your bed and dressing table and see if it actually fits there. Pick favourite accessories and try to mix and match. If online, check the dimensions, if in store, ask for tape measure. You need to know whether it will fit to you bedside table. 1/3 size is the rule. It can’t be too high as well. If you use small stool as your bedside table go for anglepose lamp or use oversized pendant light bulb hanged on side. The cool part is that you can pick both, mix and match. You can also use floor lamp like me. I wanted to explore all that so I went for all of them. Against the rule, less is more – I actually like the result. I use my bedroom as my office for writing, so I need loads of light. Remember, not enough light when you do tasks like reading, writing etc. may cause headaches as your eyes will get tired of trying to concentrate. Is good to have low light as you want wake up your partner while reading, but if you do more focused work, think of a higher voltage light bulb. Consider installing a dimmer to light-switchs. Arguments savers! Also, smaller task lights will create stunning ambience in the bedroom. I love just having them on! If you in need of a fairy light, but already have 2 x bedside lamps, why don’t you hang them above your mirror? Looks ace! Check out my very own bedroom below you can read here about it more (link)
DIY bedroom lighting
Orange Bedside lamp-Wilkinson £10, Oversized light-bulb Muuto £50, Fabric Pendant (DIY-soon about it) and this stunning floor lamp is floor ( you can buy it here

2.       The colour of light bulb or pendant pattern, can also make the bedroom look different. If your bedroom is already cluttered, because you own so much staff, think rather of pendant without pattern or texture, as this will create design on its own. Textured or string (where light can flow through)-This can be absolutely beautiful and can create stunning ambience as well, if you keep your bedroom neat and tidy. Don’t forget about closet light if you lucky enough to have one.
3.       The main light should be quite strong light. You will need this if you drop your glasses, lost your cat (like I do often) or you need to hoover ;) With regards to the lost cat, my cat fur is same colour us my rug… easy to get confused without contact lenses. On a serious note, again consider a strong light bulb here as well. When choosing pendant- don’t go overboard. If you already have great ambience lighting you can go for simple geometric pendant or smooth fabric one.
Modern bedroom lighting
 Image 1

Living Room

1.       Floor lamp, of course!  My first advise, check out your sofa! I love fabric sofa’s with industrial lighting and leather sofa’s with fabric shade. Personally, I wouldn't mix fabric sofa with fabric shade; too much similar texture. Also, check out the patterns of your cushions! Don’t mix 2 x large patterns next to each other! My favourite Polish blogger Jagoda, beautifully explained that. (I hope she will translate that in English one day) Especially, if you already have large pattern on your lampshade (either from pendant or floor lamp) and on your cushion, this would really crash!
2.       Pendant lamp. Here, again check against your floor lamp- many people mix same shade on floor and pendant lamp. You are ok to do that, as long as they’re in fairly distance of each other.  If big lamp shade of pendant, then smaller floor’s one etc. I personally love smaller side table lamp right opposite the floor one. I just love lighting! Make sure this one is a very simple but you can (and you rather should) add colour here as well.
Living room floor lamp
image 1
Home Office

 1.       First of all, you need to place your desk as close to daily light as possible. Consider keeping your desk a little in front of the window rather right next to it giving yourself an open space feeling. It will help your eyes!
2.       Task lamp. Of course. Anglepoise are popular but also clip in to the desk or shelf are very practical too. I know some desk lights looks soo pretty.. but forget here about oversized side table lamp. You need a light that is flexible and not too strong.
3.       Make sure you have another source of light nearby, either pendant light or spotlights. Be careful with textured shades that creates patterns on wall, it may look good but can easily distract you. Try to switch to one coloured fabric or just oversized bulb style second lamp here.
Home office lighting
Home office lighting ideas

images 1, 2

 Kids Room/Teenage room

1.       Here, focus on natural light as much as you can. Kids/ teenagers are growing and while studying or playing more important is the natural light! Try to place their study/ playing area as close to window as possible. Task lamp on child desk also is a must. Use lower voltage light here.  As much as nice lighting, on stable base would look great consider flexible arm either angle poise or on clip attached to shelf.
2.       Main light can be fun. Girls loves chandeliers, boys themed shades. Be creative, have fun- add colour! Be careful with heavy chandeliers and I would reconsider glass chandeliers and think to use cheaper plastic with no sharp ages. Kids play in the rooms and accident happen.
3.       Consider small night lamp for small children. Best, if this would one with very low light not to wake up your child. You may consider LED light bulbs for the safety of your child. There are light bulbs available that won’t burn your child if accidentally touch it. Remember it can be too big and too far so child can reach them in case if a teddy fell or need to run to a bathroom. Skip the pretty oversized desk lamp, it may look good but completely un-practical here.


1.       I just love wall lights next to mirrors! It will add real statement to your bathroom. Be careful when choosing non shaded lighting as close to water it just ask for a drama.
Consider to hang them high enough then.   
2.       Good quality down lights will do the trick but avoid to place them too far as it will create ‘’shade’’ on your face and for girls like me who do make up in bathroom this can be a real nightmare. Consider mirror light then with nice clear white light.

Bathroom lighting ideas

Right, that’s all for my simple lighting guide! I hope you now can find the perfect lamps to your space! Did you find this useful? Let me know in comments :) 




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