Cosy, winter ready home + Giveaway!

Winter is knocking to our doors as I can feel it through the cold mornings.
 I don’t really want to put the heating on, so I decided that I will cosy up the living room instead. My living room is the least likeable space in my apartment, correction-It was! Until now.  I am not a huge fan of my landlord leather sofa. If I had a choice, there would be now a nice corner, fabric sofa. Instead, I have black leather 2 seated sofa I don’t like. (New sofa on wishlist) This corner needed a revamp. Something that would make this space feel like ‘’home’’ without spending a fortune. I needed a statement piece of furniture there to create cosy winter ready home. To the rescue came the lovely company called Suburban Salon and their super cosy Mongolian fur stool! I needed exactly this. I got it paired up with huge snuggly Alaska rabbit fur cushion. These two are the centre pieces of this corner now. I also added few more copper finishes, cushions & throws. (see at the end for links).

Few hints and tips how to create your snuggle area just perfect one for watching TV 
in your onesie on while drinking hot chocolate!
1.       Faux fur cushions and throws. What’s really good about it is that you can mix and match the colour of the fur, stay with soft grey tones so you can add anything. However, if you chose the more warm, beige and brown tones, you can add more red and gold.
2.       Animal head cushions; Deers, owls and foxes! You must have deer or own cushion this year! Yes they back and you can use them wisely! Printed Animal’s heads or full body image with really make you living cosy and winter ready. Read more about Animal Trends in my post or here about the What does the fox say's post.
3.       Metallic cushion detail.  Metallic detail whether is just print, a thread or metallic sequins it’s a must to create a the winter ‘Xmas is right the corner feeling’. You can have any pattern created by these and it will look stunning!
4.       Copper, gold or silver table accessories on the coffee table. Trays with candles or flower pots on your table will add a little more elegant look. You can also stack up favourite books or magazines just to pick up while you all snuggled up!
5.       Candle holders, small candles and floor lanterns. Any candles really. I am surrounded with these, as I don’t have fire place, even if I had one the candles would be like surrounded everywhere! I love candles, who doesn’t? You can read my candle guide here.
6.       Fur rugs or statement rugs! This is just when you step up of your comfortable seat you can put your bare feet into a cosy rug. You can also you knit cushions or knit rugs! They would look amazing!
7.       Floor lamp or desk lamp. You need some small ambient light. Perfect are the Floor lamps and don’t forget the light bulb not to be to strong! Check Bright Goods for amazing Edison style ones.
8.      Statement furniture. If your sofa is dated, invest in piece such a furry stool. If you have small apartment chose one on hairpin legs, so it won't take too much space.
I sat with Julia to a cup of coffee and we had really nice afternoon. She is such a positive and full of energy person. We sat and chat about her passion to making cosy furniture and delivering soft and snuggly cushions and blankets. Julia is a designer behind these stunning pieces but also the maker of these beauties! Yes, these are proper hand-made, so you can choose the legs colour, the colour of the fur etc. Suburban salon was born in Summer 2015, so it’s the new kid on the block and her navigation center is located in Bramhall, Cheshire. Whilst I really like that this is the softest and very good quality faux fur, it makes me double happy to choose and recommend Suburban salon. I am not a PETA activist, but as a designer I know I have the power to reduce killing animals for furs, by simply choosing good quality faux fur’s instead. You know, I am eco-friendly and I really care about our environment. 

Julia has given up her career in Marketing, here is what she told me: ‘Like many mums, I wanted an alternative to working full-time in an office based job, so I set about developing a whole new set of skills including interior-design, soft-furnishings, designing and making children’s clothes and crafts and more latterly upholstery. Suburban Salon was born out of a love of texture.  In the past, when I worked on interior design projects, I seemed to spend my life throwing sheepskin rugs, blankets or faux fur throws over chairs and sofas in an effort to create that much coveted ‘textured’ look all Interior Designers long to achieve. You only need to open any book on interior design and one of the first chapters is guaranteed to cover the subject ‘how to create texture. Added to that, from my own personal experience, I knew that my children adore anything tactile, in particular snugly, cosy fabrics around the house.’

I love supporting small and new brands I love. We have so many amazing well established brands so seeing such an amazing and talented people, I want to share their talent with you. Especially, I love to support British brands and this one is my local Manchester one. When you chose products to your home, don’t just head to any nearest big home department store, just check your local area as you may find a real treasures for less and have beautiful hand-made furniture and accessories, that you won’t see 1000 pictures of in Instagram!Maybe 1000 regrams from  you ;)

Today, I have fabulous 3 WINNERS Giveaway for you guys! You can win the same handmade stool from Julia! Oh not only that! I have 2 additional prizes!! Second prize is the Large Alaskan Cushion and This prize is the Small Alaskan cushion! Please use Rafflecopter to enter. 

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Additional items from photographs:
Copper owl and trays. 

Lantern, basket & suitcase all from Homesense.
Deer head. metallic pattern cushion & grey faux fur throw Primark Home.
Copper candle holder H&M home.
Floor lamp

a Rafflecopter giveaway

There are 3 prizes of Christmas Giveaway. 3rd prize Rabbit Alaska faux fur cushion, 2nd prize large Rabbit Alaska faux fur cushion, 1st prize Mongolian hair pin leg stool.
. The prize is non-transferable and no cash alternative is offered
• Open to UK residents.
• Closing date for entries is 29th Nov 2015
• Entrants must log into Rafflecopter and enter via mandatory entries.
• The winner will be chosen at random from all valid entries
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*I was gifted items for this post


  1. Your sitting room looks so cozy, I love the different textures you have :) I have a candle burning right now, I love Yankee Candles. The stool is really unusual! Unique!

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