Before you rent, Girl's guide to Flooring!

bedroom wooden floor
Do you pay attention to what flooring type is in the apartment when you are looking to rent? We often tend to ignore that! I did once, and ended up spending most of money on electricity as my radiators were full on! Even during summer! It was horrible! 

Life isn’t very easy lately, as I am extremely busy! I have my apartment refurbishment going on, after my landlord agreed to refresh it a bit. As much as I am glad for that, this isn’t the best time, right before Christmas and where I have so much work, it’s unreal! I don’t even remember what sleep is! With the whole house being upside down, it made me thinking!

If I would rent another apartment, what flooring would I be looking for? Would it be apartment with wood floor? Laminate flooring or carpets, maybe tiles? I know exactly, but do you know? Do you know the difference between a good quality laminate flooring and real wood? Why carpets are being so popular? Well, I know all that, but I didn’t know before I became an interior designer, so I thought I would share few thought with you! So, next time when you are looking for that pretty house, take the flooring into considerations as well, not just the layout or location.

First of all, let me help you to determine the obvious thing. We have many types of flooring these days and the most common for residential spaces are carpets, hardwood, laminates and tiles.
bedroom carpet floor

Carpets! The most common carpet in apartments is broadloom which mean it is in a roll. Commercial spaces are popular for tile carpets (due to easy removal if spillage but also to create awesome patterns).  It’s very common that you will find a carpet if you rent a property. Especially in apartment blocks.
Best use; Bedrooms and living rooms, children bedroom, study room quite rooms.
  1. Better with acoustics (less complaints from neighbours), as you can imagine a house lady with slippers on kitten heel and pompom lol (oh my imagination!)
  2. Carpets keep the property warmer during winter, saving sometimes quote loads of money and energy.
  3. Many styles! Twist that’s is hardwearing and generally speaking more durable and budget friendly! Loop pile and Saxony –these are the more luxurious styles, so if you looking for the soft under feet-saxony is the one! Wool it’s a wool- eco-friendly and stylish!  
  1. Bacteria and insects! Carpets unfortunately can be home for many types of insects including fleas, dust mites and carpet beetles, especially with pet owners!
  2. Hard to clean. If you have a woollen carpet you pretty much better don’t get kids, animals and forget about holding parties- It’s just invitation to disaster! Professional carpet clean companies can be pricey!
kitchen hexagon tiles

Tiles are great for many and many aspects! These days we have so many beautiful ranges it’s unbelievable! I remember I rented property when the entire place was full with tiles and only bedroom had carpet. This actually wasn’t best as I spend most of my wedge to warm up the place!
Best use, kitchen and bathrooms! Areas where is quite moist!
creative hexagon tiles
  1. Easy to clean and maintain. No faf with heavy clean cost, just mop!
  2. Endless types of shapes, patterns and colours! Like I really mean it!
  3. With the right underfloor heating, can be amazing to keep cool in summer and warm in winter!
  1. Ground floor property without under flooring heating can be pain! Cold I mean brrr! Tiles give you the ‘’church’’ feeling; Cold in summers which can be a blessing for those who always hot ;)
  2. Can break with if heavy object land on it. I smashed floor tile when I dropped iron! (I know, right?)
living room wooden floor
Wooden flooring is timeless, I love watching all the pretty spaces with wooden floors. I think the best one is the recycle wooden floor spaces, super cool! Wood also is easy recyclable and you can re-use them into other really cool projects.
Best use: Corridors, lobbies, living room and partially kitchen areas(away from sinks etc)
  1. Can last years and years as can be treated and varnished.
  2. Warm feeling and brings every home the style!
  1. Woodboring beetles can attack wood in old houses and can be pretty difficult to get rid of!
  2. Can be very pricey and difficult to install.
  3. Can be damaged by excessive moisture so if is near any pipes  that broke, not good! 
Laminate flooring.  This is best solution for those who are looking for the wood effect but with lower budget. Laminate flooring comes with wide range of effects and you can choose between wood and tiles effects. With laminate flooring you can create literally any effects, from stone like, marble like or read wood effect!
Best use: Corridors, lobbies, living room and partially kitchen areas(away from sinks etc)
creative laminate floor

  1. Cost effective. Laminate wood is made from pressed wood and usually the prices are similar to carpets these days. You can enjoy the warm feeling of wood without the price tag!
  2. Colour options. Since this is not the exact real thing, laminate wood comes with variety of colours and textures!
  3. Easy installation as most laminate flooring are made with systems that you easy join by clipping parts!
  4. More durable and scratch resistant, as above because of the pressed wood it will be easier to clean and maintain than real wood.
  5. Laminate wood if damaged can be replace by taking one part.

  1. You may lose the real textures and grans that wood offer.
  2. You can’t sand or varnished and if most get damaged you have to replace to a new one.
So, this is my simple guide to floorings! When you renovate or rent place is good to take into consideration these above so you will know, which will work for you. Think 3 times before you rent a property that is fully tiled or fully lined with carpets! It can be the most gorgeous home but then you don’t want to spend all your money to warm it up or to get cleaned by professionals at the end of your tenancy!
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Which is your favorite floor?


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  1. I have laminate in my living/ kitchen and hallway, tiles in the bathrooms and carpets in the bedrooms so I have the best of all the worlds x

  2. Nice tips, when I eventually move out I'll have to revisit this post! x

  3. Great post. I really should pay more attention for my next place.

  4. We have laminate everywhere thanks to the person who owned the house before us. We eventually paid to get proper underlay put down (he had used cardboard!!!) So definitely check before buying too! It cost us a fortune because the cardboard he used got mouldy so we had to replace some of the laminate tiles :(

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  6. I like wooden flooring and I am glad that I have lovely parquet flooring in my current place. I like wooding flooring in the living areas and carpet in the bedrooms.

  7. We did put down laminated flooring when we bought the house... cheap and effective and now with time we change room after room to a real wood :-)

  8. We have all four in my house. I hate how cold the floor can be in the winter and the bathroom with tile flooring is the worst. It gives you a shock wake up in the morning.


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