A Girl's Guide How to design a bathroom.. Practical side

Quite a while ago I have shared a post about bathroom I have designed last year. I had quite positive feedback from you guys. It was my first project I did completely on my own. I was really scared if I make it, but I did it and loved it and most important the client loved it to! It was simple concept of monochrome and geometry with inspirational touch.  
Many of you asked how I designed, it so today I want share that with you. No, I am not going to make you a designer in one day but I will make you aware of what you need to know when you get to new or refurbished bathroom! Before that, check my post about bathroom renovation check list as you can find many advises there as well.

It is such a small room and it doesn’t sounds like rocket since at first, as is just tiles, bath/shower, sink and WC- done! 2 clicks in online stores ... Tadaa! Well, not exactly! Bathroom despite being small, wrongly designed can bring you loads of troubles! If you are unable to do it yourself it is definitely worthy to hire bathroom specialist! There is many companies today who not only sell bathroom furniture but also has in house designers who would do the job for you, at extra cost of course! Designer also can save you money as they pro in finding the right products, with the right price. You may get quality designer pieces in price of another high street shop! You can also browse online to find some great stores, my favourites are : Superbath, HomeBase, Johnlewis, HomeSense in store etc.
So, let’s go through each step of the bathroom design so you can do yourself a checklist of items you need and be little more aware of some aspect in your bathroom. Warning some of them are boring like pipes and all that but as always I tried to make it easy to read in my girl’s guide style. This is the practical side you really need to know!
1. Layout! Measure your bathroom width and length and the ceiling height! Do you have your units in place already like WC unit, sink etc? Do you need to move them? Do you know where you want to place your furniture? Measure the distance between units and see of you have enough space to manoeuvre. 

2. Electric, mixer,power or digital shower? Do you have electric heating system or gas? What is your boiler type? When you are installing new shower for example you do have take this into consideration! Determine, how many people are using the shower at same time so you can see the water pressure. I have power shower with combi boiler and pretty good pressure but not good enough for fancy showers, neither my landlord want to change it anyway! If you unsure seek a plumber advise. It will save you the time and money in case if you buy the wrong shower and have to return. When I was taking part in Bathroom design competition a while ago, I was introduced to many great bands like Hansgrohe, Grohe, Roca etc. These are pricey but the quality will last you years! I know, I am mainly promoting budget ideas, but when to  comes to good design and functionality you really have to re-think buying cheap units and taps. It won't last years and it will require replacement as it will start rust if not made of good quality materials. 

3. Check dimensions on all of your new furniture bathrooms units! Twice! You have different bath and WC unit sizes so get yourself a tape measure as a new toy and carry with you to every shop!
4. WC Unit types, there are different types and it’s worthy to check it first what  toilet you got. The most popular are cistern type closed coupled which is with two parts, the unit and higher hunged cistern typical for victorian houses. Next popular is wall-mounted toilet which means the cistern and the unit are together creating typical contemporary look and last one is back to wall- which means the cistern is hidden as id build in your wall. This is very modern look but you do have to make sure you have enough space to build that extra wall. If you have wall-mounted one then to change for back-to-wall maybe quite costly. Also pay attention to accessories like plates and frames!yes, you do need this as well!
5. Sinks! Integral bathroom sinks along with undercount sinks are easy to maintain. Self rimming sinks are very popular as well but to great when it comes to clean as all the nasty stuff can get into corners. My favourite is counter top bowl style, although again not great to clean as sometimes hard to reach but definitely the one to go for the modern look.

6. Baths. I love the free standing ones but you do need a proper space for these so again double check dimensions typical would be 1700 in lenght! Platform bath are the one with unfinished exterior  and is boxed around finished with tiles (thats the one we had for our client) so this is typical for apartments. You can chose these days a bath with whirlpool tub so you can have your own spa at home! Also check what type of pipes and fitting you have for your bath! This really require a plumber to come in! Don't forget to include accessories like waste and overflow in you cost! These are not huge money but you do need to each bath and sink! You plumber will help you determine whether you need new one with your sink or you can re-use existing. Most likely it will be replacement!

7. Taps. agin this is firstly down to pressure of your water. You have different types of taps and really pay attention to what sink you have. For example a bowl over-counter sink I would go for wall mounted one or deck mounted but need to be long enough so always check the dimensions! Check the arm length for example having this one or this one depends of the size of your sink! For bathtubs the most popular ones are either free standing ones or lever combination set that contain shower pipe as well. of course we have 2 types again, mixer that already mix cold and warm water and separate more traditional pillar taps again, more popular in victorian houses. On a personal note, they drives me nuts! I don't understand the idea at all. 

8. Lighting. This is so important! First of all make sure you have a decent ceiling layout. Vapour-proof downlight are recommended above showers but I would go everywhere if you have small bathroom. Next important is the mirror lighting, you can go for wall mounted or vanity type mirrors with build in light. I do my make up in bathrooms and I can’t stand bad lighting! If you have larger bathroom and themed bathroom (read my post about bathroom personalities) you can opt for extra pendant there as well! Stunning chandelier to add character perhaps?

9. Tiles! This here is when it can be tricky! You have to check slip resistancy for all floor tiles. No excuses unless you want to end up in hospital over night with broken ankle! Also, make sure your wall and floor are proper treated before adding them. Badly removed old tiles and not sanded smooth walls may cause tiles to fall off. Make sure you have someone with good plastering and decorating skills so your walls are straight! You don't need to go boring with tiles! You can create effects by mixing colours and like me create even sentences! This was quite tricky process here! I have calculated the mosaic tiles and sketched each word counting how many small squares we need to create a letter. tiler then cut out each square (i know crazy) and glue them to wall! I have measured the wall multiple times and draw that in cad for precision! I am very proud of this effect! 

10. Furniture and walls and entire up to you. make sure you have enough storage! Opt for some plants as well if you got enough space, they  will soak the moisture! There so many beautiful accessories and ranges!

Thats it really. There is of course more and more but this would be good for you to start with! I will be creating more guides so always check my labels section to jump quick to desired post! 

*Collaborative post


  1. This is such an amazing post idea and different to anything I usually read. I love the idea of designing my bathroom the way I want it and not letting someone else! xx

  2. This is an awesome post, but if I ever own my own house I think I'd need help from someone in the know about design because I'd probably spend months looking at taps! Haha! This is super helpful though and your blog is one of my faves! Merry Christmas! X

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  7. I have bathroom envy now. The bathroom in my new home is very plan, a shower, a bidet, toilet and a shower, plus a little cupboard with a sink. Once I move in I hope to be able to decorate it a little bit.

  8. This is a great post. Designing a bathroom can be hard work x

  9. I had a new bathroom last year and it was a nightmare to get good quality workmen locally to put it in. They are like gold dust around here. I love your ideas, the only problem is, if you have a slogan on a tiled surface it could date quicker than a plain tile.

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