Supermarket décor..Hit or Miss ? Tesco, Asda & Sainsburys overview.

supermarket homeware ideas
Recently, when you buy a bottle of milk you can walk off with an amazing lamp, cushion and clock…
I think these days, with people not having much time, supermarkets decided to expand the stores with interior décor shelves, making affordable for everyone. My questions is; Is the cheap décor good enough? I decide to take you for a little discovery with me through popular supermarket stores like Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury. These are the stores I usually buy my food. I know there are popular high street fashion stores like Next, Zara, H&M or French Connection that do great interior pieces or (more about this in my next post) but for now, I wanted to focused on these, who deliver us bread, cereals and milk. I want to show you that shopping in Supermarket doesn’t have to be wacky and you can spot a great bargains and products looking a’la designer piece! I am buying myself in these shops and I am not ashamed! I don’t care what others thinks. It’s not like someone says’s 'Oi, she has a lamp from Tesco! Tesco!'... 'Aww what an embarrassment!' Well, its not! There has been this stigma around some shops, god knows why? I think its' just some the richer snobs, who knows little about design or think they know about design. I told someone before that I mostly buy staff on Ebay or supermarkets and I was given this strange look, like how on earth I can do that. I think being designer doesn't mean you have to stick to designed staff. Of course, I wish I could buy in more prestige places and have designer tags but so far I am paying of student loan, I have invested in my future and I am not ashaming of that, and I actually like the fact that instead of having one lamp that cost £300 I can actually revamp my whole loving room for that! and I call it skills :) Stunning cushions available from Asda Direct!
 I want to show you amazing pieces you can spot there. I don't really shop in Asda for food as is too far but when I need something from homedecor, I usually give my not-husband yet a huge smile,  a cup of coffee, start telling him some small compliments and he usually start getting ready knowing I want something ;) Oh he knows me well! Shopping in these stores requires skills- self control skills. Everything is 'omg thats soo cheap' that you do have to stay calm and not walk off with whole basket of ''you dont need that'. It happen usually to me when I have wine flue.. I often go cure myself with shopping and I can for hours browsing in store, trying to forget my banging head-each. 

I'll start with lighting. I love lighting and when I find new store this is the first section I will go explore. I have something with lighting, a little obsession. Since I am soo about copper  I wanted to prove that you don't need to spend fortune! Each this lamp cost..wait a second... £20! Yep! Thank me later ;)
Asda homeware collection
 1.Concrete effect base lamp 2. Wood effect desk lamp 3,Matt black cork shade 4. Origami pendant 
Next Up a little more decorative items. I love all the gold, copper and animals! Asda definitely has a really good people there, who look after the stock! Very elegant on so trend pieces!
Asda homeware collection
1.Cat face doorstep £5.00  2.Letter Votive £2.00 (A-Z available)  3.Heart shape Votive £2.00 4.Patterned Knobs £8.00  5.Copper clock £12.00  6.Jar with scroll £12.00  7.Rectangular plate £5.00 8.Copper trinket box £10.00  9.Pug Wall art £6.00

Tesco always have some decent pieces online! If you start browsing you can find quite nice collaborations like Habitat and cheaper pieces..Now we talking! You can find here pop of colour, modern and contemporary pieces! Oh Tesco..Every little help!
tesco lighting collection
1. Thorpness Pendnat Shade £10  2. Devon floor lamp £69  3.Tripod floor lamp £29.99  4.Vintage style blue shade £17.99 5. Orlando desk lamp £35

Within the accessories you can find quirky and funny graphics, loads of cute typography and animals of course. Its definitely worth to go through Tesco range. Here, prices vary as Tesco brings great pieces but some of them are sadly also designers with this bloody price tag..Tesco!! 
tesco homeware collection
1.Cup of Tea cushion £6  2.Dance Life cushion £8  3.Moose Head hook £24.99  4.Fox candle £3 5.Owl candle £3  6.Bamboo bowl set £29.85  7.Juxtapose vase £32

Sainsbury lately really surprised! They launched 3 very elegant and sophisticated collections. All items are selected in perfect match so you don't need to sweat and waste time to find something that match as this is as full collections! Bread, milk Moose head?
sainsburys homeware collection
Apart from the harmony, I like that they made the homeware sections in store quite bigger. There is usually more in store to what you see and more likely to be discounted! Yay, Thanks Sainsburys!
sainsburys homeware collection
1. Diamond cushion £14  2.Storage basket set of 2 £22  3.Cream tripod light £40  4.Owl tumbler £4 5.Vintage clock £22  6.Tripod black lamp £26  7. knitted cushion £8   8. Ceramic candles set £5  9.Wall hanging head set of 3 £14

As you can see buying decor in supermarket doesn't have to be tacky. You have so many different style from elegant to quirky finishing on industrial. Literally, you can find anything! If anyone next time point out at you taht you buy your homeware in Tesco, just pass him kindly link to blog ;) I'll deal with them!ha!Feisty little one aren't I?



  1. I've often bought cushions , vases and other home items from a supermarket and I was happy with the price and quality.

  2. I have recently bought some home decor items from asda, I love them! I really like the origami pendant you've shown

  3. I think supermarket home furnishings have definitely improved in the last year or so - I rarely visit Asda/Tesco but I do like to browse online!

  4. I never really knew there was a stigma of any sort about buying homeware from Supermarkets! I think the last 3 or 4 duvet sets I've bought have all been from asda and they're all such good quality and so soft! I do love the selections you've shared too, think a trip to the Supermarkets is now needed!
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!

  5. I like several of these items. I am always on the look out for a bargain and don't really mind where it's from!

  6. I am loving that cream lamp in Sainsburys, definitely going to look that up x

  7. I would personally buy some things from the supermarket due to convenience. However, I still think some things are over priced and would head to eBay to find my buys! x

  8. Those lamps are awesome, definitely checking them out!
    Liquid Grain

  9. I love that you can pick up home stuff with your food shop! I hadn't realised that Sainsbury's 'do' home stuff though. Kaz x

  10. I often pick up things like duvet covers and cushions from the supermarket - they have some great pieces.

  11. I think it's great being able to pick up homeware from supermarkets as it tends to be a lot cheaper and to be honest - most people don't have time to go and buy food let alone go shopping in next and habitat! It's great being able to grab everything in one place and like you say there is some great stuff available!

  12. I have no issue with buying home stuff from supermarkets. I love Asda and Tesco in particular, but I think that's because I rarely go to Sainsburys! x

  13. Gutted I've only just stumbled across your blog and this post as most of the bits I e seen on here and eat, are no longer available! Great blog..

    Love Hannah xx


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