My Home Detox with Live Lagom Ikea concept!

live lagom shopping list
Live lagom IKEA and sustainable life
Have you noticed that I have skept my big new year blogger resolution? The reason behind it is because I have something better! I was contacted back in October by IKEA who teamed up with Hubbub and University of Surrey and created unique sustainable lifestyle initiative called #LiveLagom.  When I saw the email, I instantly knew I had to apply for this opportunity!

You probably now thinking now, what on earth is LiveLagom? I had exactly the same question in my head! 
So, the easiest way to explain this concept; Lagom word it’s a Swedish ‘“Lagom är bäst” which means; the right amount is best. The whole idea is to bring the sustainable living to our homes.

I would like to proudly announce that I have become an ambassador for this project. IKEA gifted me £500 to spend only on sustainable products. Today, I just wanted to introduce you to the project and talk a little about my goals for LiveLagom. I will be doing several posts for you. I will be updating you on all changes. Today, it's my introductory post. As interior blogger, I do loads of changes in my apartment, mostly are the aesthetically ones, this time I want to get deeper into that and show that if I can live sustainable, you can do it as well! It's time to do a home detox and start living the way that my body and planet earth will be thankful and happy :)

Firstly, I would like to share with you that ugly truth about my current living bad habits. I work shed loads of hours in both, my work and blog. I spend loads of money on things I don’t need, I waste too much food and electricity! 

So, let’s start the embarrassing confession!
Live lagom with ikea
It's cosy isn't ? it's good but not for 8h a day!
Bad habit no. 1 I usually blog from my bedroom bed, while I have desk in my living room. I have TV on in living room. I pretty much use both rooms at same time! There are multiple reasons for that. 
a. I have bad lighting in my living room, despite having 2 lights fittings and desk lamp. Both of the lamps has energy saving bulbs with very low voltage and yellow light which I simply hate. Lighting in my bedroom is better as I cheekily changed the bulb to normal one.
b. It’s comfier and warmer in bed, of course! I have very cool retro seating chair but usually I was getting cold after a while.
c. I have only one light plug for my desk lamp and to charge my phone I need extra extension cable that is ugly and sticks out like some giant ugly extension cable ;p (wow, thats a comparison ;) i just hate cables hanging around! especially with working space, it district me. i need to have clean and neat desk space!
d. I like to listen music while blogging, and I usually just listen 4music in TV. I also make 10 000 tea’s while blogging, so I usually leave the light not having to have to switch on-off all the time. Ah the bread crumbs in my bed,eek!

solution: I opted for a new LED lighting that cover the living room area that gives nice warm white light! No more headache! I got myself stylish throw, so I can just wrap myself while seating! I have also chosen great desk lamp with charger so no more cables! I can use only my living room ad switch bed for sofa!
healthy food selection live lagom
I have already swapped pizza's and fish fingers for healthy choices ( even cat's got the healthier choices)
Bad habit no.2 I waste an enormous amount of food. I spend average £120 a week for food shopping. 
a. Each week I buy loads of veg, fruits and dairy that end in a bin. The main reason for that is because I simply don't have time to cook. I rather just grab a lunch in town than spend hours in kitchen, cooking loads of separately vegetables, pasta’s etc. 
b. My food goes off. I throw my grocery to the fridge and they got lost somewhere there going off as I keep forgetting about it. 
c. I don’t cook lunches, neither eat leftovers. If I finally get to cook something, I usually leave it on the hob, it goes of next day and I throw it away. My fridge and freezer is usually packed with unhealthy chips, ice cream and fish fingers!
d. I don’t do home made lunches. The idea of caring 3 type of boxes and hot soup jar just make me to say a loud No! I hate pre-mixed salads (unless potato etc) and I like to have variety of food. 
e. I also produce loads of rubbish, especially plastic containers. I like to carry with me small bottle of  water so we tend to buy small bottle cases, which are more expensive than actually large bottles. 

solution: I have chosen new pans, special separators for cooking veg & pasta in the same time but also a steam cooking inserts. It will reduce the time of cooking! I opted for food containers to keep all my food fresh for longer but also to keep everything organised in the fridge. I also got great glass containers that I can keep leftovers in fridge/freezer and then throw to oven straight away. My junk food form freezer s going now to bin! I also got new lunch boxes with separate inserts for different type of food and soup/hot drink bootle along with water bootle so I don’t need to buy the small bottles anymore. My another goal is to try to use food and cook from leftovers. Reduce the old I am throwing away as much as I can. I will try to make lists and menus for a week as well.

Bad habit no.3 Not using living room as a living space.

a. I never liked my living room, this was down not only to my ugly landlord furniture but also the layout, lack of natural light and as I have 2 cats I just can’t have any plants. We always ha plants back home and for me now living room without them is just not living room. 
b. Temperature here is crazy!Its normally warm but when it get cold I need to put heating on which gets like sauna within seconds, so I usually open the window after few minutes. So, literally absolutely pointless move.

solution: I have re-arranged my living room space. I have separated my IKEA expedit, desk with bookshelf, and use the bookshelf as TV stand. I have bought separate legs for my desk as I save the worktop of previous. The effect even surprised me! I also got the large green house planter! It’s a genius idea! My cats cant get t, its neat and brilliant design. I have also opted for self water planter which are ideal for such a forgetful person I am! To more using my living room like watch TV etc. I also got for spare duvet. I like the idea of bringing duvet to living room but usually end being stolen by my boyfriend who wants to go to sleep, so great spare one was just a must!

Live lagom with ikea

So, these are all my bad habits and things I need to change. I am not proud of this list! It’s pretty embarrassing actually! So my main goals for LiveLagom are:
  1. Energy waste reduce
  2. Food waste reduce
These are very combined and one lead to another. I can start from using my living room more often. using warmer blankets, LED lighting rather jungle between 2 rooms at same time. To reduce the food waste, I will use my food container to keep food fresh for longer, especially diary, vegetable and fruits. I will be recording journey. I have saved tones of new recipes so, believe me or not I am going to cook!

I have now received all my items and I keep you updated on my whole journey with LiveLagom. 




I have chosen several LED bulbs like these very cool Nittio oversized Globe bulbs that looks like typical Edison bulb (these are plastic and proper eco! how cool is that?) then I go for the cool slight industrial Hectar lamps. oNCE i was picking lighting I also got this awesome Riggad table lamp with charger! The desk looks perfect now! no more 1000 cables around!

I got pretty cool planters like this self-watering Sotcitron, house planter and nice watering can. I love the house planter as finally my cats won't kill the plants! I also got loads and loads food storage boxes, from those you can freeze to the ones that goes straght from freezer to oven. Such a life savers! I also got myself several new pans, lime the set Sensuell and extra pans as well including steam inserts that  you can cook multiple vegetables at same time. I also got this super cosy Rodtoppa 19tog duvet and Eivor pretty blanket. I am happy to also pick different types of lunch boxes with water bottle and like a soup bottle as well. I am over so happy with my choices!

I will write all posts in several parts. This is only the introduction. In my next one I will show you the changes in my apartment, some recipes and following that how LiveLagom change my life! :) After, leaving nearly like a tramp sometimes, I do need to detox my life, my apartment! #Letsdothis


*I was gifted items for this programme


  1. Amazing post babe. I need to start using food containers too. I hate to waste food <3

  2. I share some of your bad habits with you! I always use my bed to blog from. I love being warm and cosy. My living room has lately become a dumping ground for toys which I am aiming to turn back into a living space this week! The lighting is also better in my bedroom as well!

    I am looking forward to following your story.

    Laura x x x

  3. can´t wait to find out more about your ikea project :) such a good opportunity, hope you are having fun :)

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

  4. with 6 kids I have so much food waste - I also blog in bed but I dont have a desk so that is my excuse - I adore Ikea

  5. I am terrible at grocery shopping too! I spend about £70 between me and my boyfriend each week, how do you spend £120 just on yourself?! Crazy ha! I blog from my bed too, nothing wrong with that! A desk gets uncomfortable sometimes :) x

    Natasha Kendall | Beauty and Lifestyle

  6. This is lovely, congratulations on becoming ambassador! I am not very good at grocery shopping, I always buy loads have it in the fridge but then forget to use it before its expiry date. Food containers is a very good idea I need to keep in mind! Love all your posts, good to see your not giving up on your blogging :-)

  7. Great post, I too am trying to reduce our waste both on food and energy and making our house our home. Good luck, can't wait to see your updates! X

  8. I am so so guilty of number 2. As a student I don't really have money to waste so I really need to make some changes!!

  9. Oh my I LOVE interior design blogs-just discovered yours and Im obsessed
    . Congrats on your award too, totally deserve it!

  10. I am guilty of working in bed sometimes, lol.

  11. I always work from bed, it is much more comfortable to do x

  12. I love this post! i'm really trying to become more sustainable too, its hard but if so many bloggers and doing it we can encourage more people to get involved.. which is great!
    Can i ask where your laptop/breakfast tray is from? xx

  13. Big congrats on becoming an IKEA brand ambassador; you thoroughly deserve this and I'm looking forward to seeing your posts on this!

  14. I am so jealous of you - that must have been the best shopping trip ever!! Love everything you bought too; practical AND super stylish. x

  15. I love this. Blogging in bed IS more comfy haha - I know exactly what you mean. I've got the problem that I don't have a desk in my home office at the moment because I wanted to upcycle and old one but it's been to cold to do so haha!
    Your goodies look super so be sure to make the most of them and show us how it looks all set up - will be checking up for more posts on this ;)

    The Fairytale Pretty Picture - lifestyle and home blog

  16. What a fantastic campaign to be part of! My top tip for having house plants with cats about - heavy based pots and place smoothed beach stones on the dirt on top so they cats don't dig it up. I have two cats too and a house full of plants. No problems. ;)

  17. Gosh, they sound a bit like my bad habits too. I waste far too much food. I love Ikea and can't wait to see what you have planned. Kaz x

  18. Oh wow how amazing! So lucky! Most of those bad habits sound like mine too! I love blogging in my bed, I really need to purchase one of those mini laptop tables too! xx

  19. i love ikea and my partner recently got a job working there in the new unoppend branch around my way. Our house is a state (perks of a toddler)so excited to see how you will be changing your home.

  20. I am awful for blogging in bed rather than a designated space but I like the solutions you came up with. Also congrats on becoming an ambassador x

  21. Well done on becoming an ambassador! I always blog in my bed when I am meant to be going to sleep but the allure of doing work is too much

  22. Now sitting and going through all your interior posts! So useful. I found it so interesting that you talked about lighting because its so important. Any idea which bulbs you got for the warm white light? I somehow find it impossible to look for suitable ones!

  23. Great post!! I really need that laptop table so I can lie in bed!


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