Light up the room: His majesty LED

Light affects our mood and health on a daily basis, but it also plays a lead role when it comes to decorating. You could use it to highlight your favorite colours or treasured objects, and create both reality and illusion. The lighting colour, coupled with natural light and furniture selection can really make a huge difference in your home decor. Choose wisely.
 The invention of light emitting diodes changed the way people think of artificial lighting. With this invention, more possibilities opened up for people to play with lights. They are powerful, yet small, so you can fit them easily wherever you please, which gives you great mobility. Apart from being very energy efficient, they are inexpensive, which gives them such an advantage over ordinary lighting. Having redesigned my loft earlier this year, I was looking for inspiration on the web and LED lighting stole my heart. I’d like to share with you its bottomless possibilities, and give you some fun ideas on how LED can be used for decoration, in ways you never imagined.


I’m sure everyone has the problem of  waking  up in the middle of the night and having to descend a flight of stairs, or even worse a winding one. Turning the master light is out of the question as it would blind you even more. What you can do is to install a series of motion-activated led lights along the stairwell. This marvelous solution, successively lights the LEDs on your stairs one at a time as you make your way up or down. 

The Cloud
This proprietary cumulonimbus is a brainchild of Richard Clarkson. This design is a combination of interactive motion-triggered lighting fixture and music-activated visualization speaker all in one. Its interactive speaker system and LED lamps react to the surrounding music and motion, emulating an experience of a thundercloud in your room. It could be an endless source of amusement. 
LED cloud light
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 LED Plank
If your interior style matches mine, it means you are drawing experience from seemingly rough, unfinished surfaces textures, mimicking the life on the go, constantly changing and never truly settling down. Perfect for studios and artistic apartments, this simple lamp can be made from allsorts of wood, you only need two planks, a LED strip and cordage with a transformer unit. You can hang it above your desk, or even make it 100% mobile, so you can lean it against the wall as I did. Your visitors will watch in awe when you light up the board.
LED plank light
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 Flower Centerpieces
Your dinning parties will never be the same if you try this one. Inspired by Allison Patrick and Elizabeth Van Buren of Zipper 8 Lighting, I decided to make these beautiful peonies myself. A battery powered LED module in the hollow shape in the middle makes them totally portable so I can move them around as I make the perfect mood for my romantic dinner setting.
LED Night light
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This wonderful self-made rug is ideal for patios and entryways, as it combines an all-weather LED string and handmade weaving around it. Start from the middle and crochet your way around, coiling until you reach the desired size. It isn’t too hard to do.
creative LED idea
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 When it comes to LED, DIY options are endless. You can let your inner child go wild with creativity, and you definitely should. I just wanted to tickle your imagination. The final tip I’d like to give you is: if you are thinking of making some of these DIY projects, consult a lighting specialist or an electrician. LED lights operate on low voltage, but they still need grid mains for power. Safety first.

This is a guest post written by lovely Zoe Clark.  Author bio:
Zoe Clark is a house design enthusiast from Australia. She loves experimenting with trends and different styles, but strongly believes the best designs are the ones that follow the lifestyle of their owners. You can find her blogging at Smooth decorator.



  1. I love those cloud lights and the flower lights! Both of these are on my to do list for when I get my own place <3

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    Erin | Islandbell

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  7. I love the cloud lights, so cute! And the flower centerpieces too, I want a couple for my house! x

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