4 Interior Trends to Look out for in 2016

It’s hard to believe we’re started already 2016! It’s time to say hello to some gorgeous new interiors trends. If you’re planning to freshen up some rooms in your home in the New Year, read on to find out what the big looks of 2016 will be…

Broken plan living
Have you heard of broken plan living? No, not open plan, broken – it’s a term that emerged during the RIBA House of the year award finals. Mary Duggan from the judging panel noticed that many of the designs reaching the final stages of the prestigious competition had moved beyond open plan space design and were starting to incorporate nooks and crannies that were joint up but also allowed separation.

image source incthelen.com
The fluid movement of open plan living is still very much a thing but partly driven by the increased use of individual electronics such as smartphones and mobile phones, there’s now a need for additional private relaxation areas. To tap into the trend you can maintain flow of light by fitting internal bi-fold doors, these from Vufold are floor to ceiling designs and can be folded back to open up the room. Other options include the fitting of glass or Perspex panelling or even sliding walls. Tech fans might choose to step things things up technologically by selecting furniture that incorporates electronics and also divides up the space, promoting minimalism and practicality.  
image source incthelen.com

Artisan and sustainable

Think local, shop local and now, decorate local – or at least, with an artisan attitude. After flourishing in the foodie world, the artisan and sustainable trend is now hitting interiors. Think upcycled and reinvented furniture pieces combined with handcrafted accessories such as home woven rugs, pottery or basket work. Etsy is a great place to pick up inspiration but you’re just as likely to find pieces at local markets or why not hunt out your next favourite local crafter with the help of social media? Lots of areas have a set time each week where they promote local businesses using a hashtag that combines the name of the place and the word hour, eg #manchester hour #northeasthour and #brightonhour. Why not tune in to discover artisan suppliers in your region?Check also the Maker's market in Manchester! If you into sustainability living you have to follow my journey about #LiveLagom

Brights and darks

Neutrals, pale pastels and brights has been a hot colour combo for some time, particularly when it comes to Pinterest-perfect looks for blogging spaces. Now it’s time for a much more exotic and opulent update as brights combine with darker shades for a little more drama. We’re familiar with metallic from the industrial interior leanings of the last few years, but this firm favourite also gets a luxe update as designers swap copper for splashes of gold. Along with a contrast of colours comes distinct textures, providing interest without being overbearing.  In the living room, think chunky woven patterned rugs alongside gold embellished mirrors and lighter coloured walls.

Shade blending

Image by DIY Network with tutorial how to make ombre wall
Ombre walls; now that was a tricky trend to execute! All that gradual paint mixing is a lot of effort, but what about shade blending? Rather unusually, colour guru Pantone has this year committed to two colours of the year and heralded shade blending as one of the feature trends of 2016. On their website, the brand explains that declaring a colour of the year simply wasn’t enough this year, instead they’ve chosen Rose Quartz and Serenity in combination as the shades to watch out for. Pantone points to psychological reasons for the choice and they’re obviously hoping those who take their lead may experience some benefits of colour therapy, stating: “Joined together, Rose Quartz and Serenity demonstrate an inherent balance between a warmer embracing rose tone and the cooler tranquil blue, reflecting connection and wellness as well as a soothing sense of order and peace.”
These blended shades are undeniably a little friendlier on the eye than last year’s shade, the dark plum hue Marsala, and will undoubtedly make their way onto the walls of some seriously cute bedrooms and bathrooms over the next year. If you’re wondering how to incorporate them into your next project, check out Pantone’s suggestions for colour pairings.
image by Murals Wallpaper
Do you have any redecorating or renovation plans for 2016 and do any of the above trends have interiors appeal for you? Are you already shopping artisan and have some sourcing tips to share? Comment below with all your interiors plans and tips.


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  1. Ooh, those blended colour walls make me want to redecorate! Just gorgeous. Not sure my other half will be so keen though :-)

  2. I've never heard of broken plan living before, but it sounds interesting! :)

  3. I like the brights and dark combination of interiors. Shade blending looks interesting. but what do you do when you need to touch up the paint?

  4. Love the idea of broken plan. I've always wanted one of those rooms divided by a massive fireplace in the middle! X

  5. I love these colour combinations. Glad I found your blog as I was just going to change my living room decor.

  6. I love the look of the bright and darks. Great choices here

  7. Another great post as always. Your blog makes me excited to have my own space!

  8. Interesting post. I like shade blending!

  9. Oh I love those blended walls - I can also foresee plenty of disaster walls popping up too.

  10. My favourite is the brights and darks trend with the gorgeous rose quartz rug and the neutral walls.

  11. This is so inspiring. Thanks for sharing this. Love the blended walls.

  12. I really like the idea of a broken living plan. I want my home to feel open, but I don't want everyone who comes in to see my sink full of dirty dishes. So this sounds perfect. Open, but with breaks. I really like the brights and darks trend too. So much more interesting than the pastels and white I see everywhere. Thank you so much for sharing these trends!

  13. Love this post. We've just created a big open plan family room, which I love, but I like the idea of recreating little 'nooks' that create separate areas. I'm also redecorating my bedroom on a budget at the moment and have blogged about it tomaternityandbeyond.co.uk/2016/02/18/im-dreaming-of-a-new-bedroom-on-a-budget/ so I'll be keeping an eye on some of these trends! Thanks


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