Let's talk bathrooms! Renovation Checklist.

copper bathroom
Do you like dreaming? I do!
Someone I know showed me today an apartment he is moving into and I got little envy!  

In a positive way! I start looking for apartments myself! I still have few months left until my contract finish but I wanted to check my options. While searching, I realised that most bathrooms in our beautiful NQ, Manchester has been renovated well in a well expensive apartment of course ;) It made me to look into few other bathrooms and I start thinking, what make people to design bathroom this way? Functionality, personal aesthetics, Location? I have once designed a bathroom myself and you can go and check my beautiful work  ‘’How to design a small bathroom’’.
copper bathroom
Currently I have all copper crush! I want white brick bathrooms with copper fittings!
Today, I wanted to advise those new home owners. I know some of you mentioned to me you just bought your home (massive congrats). When you buy your home I can imagine you do want to make bathroom personal, do you? You need to read first my post about‘’What's your bathroom personality’. Sometimes, we just can’t imagine a shower or bathroom suite in your space. Here bathrooms.com is showing their arrangement in well-presented visuals with different scenarios and apartment layouts.

When you looking to buy a bathroom, you do need to consider few things, so I have created you great bathroom renovation checklist:
1.      Are you going to design your bathroom by yourself or hire designer? Hiring a designer or bathroom specialist company will save you some money. Designers often are given great discount and trade prices on good quality bathrooms suites. If you planning to buy just off your local bathroom store, speak to the advisor to point you matching suites.
2.      Shower or bath? You do need to consider many things. How much time are you spending in your bathroom? Would shower be something you would use more often? Are you having busy lifestyle constantly running? Check these shower ideas. Unless you have time to pause and rewind?  Then you my love need a bath! Here examples fee great bathroom suits.
3.      Tiling. Are you going to do this yourself or hire a contractor? I would recommend hire a contractor. You can just search your gumtree or check local newspaper, just before you agree, ask them to bring a portfolio. You don’t want a random person who knows nothing about tiling to start doing this job! Treat your walls before tiling! Otherwise it will all fall off! Also, is good to check if you have the right equipment at home. For example using an impact wrench which is basically a better drill can really make a difference when you need to hang a mirror or curtain pole over tiled wall. 
4.      Plumbing. Get an advice from a plumber before remodeling. It won’t cost much but will save you a lot of money. Plumber will tell you exactly what you currently have and then, you can just write a list of what you need.
5.      Fittings. That’s when having a plumber helps. You do need to know what fitting you require. They often expensive so you do need to know what you need. Are you having a shower, a bath or maybe a wet room?
6.      Flooring. Here, again ask your specialist, when you looking to hire someone its worth to ask if the person is multitasking and can do flooring along with tiling. You will save money, time and nerves doing that as you will be doing with less people, less stress as well. Just be careful as this person need to be a specialist in both, not to make you bathroom looking like from horror DIY SOS programmes. Check the tiles and floor slip resistance!
7.      Budget. Really think what you got and how much you can afford. Browse pages on several websites and compare prices! You don’t want to have unpleasant surprise! Bathroom despite being the smallest room is I think one of the most expensive, right after kitchen! Check websites like Next Bathrooms, bathstore, CP Hart, Plumb Centre, B&QBathrooms, IKEA, West One Bathrooms etc.
8.      Time, be clear of the time you have for all your work, consider the time of ripping previous off as this may be really time consuming and take in account potential problems!
9.    Dimensions. Check, check and once gain check all your dimensions! You need to know the bathrooms units dimensions, calculate how much tiles you need , how much flooring etc.
10.  Furniture and lighting & accessories. First two need to be functional. Check how much storage you require and how much light you need. Maybe just the fancy mirror is not enough? You do need some good down light along with furniture that leave you enough space for manoeuvring. Usually you can chose the door handles and all that when you choosing your furniture, again make it functional. Handleless is a good solution for small space but also for people with children, so they won’t bag their heads of the corners etc. Accessories it more of your personal taste but again, once you spending money.

 Remember all the stunning bathrooms cost a little fortune and not many people can afford them. I like to watch them though and set myself some goals so, here another set from CP Bathrooms! 

Which one you like?


*collaborative post but written by me of course


  1. I love a huge deep sunken bath! This is a great checklist - I didn't think about a lot of the things that you mentioned that are so important.

  2. Totally incredible spaces, I have a stand alone sunken bath, but a victorian style one and I can honestly say it is baths all the way for me.

  3. Nice photos :)
    BLOG M&MFASHIONBITES : http://mmfashionbites.blogspot.gr/
    Maria V.

  4. Great post. When it comes to bathrooms, i'm bored of white. I like color and I remember the days when you could get a bathroom in any color you wanted. x

  5. Great post! I am looking to renovating my bathroom next year. I love that chrome tap. Bookmarking this article for future reference. R

  6. I want the deep bath it give me a much more relaxing experience than the small bath that I have at home and as usual your interior ideas are heavenly.

  7. I love the copper detailing. A bath is a must for me. I've always dreamed of having a huge stand-alone tub I can actually stretch out in.

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird

  8. oh my goodness! I love with this. I never thought I could love a bather room so much! x

  9. I want a new bathroom now!!! Lovely ideas xxx

  10. I got married in April and we moved into a new house, there are 3 bathrooms in the house but they aren't as fancy as the ones in the pictures here. Now I'm thinking that once day when I have a lot of money I will buy a new house with a bathroom like the one in picture #7 <3

  11. One beautifully framed mirror over a sink is more attractive than numerous surfaces secured with mirror.Supplement it with a divider mounted customizable makeup mirror, and think about installing as a lit,mirrored shaving niche in your shower stall.
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    plumbing emergencies Swindon

  12. I wish I had a proper bather room, not a cramped space tiled high up to the ceilings. So here goes my massive yes! For beautiful mirrors, an old-fashioned bathtub, a powerful double-space shower with window in the roof, a shabby rug in the middle of a wooden floor, a fireplace, wooden frame window with its window decor in a place, and so on.
    The reality is however as follows: I take bath every time when most people just taking a shower because I have to, and I hate it so much as I am bored to death sitting in it. No music, no audiobook, no podcast helps. I am fidgeting after 3 minutes already.
    I have learned so far, that using an electrical appliance in a bathroom in the UK is a risky business. People are at high risk of electrocution. It is legally forbidden to install any electric inputs in bathrooms. This business doesn't occur anywhere else in Europe for some reasons, so probably my design would need to be smarter, but I love a dedicated space for my dolling up routine with my hair dryer, straighteners, rollers, and whatnot.

    Having said this, I must admit that once I fell instantly in love with a bathroom so painfully raw, that one could feel it. There were white and gray-dove painted concrete walls and floors with chrome accessories and plumbing, a plain wooden sitting bench, plain white and black linen, and a window opened to the untouched nature outside. Just perfect.

  13. Thank you for this nice checklist. It will help us a lot at our renovation. The bathrooms above are very fancy. I also found some nice bathroom ideas at bellabathrooms.co.uk Maybe you want to take a look. ;-)


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