How to make DIY Instagram wall art

It’s time for some DIY Vlog! I had this specific framed  art, I hated badly! It belongs to my landlord. Currently, I can’t afford literally like anything, not even a frame, so I decided to re-use my landlord ones, but the way that I can just remove the content and put back on wall untouched when I will move out! I was inspired by my own ’ Social media interiors’ post and decided to use my Instagram pictures. This is the easiest way and it cost me nothing! Unless you don’t have frame then you can just buy one from charity shop for a bargain or Home Sense now have sales for £10 large frames!
Originally, the idea was to use thick card or thicker A3 printing paper but my cats, destroyed it. They walked over the paper when I left it unsupervised, and I have ended up with creased paper and beautiful claw marks! Last minute, I have saved the project by using photo paper.  Try to use a thicker, maybe even  glossy paper  to the one I have used, and go for size perfect to your frame so you won’t need to cut out and end up with not very neat edges like me. I’ll pretend for now it just didn’t happen ;)

You will need.
1.       Thick printing paper.
2.       Players.
3.       Scissors (if not to size paper)
4.       Double sided sellotape.
5.        Picture Frame.
6.       Pen.
7.       Ruler.
8.       Favourite Instagram Pictures.
9.       Strong door or cats carrier to take the monsters away.

The method. This is honestly the very easy way. You just place a card or printing paper in back to create the clean background and by using double sided tape you stick to the paper. Make sure you don’t use glue just in case if anything get dirty or glue can go through the paper and damage the original picture. Taaddaa! Watch the video! It’s that easy! Apologies for the walking cats and tails ;) Enjoy! Only 1min 20sec. video, not so bad ;) 

End the result! :)) 

Trouble makers from my video :)

collaborative content- fully written by me.


  1. Love what you've done - such a clever way to add style for minimum cost. x

  2. What a lovely creative idea :) I love it!


  3. Lovely idea - my girls would love to do this! Oh those naught cats! Bet they weren't in the least bothered too! Kaz x

  4. This is a great idea. I'm not very creative but even a simpleton like me could do this!

  5. I like this idea, it's so creative. The cats are adorable haha

  6. Wow this looks great. I love the fact that your cats were helping you! hehe

  7. Great idea. I wish I was more creative when it comes to home decor. I hardly ever do anything but print canvases :-(

  8. This is a great idea, I am the least creative person I know x

  9. Bardzo fajnie wyszło! :) Sama jakiś czas temu pisałam o tzw. instagram walls :)

    Ale i tak wygrywają koty <3<3<3

  10. That's a great idea, might get my little ones to do one for me.

  11. So cute! I used to love collecting my photos from the printing shop and then rushing home to see which ones could be included in my collages .

  12. What a lovely post, that has inspired me for sure! The end result is so cute!

  13. Really love this DIY tutorial!!! I love to display photos and instagram ones always look so great in a block of four - thanks so much for sharing this

    Laura x

  14. Awesome, these looks amazing! Well done and fab idea :)
    By the way, I need that cup, where is it from? So, so true! X X

  15. I love this! What a great addition to your home and a great price too!!

  16. First up I want your mug lol! Secondly, great idea, perfect to make your own space look fab without annoying the landlord!

  17. This is a lovely idea! I might try this out myself at home :)

  18. What a really cute idea! I'm always thinking of ways to spruce up my home & this would be a great way to do it!
    Bee |

  19. Love this Anna! I will have to try it sometime. I've always wanted to do something like this x

  20. I definitely need that cat mug, it is definitely true of my two, they don't!

  21. Love it!

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  22. Haha that mug is absolutely brilliant!!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

  23. Nice diy
    I really enjoy it
    & i will do it soon


  24. ahhh your kitties are adorable :) Such a great post! I can't believe I've never thought of printing off my insta pictures. I have so many empty frames lying around too.. will definitely give this a go xx


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