DIY fabric Kuu pendant light.

I saw Kuu pendant light quite a while ago and I wanted to have it!
Even with such a great price £77 for a small version I still couldn’t afford it! I decide to make one instead, because I can! I also really wanted to! Just to show you that even if something seem to be reasonably priced, there is another way to get it, you can make it! I originally wanted to do a video but my computer wouldn’t want to work with me so sorry this time DIY only written! I did a small trip to my local fabric store and spend about £10 in total for accessories.  I did a little longer version of the traditional Kuu light. Just so I can be different ;)
Here is the easiest ever DIY fabric pendant light to do and super easy instructions!

You will need:
1.       Fabric. Preferably cotton, quite thick and structured. If you are re-using bed sheets, get yourself fabric spray the same you use for your husband/boyfriend shirts or any laundry stiffener! This will help to create the texture.
2.       Pendant light rings. These will hold the structure away from fabric and you can hang them. You can buy these in any Hobby Craft or DIY pendant light kits. (separated is cheaper as cost around £2)
3.       Sewing machine or good sewing skills.
4.       Sewing threads.
5.       Scissors.
6.       Ruler.
7.       String.
8.       Pins
To create pendant like that you will also need 2 cheeky cats, especially one brown tabby one, who loves getting into tunnels, boxes etc. scroll below to check what I mean ;) 

The method is pretty easy. You need to cut the fabric in the shape of your desired size. Then roll up both edges and sew them. Leave enough space to be able to get the string inside. Sew the edges  sized together! Pull the string on one side and tidy it up! Place your rings inside and attached the light bulb. Pull the top. Vualla! Done! Easy? Huh?

Tip! You can put your string already inside the edge roll up so you won’t need to struggle like I did! Gosh took ages;)

Would you like to see video? I may do one?



  1. I have the same make sewing machine but I'm not very skilled with it. This looks effective and cheap to make too, well done!

  2. This looks so pretty and doesn't sound to difficult to make! Great post :) x

  3. Haha I love that your kitty got involved ;) your lamp looks awesome. x

  4. I really love this and looks easyish to make x

  5. I love Kuu lights, I never knew that's what they were called though! You're so creative, and at the end of the day I bet your light is even better than that silly £77 one! Stephanie x

  6. Very cute! Love how simple you've made this look. Also love how your kitty climbed in half way through xD

  7. What a brilliant idea and so simple to make too! x

  8. Lovely! Not the sort of thing that I would have in my bedroom but like the idea behind it.

  9. It's very artistic! I'd love it in a studio or in the gym, I couldn't have it in my my living room I'm so OCD I'd keep playing with the cords and straightening it haha!
    Looks lovely I've never seen anything like it, thanks for sharing! x

  10. So cool!
    Jabeen x


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