Home scent & PartyLite Candles review.

Don’t you love candles? We all do! I don’t know how about you but every time I go homeware shopping, I end up with some candles! I love quiet weekend nights, when I burn them in my living room or taking a bath surrounded with light-up candles. There is something magical in it. Candles, will not only bring a nice ambience to your room, but also can help you relax and focus. Many candles contain special oils that work wonder.  There are also fragrance candles, if you purchase a good quality your room will be full of delicate scent. Avoid cheap candles, the smell can be very overpowering and genuine will make you fell unwell. If you burn food or have unpleasant smell at home, candles also can help to masked that.

I was gifted my candles from PartyLite Candles concept.  PartyLite Candles arrived fast and well packed. Despite delicate glass, nothing was broken. As soon as I have opened the box I could nicely smell the candles. Inside I have found a real rainbow of colours and scents. My favourite was little trinket box with elegant damask pattern and mirrored top from their Forbidden fruits series. Another box contained the multi-coloured tea candles. It’s a real bucket of smells. I burn few already and its really nice, fragranced smell, not to strong but delicate and it really made me feel relaxed in my own home. Another I loved was the Japanese Yuzu, and not because the wax is pink: ) very nice, oriental smell and I already burn the candles every night and it’s still full. I hate when candles burn to fast! I have packed few of my candles to take with my on my holiday! My hotel room is going to smell so amazingly as well! PartyLite also have amazing range of SmartScent and Flameless Fragnances.

There are so many types of candles but these below are the most popular.

1. Tealights & nightlights. Very cheap and mostly used when many of them as you can use them to create letters, shapes. They can also contain fragrance like the Forbidden Fruits by PartyLite.
2. Container candles.  These come mostly in jars or glass containers in various sizes. Often they have many wicks which allows more light like for example Essential Jar Candles. They don’t particularly burn faster than single wicks if good quality. You can place them anywhere.
3. Dinner candles. Mostly used with candlabras and candlestick.  Long & thin candles used for occasions.  If you use them during meals use natural beewax as this won’t  overpower the food and bring delicate honeyed scent.
4. Church/ Pillar candles.  These come in any sizes and shapes but mostly are big chunky round or square candles. These are very long-lasting and you can place them on the floor, use in lanterns or glass votive. Perfect for decorating  windows or floors.

Scents types;
Seductive & Uplifting- florals- rose, tuberose, hyacinth, jasmine etc.
Warming & Relaxing- vanilla, beewax, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg (Christmas)
Fresh & Reviving- lemon, pine, grapefruit, rosemary, eucalyptus, lavender,
Rich & Moody – smokey, burned wood, resisns frankinsense, myrrh, amber, leather.

source: ''Making a House your Home' by Clare Nolan.

Also, read below PartyLite Tips and  Tricks of using candles.
• Trim wicks to about ½ cm each time before lighting, to avoid them bending to the side (with the exception of tealights, votives and Nature’s Light jars – do not trim these).
• For all candles, please take care to position the wick so that it points towards the centre.
 • If the wick is too short and is in danger of ‘drowning’. Extinguish the candle and use a tissue to remove some of the wax surrounding the wick.
• Position candles at least 4cm apart, if burning more than one at the same time.
• If a ‘wick blossom’, develops on the wick, extinguish the candle, remove the impediment, and then relight the candle.
• Ensure that no foreign objects such as dead matches or remnants of trimmed wicks get into the liquefied wax. Foreign objects tend to become additional ‘wicks’ and this may result in uneven burning of the candle.
• Place candles on flat surfaces. Avoid placing in direct sunlight and on hot surfaces such as windowsills, terraces, tiled stoves, televisions and computers.
• With tealights and votives, depending on the fragrance/ colour and surrounding temperature, a wax residue may remain.
• For best results use a snuffer to extinguish the candle flame.
• Do not remove the sticker at the base of the candle, as this may result in pulling out the wick. • The warmer the surrounding temperature, the more easily candle wax liquefies. • When burning the candle in a wall sconce, discolouration on the wall may occur over time with extensive use due to the heat of the candle.

If you want to order candles please contact lovely Stephanie, and she will send you their latest catalogue.  SMerry@partylite.co.uk



  1. I love candles, any that are relaxing I love. My favorites are vanilla and lavender

  2. I am a big fan of candles. I love how they manage to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere but with a gorgeous sensual scent too. I'm obsessed with Yankee candles at the moment but will consider trying these ones. I love the forbidden fruits theme!
    Lydia xx

  3. I love candles and love partylite ones they make it so cozy and relaxing after a busy day x

  4. I don't really use candles except for a 'room essence' and then It just HAS to be vanilla and cotton scents. x

  5. I love candles, and I know PartyLite have some gorgeous ones (I've got some already!)

  6. Oh I love the sound of these - huge candle fan over hear - perfect way to relax in the evening is to have a slow burning candle with a beautiful smell

    Laura x

  7. I love scented candles. They make you feel really pampered don't they? I also have "How To Be A Parisian" on my Amazon wishlist!

  8. My friend is a party lite consultant and she always tells me how wonderful there products are. I live quite a way from her but next time I visit I will have to get some.

  9. I have heard a lot about PartyLite Candles and I would love to tr them. I love scented candles, they make my home smell beautiful.

  10. I absolutely love candles and always have one burning when I am home x

  11. I've just gotten some partylite candles to review and I cannot wait to try them!

  12. I am addicted to candles, I recently did a partylite review and have fallen in love with them x

  13. I love candles however I don't get to burn them as much as I used to these days. Hopefully now that the winter is coming, I will a)remember to light them after a long day stopping baby from hiding my stuff and b) get someone to buy me some of the lush ones you've written about here :)

  14. I love candles! Thanks for the tips in this post too - I had no idea.

    Daniella | Freshly Pressed Beauty

  15. I am a HUGE fan of scented candles. I use them most days and especially with the darker nights drawing in they make the room feel cozy and smell wonderful :)



  16. Me too....I love candles, id love to buy loads and have them everywhere.... I can't wait until the kids are older and more sensible

  17. Me too....I love candles, id love to buy loads and have them everywhere.... I can't wait until the kids are older and more sensible

  18. Candles are good for the homes, its spiritual to me and brings me closer to nature...



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