Moving to a rented apartment

moving day to rented apartment tips and hints
 Moving to a rented property doesn’t have to be stressful
if you organize it well.If you still on the apartment hunt you should read my ‘Before you move tips and hints’ post. Believe me,  I have gone through this so many times and I have learned a lot to rented spaces.  Here, I may help you save your entire deposit! Moving day is going to be stressful and tiring, so read my tips to make it better! (I accept cookies and marshmallow’s hot chocolate as a thank you)
At this stage you have probably already signed your contract! Congrats, you are officially have home for now. Your agency/ landlord gave you the date of when you move in and now What???!!

This is Part 2. Moving to rented apartment!
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1.       Organize transport. Search removal companies, and get 2-3 quotes. Check and count  your belongings properly as they will charge you extra if you missed the big wardrobe right in front your face, happen.  Consider ‘man and van’ with references. You don’t want to risk someone cancel on the day of moving! If you have furniture, then ask for second driver/person who can help or give a shout out to good friends!
2.       Collect boxes. You can buy ready boxes like these but I tend to go to local grocery stores and ask them to leave me some boxes. Banana boxes are great! Although for more personal belongings you want the boxes to be covered. Opt for strong boxes as well.
3.        Start packing well in advance.  Start packing the staff you don’t need. Pack few things everyday like old books or clothes. Worst you can do is leaving everything until last day!
Buy black marker and once each box is closed, write whats inside like books, photographs etc. It will be easier to find it later.
4.       Ebay! Sell all your unwanted furniture and clothes! I did it once and earned £600 in a week! You can also find your local area Facebook ‘Buy and sell’ group! Join! I also also use Depop app (never sold anything yet though!)
5.       Planning. Get the floor layout of the agency/landlord and measure your furniture. Sketch basic floor layout. Check the dimensions against the rooms dimensions and try to work out which would work best. You can change later but this will save you time on the day you move in as you will kind of know where to put staff straight away rather just randomly damping boxes.
6.       Inventory  Now you have finally picked the keys! Yes, you can go and move in! Oi.. hold on! Get yourself; camera, notepad, copy of inventory from your landlord/agency. Many agencies say ‘Oh don’t worry we did the inventory here is the copy. Blurry black/white pictures etc. Scroll that! I once lost so much of deposit for being such a na├»ve and trustworthy person! There were several imperfections, wholes already, and I didn’t check properly. The agency ‘forgotten’ mention these and further they charged me for making them! This is a crucial part to your deposit. Even if the agency done their own inventory get the copy and go to the apartment , day time in a day light, best if with another person so you have a witness of the property state. Photograph every whole dirt and marks. Make amends to the original inventory. Check all doors, light bulbs, carpets, inside the oven-literally everywhere. When you are going to move out the agency/landlord is going to really check the property so you need to make sure you have evidence of anything that you didn’t cause damage/dirt of.  Set your camera to date, so it will have the date on it.

7.       Check all meters readers. Photograph them as well. Sometimes people move out without paying the last ones and you don’t want to be charge for their usage! Contact your providers (usually all the info in your contract) and contact the local council to register. Do it as soon as you move in!
8.       Insure the property. It’s usually £60-70 a year so its worthy in case of accidental damage!
9.       Moving Day! Again, as per point G)(lol) from post ‘Before you move in tips’ post, check the day when you moving.  Check the apartment if is gated if you have all codes? Can you keep the doors in corridor open for the 1h window while moving you items? Can van drive in right in front of property? Make sure you have all that information’s! Do you have parking spot for the driver? 
On moving day it can be very stressful. I would advise to swap to coffee for a chamomile tea and do some stretching in the morning! It will relax you and prepare you for the day.  Give a call to the driver and make sure he knows the current and new address so he wont be driving around trying to find where to park or fighting with GPS. 
10.   Phone line and Boradband is something you usually have to wait 2 weeks, so it’s worth to organise that in advance as well so on your moving day you can connect to the world and Facebook pretty picture of your new keys set!
11.   Enjoy your new home J

My next post in this series is ‘How to decorate rented apartment’ right after so keep your eyes peeled!  How’s your moving day madness?


  1. I had my agency hounded over the inventory. They had missed so many things off and I made a lot of changes too. Don't forget, if you have permission to dispose of any broken or unwanted furniture then this needs to be noted in the inventory too. We had a broken chair, ruined mattress and some lights fixtures that were bust but we had to get it in writing and co-signed on the inventory that we could dispose of these things - you don't want to be charged for throwing it away!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

  2. I absolutely love moving house. It's like a blank canvas and a great opportunity to get rid of things you don't need.

  3. Some great tips there, I'm moving house at the end of October although not rented but your list still reminded me of a few things I need to remember doing.

  4. These are some great tips, I hate moving I have to admit but these would make it that little bit easier. x

  5. Very helpful post. I'm going to be buying my own house next year, hopefully so will take note of your tips! xxx

  6. I've not rented before but these sound like very sensible tips.

  7. Awesome tips! My last move was so insanely stressful and the company that moved us were terrible, broke a majority of my stuff because they just flung the boxes! Next time I'm doing research and looking for reviews!

  8. This is all great advice!! Thankfully I never had to find my own accommodation whilst at uni and have been quite lucky on my year abroad but the tips for moving stuff around in general are very useful!

  9. Making sure you look over your inventory thoroughly when you move in anywhere is so important. Always be present with the check out process too. Lots of great advice here for renters

  10. We have just moved and we had an overlap so we had a couple of weeks to check the new place, move and then properly clean and check the old place. It really helped reduce the stress of moving with a toddler.

  11. I love this check list and I'm sure it will be really helpful to those moving to a rented house or flat for the first time. I definitely agree with taking dated photographs x

  12. The inventory list is invaluable. There are far too many unscrupulous landlords in the private rental sector that will do anything to avoid returning a deposit.

  13. I've recently moved into my first rented property from my family home and thankfully I had already done all of this, I had friends and family for help and support. they informed me of things like the inventory check and meter readings and I'm so glad they did because there we more than a handful of things that were missed off the inventory!


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