What's your bathroom personality?

When you move into rented apartment, you usually have ready bathroom with installed units.

I lived in many places where I had several bathrooms styles, sometimes I hated it but sometimes I liked it. Usually, it depends of the building age that determines of  the type of bathroom you will get. The newer building then of course the newer versions of bathroom units you will get, but it’s the way how you style it that will make it ‘’yours’’. Sometimes rather hide things we should expose them and make a feature out of that. Today, I want to help you to determine what bathroom style you have and show you few tips on how you can decorate it.  I have checked Homebase bathroom suits and picked my favorite ones to show you how you can style your bathroom to reflect your personality and to show you how beautiful yet affordable your bathroom can be! All accessories are from Homebase , so you can find it easily.
I have prepared 5 bathroom styles for you. Each bathroom is different and has different types of accessories. You can easily determine which is the closest to what you already have by looking at the type of units. This would make also an awesome guide to you, if you a new home owner and are looking to get new bathroom. It’s easy to get lost in bathroom stores, especially if a price is your guide then if you match the wrong units, nothing will look good. Here, I am your rescue girl!

Find a bathroom to reflect your personality!

First up, will be ‘’Minimalistic introverter’’. This one will suit anyone who likes to be surrounded with simplicity and doesn’t like over the top patterns or textures. This bathroom, is basically anything square or rectangular.  Look into bathroom units to have this specific shape. When you are choosing your WC unit, these are usually round but you can easily deal with it by picking the top cover with square shape. (Just make sure second half put it down after use, it’s the hygienical thing or the most annoying habit of mine not husband yet! Follow this shapes when choosing with accessories. You can pick any colours, just don’t go over the rule of 3 colours. This will give you the clean and neat look you really want. Your bathroom linens should be in one colour with minimal pattern as well. 

Next up the ‘’Contemporary Traveler’’. It’s not only for the one who likes to travel of course but those who likes to dream of travelling and discover places, even if it means a good book to read every night! This one also is for the nautical theme fans. I will of course suggest midnight blue, monochrome colours here etc. You can determine if you have nautical bathroom by simply checking if your units has this typical ‘boat’ like shape.  Here, chose soft wood with ropes and whites. Here, any engraved and typography type accessories would look fantastic! Don’t forget the old school mirrors!

Modern Diva’ is very popular in many homes. This doesn’t really need description does it? If you stylish hot mama, or young and energetic girl, you should totally go for this bathroom! This is the one that is the easiest to make it wrong as well. Many people add vintage style baskets, loads floral patterns and the actual style is going into far far away land. If you have this style bathroom, you can play with colours and patterns but pick them carefully. Look for soft edges and curved furniture. Here the colour possibilities are actually endless! You can go for sophisticated purples or pastels.  All accessories should follow the shape of the units, so op for round and modern ones.

'Geometric freak' is something I would go in mine! This one is for the creative minds! This type of bathrooms is less likely to be found in typical rented apartment, but I had to add this. This is probably the most difficult one to style. You can’t pick the wrong geometry pattern! Follow the units design when picking accessories. Count the corners! How many visible you have? 4?6?8? Try to follow it. Opt for different colour to contrast it. Just remember, don’t add different geometric pattern because it will clash! It will look awful. Finish up with statement colour linens!

Last one is probably the most popular and the easiest to style it! The Vintage junkie!  I totally love it! Here, any shabby chic baskets, soft pastels, browns – anything! You can play and have fun. Bring the vintage colours out by adding soft florals and darker linens! Don’t be scared of bringing textures like rose or oak wood & wicker! Mix ceramic with metallic like copper or bronze.


Which one is your favorite one?


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  1. I really love the minimalistic one. I am trying to have a huge declutter in my house at the moment as I hate clutter! We are in Housing Association housing, so whilst the bathroom is nice, I would love to have my own.

    Laura x x x

  2. I would love to have a bathroom like the Modern Diva one, mine is just awful, worst room in the house x

  3. Ooh tough choice!!! I'm not sure which I'd be.. Probably minimalist or contemporary traveller!

  4. Oh wow I love all these - I don't think I can choose - my bathroom so needs an overhaul that I would love any of these! Kaz x

  5. Oh I love all of these, I don't think I can pick a favourite. You've picked out some great pieces for all of them. Our bathroom is pretty boring and just white everywhere, It could be worse I suppose. Would love to have a roll-top bath one day though. Laura x

  6. Ooh these are gorgeous - I hate the bathroom in our rented apartment - it's so bare and boring! Would love to re-do it as a mix of contemporary traveler and vintage junkie if I could!!

  7. oh!! I love them all!! can't decide which one is my favourite. But I could do with updating my bathroom

  8. Ours is a bit of everything. I wish it was more stylish but it works for us so hey ho :-)

  9. LOVE the style!
    Jabeen x

  10. Thanks for the tips!It's enjoyable to make something beautiful and break out of doing likewise boring things.The simplicity of bathroom makes it beautiful.White walls let you welcome the horizontal boards, and the difference between the tub and the warm woods is dazzling.
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