The beauty of bare windows.

When I grow up, window dressing and lace curtains was something
absolutely natural.
The only moment when you would see a window free of them was, when the lady of the house was cleaning. Each house was proudly displaying the local best market deal for curtains and women were gossiping about neighbourns not changing theirs!It was hey ‘Halleluja’, she hasn't washed her curtains. It was such a shock to me when I arrived in Holland, and seen so many windows with absolutely no curtains, just blinds in several occasions. It drove me nuts and my little head couldn’t understand…like.. Are they washing the windows ALL the time? I had to ask someone and the answer was actually quite surprising, and I would never expect that. I was told this was due to a quite funny legend.  Many years ago, a dutch prince return from his long journey and caught his wife cheating. He was of course sincerely P** off, so he changed the law. Since then, no one was allowed to have curtains whatsoever, so such a situations won’t happen again. Is it true? Hmm, is here any Dutch on board?Please tell! In Dutch culture, not having curtains is definitely popular, it allows plenty of natural light but also it shows the openness and honesty of the homeowner.. Gosh, I wouldn’t want my neighbour watch me dancing and singing half naked while getting ready, despite how ‘open and honest’ I am! Oh noo! Back in ancients, not having curtains also helped marines to find their homes, as they return from long journey, If the wifey didn’t forget to put the light near window of course.  Dutch people however use sheer fabric, windows shutter and blinds to control the light. I think I love that in Dutch people, they so easy going. It was time of my live when I used to live there. We can see curtains mostly in contemporary or modern design but it's very rare to see them within industrial or Scandinavian design. I personally took off mine. I had dirty, ugly blinds that my landlord wouldn’t change , and I couldn’t decide on new blinds just yet, so I have artistically displayed 2 beautiful pomp-poms… oh give me a rest! You can see my results in the Bedroom makeover post.

Let’s have a look a few examples of it.  
There are also window shapes that is just impossible to put any curttians and your only solution is to have made to order blinds or shutters.
Contemporary Bedroom by Melbourne Interior Designers & Decorators Sisalla Interior Design
To control natural light, you can use simple blinds. There so many beautiful examples! Who needs curtains ha? 
For an attic room is usually most difficult to find the perfect curtains and blinds so most people op just for blinds. I personally think this looks awesome!

I absolutely love the latest products of company called VELUX. I have come across their latest collaborations with Dutch designers Scholten and Baijings. They created together stunning Colour Collection, you can see on both pictures above! It includes 6 different designs, interchangeable fabrics and Pick&Click! system. I love the ombre style design! So on trend! In my home there are no curtains. I love amazing curtains, don't get me wrong and I have nothing against them but I believe you can live with blinds. I always believe in this less is more. If you need to buy blinds, also check out latest collections! 

Would you prefer blinds only or curtains? or both?


  1. Wow loving the decor ideas here. Fab post.

  2. I love beautiful windows - although for me, a bare window would need to be high up as the idea of having no curtains on the ground floor makes me weirdly nervous!

    Milly // Mini Adventures

  3. I wanted a glass house too. I always love the feeling of the sunrise on my face. Nice interior designs.

  4. I absolutely love decor! This post gets me so excited to live in my own apartment once I graduate! I'l going to decorate everywherreee.

  5. All those photos are absolutely gorgeous, I love the idea of bare windows! Just thinking about all the natural light coming in, that's literally my dream! I want all white walls and bare windows in my future house x

    Ami | perksofbeingami

  6. Great photos. Really inspiring light and windows.

  7. None to be honest.
    I love "naked" windows and big heavy outside shutters for this rare occasion when I might want some privacy

  8. I love the idea of bare windows, Im so parro as to who would be watching me though. We live on a street and I know if my neighbours living across from me had no curtines I would have a sneaky peek LOL - I promise Im not a peeping tom though LOOOOL
    Great post as always hun
    Charlotte x

  9. I think I would only have bare windows if we lived in the middle of nowhere! Here we are too overlooked by all the houses all around us. I like curtains but non-patterned ones so they don't notice too much, I quite like them to be the same colour as the walls, so when the curtains are shut they are an extension of the wall colour. But I might change my mind as I often do! x

  10. It's true the bare windows would be lovely for natural light but it would make me nervous that people could see in. Not that I'm doing anything dodgy but I prefer to do un dodgy stuff in privacy. X

  11. What an interesting story! I definitely need some kind of curtains, otherwise I feel as if I am living in a bit of a fish bowl. I noticed while living in France that they keep their shutters closed a lot, so hardly any natural light would be in the rooms.

    I do love the natural light... but there comes a certain time of day where the shade should be drawn! :)


  12. Regardless of its problems I love the windows especially the one with the brick arch I think it is stunning. Holland has great architecture!

  13. I am with you one the blinds, especially when they look as colorful as the ones you showed. I guess I need to think more outside of the box - away from the standard white, or the wooden ones. Great post, very beautiful!

  14. some great rooms! I can't wait to live somewhere where privacy isn't an issue and I can have big open windows!

  15. Decent people got nothing to hide - this idea is behind Dutch tradition, who don't use curtains or leaving them open...


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