Does Magnitone cleanse brush, really work? plus- skin care tips from beauty bloggers!

magnitone face brush review
I was like... What’s the fuss about stupid brush huh?! I already own Soap& Glory face brush, so I thought it;s just a little electrical, probably no difference... How wrong I was!
If you ever switched from normal toothbrush to electrical proper one.. you will know what I am talking about! Here, I have tried Magnitone Lucid Facial Brush for 7 days! Read about the results.

 My skin is not bad in general. I don’t have acne, neither spider vines etc. but I do tend to have dull flat skin, with no glow and I look tired. This is because I work in front of computer 12h a day sometimes, in office with no windows and  air-condition on. After that I come home and spend the night blogging, social media etc. I have very distorted sleep pattern.

I have tried Magnitone Lucid for 7 days. After first use, I could feel the difference in my skin. It was much softer and my make up looked amazing! It was like after a visit in beauty salon! Exactly 7 days after, I was going on holiday and for the first time I was super confident enough to go without make up, neither BB cream! All I could wear was my swim suit & sunglasses ! It was great! My skin wasn't just softer! It was brighter and glowing! Hit Instagram for my  pictures of my Bare Skin!
magnitone face brush reviewmagnitone face brush review

You won’t waste a single penny if you buy this brush! You will love it as I do. It is also handy as it comes with amazing notepad that you can record your journey or use as blogger to do list.. ups;p I won’t copy paste the specifications from website as you can read that yourself ;) link

magnitone face brush review 
 I have asked several  bloggers how they care about their skin! So here tips & hints from beauty bloggers! Here are their answers:

‘’I use the Garnier Pure Active Micellar Water, followed by an oil based moisturiser. Effectively, I am removing the bad oil from sebum build up during the day and replacing it with good oils which are essential for skin. I stay clear of 'moisturisers for oily skin' and 'oil free moisturiser'. They are no good! I exfoliate my face once a week.I use the Lush Mask of Magnaminty or the Aztec Healing Bentonite clay once every 3-4 weeks. Rebecca,

Shine absorbing wipes are a life saver for people who, like me, have oily skin. I always carry a small pack in my bag’’ Joanna,

‘’Drink lots of water and use a simple moisture cream’’ Emma,

‘’ I use a facial oil to help combat dehydrated skin, either on its own on my face or mixed in with hand or foot cream for an extra treat'' Anoushka,

‘’ I use Simple's moisturising facial wash every day but St Ives Apricot scrub once a week. For the last month I've been using Insta Natural's Hyaluronic hydrating serum twice a day as well as their eye gel. Have found that my complexion isn't as dull meaning I don't have to wear foundation to work’’.Lordine, 

‘’Always take makeup off before sleeping (I love micellar waters) and use a good moisturiser before bed. I have oily and dry skin so like things to be non greasy. I love Insta Natural products which I have been reviewing especially their vitamin C night cream. I had no skincare routine until I hit 30 and wrinkles were noticeable, I look younger now! Makeup wise I love MaxFactor foundation and powder  (I'm not a beauty blogger strictly as I do all sorts so understand you may not use this!)’’Laura,www

‘’ I have extremely dry skin and rosacea and the only thing that works for me is the vitamin E range by The Body Shop - this stuff is incredible for dry skin! Their Sink-in Mask works wonders while I'm in the shower ! I don't leave the house without the Intense moisture cream either ! Leonie,

‘’Always wash your hands before starting your skin care or makeup routine. It's the simplest of tips, but works for reducing break outs’’Ting,

‘’Always, always double cleanse. Particularly if you wear SPF! It works to ensure impurities (such as makeup) are completely removed. I typically do a 'wet' cleanse with my cleansing brush and Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser then follow up with a micellar.. usually Bioderma but at the moment I've been using Nivea's and it's a nice budget alternative!’’ Georgina,

‘’Green Tea does wonders for our skin’’. Stella,

‘’To be honest, for all the expensive creams & lotions, it's the simple stuff that works. Lots of sleep & water, a light moisturiser and a light foundation/bb cream with UV protection. Oh and a good calming eye gel. Alcohol, late nights & smoking not so good for you. Keep a happy balance. And smile...everything looks better when you're smiling and happy in your own skin!’’ Lena,

‘’ I've recently discovered de Mamiel seasonal facial oils (and although not cheap) they are the best thing I've ever used on my skin. It leaves it glowy and nourished as well as calming, reviving and de-stressing the sense s;; Sandra,.

‘’  I used lots of different products for my spotty combination skinbut it was still really high maintenance. Then I found a serum for healthy clearskin (with retinol) and used that in conjunction with a few drops of facial oil (even on my Tzone) instead of moisturiser everyday. It worked and my skin is now totally balanced. Use a few amazing products specific to your skin type, rather than lots of different ones. ‘’ Chrissie,

‘’ La Roche Posay Effacular Duo is the best thing ever! And also a really watery toner after an oil cleanser to get your face 100% clean.’’ Louise, 

 ‘’One of the best dryskin SOSs I've found yet - and it's rather novel - a candle that burns to produce a rich creamy lukewarm wax that you apply to the skin. It's especially good for eczema’’. Tracy,

‘’Combination skin- Oily but tends to be dry also hence the use of scrubs once a week to lift excess grease and mousturising cleansing facial washes daily. I try to stick with just natural ingredients, Lordine

 ‘’I have combination skin and I realized that the best thing to do is having two different moisturizers. A heavier one for the dry areas and an oil control one for the oily parts like the T-Zone’’. Natalia,

‘’ I have super dehydrated skin and I've found that the best moisturiser is Aveeno Cream. Also, applying Carmex lip balm to dry patches overnight gives them the intense moisture they need and helps to reduce them greatly.’’ Niamh,

‘’If u have combined or oily skin, my best budget tip is Garnier pure a toner before going to bed and also to use in the evening. it makes miracles with the skin. also if you tend to get spots. otherwise I use pretty expensive products, but this one is a clear favorite for a lot of years now Confessions of a Shopaholic’’ Victoria

 ‘’I have oily skin that's extremely acne-prone, and I use a calm routine to keep my skin in good condition. I use the Simple skincare range for cleansers, they're made of natural ingredients that only help your skin, there's nothing in them to break you out. I use the La Roche Posay Serozinc Spray as a toner, as zinc is essential for good skin, and I use the Simple Oil Control moisturiser. Other than that, I exfoliate twice weekly to refresh my skin and remove dead cells, use Lush face masks once a week to absorb oils and treat imperfections, and I drink plenty of water and detox teas to keep my skin clear!’’ Aoife,

 ‘’Water, water, water! And I adore the Liz Earle range.’’Hayley,

‘’ Not using to many products. This can hurt then help you. I would say a lightweight foam cleanser. A light cream and always use a lightweight moisturiser. This alone will help your skin and defiantly help it glow ‘’ Heather,

‘’I have combination skin (very dry on the cheeks & also sensitive), so I always try to use skincare products without alcohol, parabens & other harmful ingredients. In my case, using micellar water & cream daily + scrub & mask once/twice a week seems to be the best solution’’Justyna,

For me healthy life habits are essential. If you eat properly and avoid using cosmetic products, and instead make your own beauty products, your skin will be healthy and therefore beautiful. I'm not against cosmetics, far from it, I just think that what nature gives us is more important. 

So that’s ! Which advise you like the most? What’s your beauty tip?
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*I was gifted items for this post


  1. I was like you before I was sent the magnitone, I had a soniclear so thought it would be doing the same job but it does more and I am happy to have it. I too work ridiculous hours in front of PC then come home only to continue for my blog. Loving the beauty tips shared

  2. such brilliant beauty tips from other bloggers that helps! never tried this before but will have to check it out, looks brilliant :)

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    Thanks for the tips. <3

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    Great post.

    M xx

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  13. I love the magnitone - it's one of the top face products that I use!

  14. Brilliant advice! I feel I've leanred a lot :)
    My best advice is cleanse, toner and moisturise everyday. Plus drinking lots of water helps too.

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