Spring garden in your home! Best of 2016 collections

I have enough of winter now I think. It’s dark when I leave home for work and is dark when I am back. Not cool at all! Despite that I love to cosy up in my onesie in living room, wrapped up in blanket while watching Netflix and drinking hot chocolate, I am now calling Spring to hurry up! So, let’s get the spirit of Spring to hour homes and let’s have a look at some popular home decor stores new collections! Why not!
I’ll start with Cordello Home. I totally love the signature collection and really cute heart shapes patterns! This is also great for the upcoming Valentine’s, just imagine serving your boyfriend/girlfriend meal in this cute designed ceramics! The signature collection with this stunning accent blue hue is so refreshing and vibrant! Kate Shaw the founder of Cordello Home was inspired by her love for all things Italian, and combining to Italian words cuore and modello she created Cordello Home. Perfecto!
Spring is the time when certain animals wake up from the deep winter rest, hibernation. It is also the time where I usually throw away all my bedding and change for new sets, I usually give away my ld one to freecycle people and buy new one. I know weird, but I like to start fresh! This year I have changed my mattress in bedroom and you can read and watch the vlog in my Eve mattress review post. I know that fresh bedding for new year is something we all need! Start the spring fresh with new mattress and bedding! check this mattress sale website for some affordable options. Back to bedding, I totally love collections from Amara! What i like more is this Margo Selby Mosaic throw! It's my  
pantone colour of the year dream! Including the copper lamp!
Once we still talking about bedding, the new Harlequin collection is so sweet! I totally love the botanically drawn butterflies and vibrant colours! This stunning Papilio design is an effect of collaboration with bedeck.com and just launched to shops 20th of January! It is made of 100% cotton sateen and 200 thread count! Just imagine how soft this bedding is! You know I love bedding!
Spring is the time when plants  come into flower and we have burst of beautiful colours! If you more lucky than me and have back garden not a view from 1st floor apartment into ugly car park, then you need to check out what some companies prepared for you this spring! Deck chairs! If you in London near Hyde Park you know what I mean by deck chairs! These are not only for sandy beaches! Get them to your garden this year! You can just fold them when you don't need and hide in garage! Check these from Habitat
With all stunning florals you can get you need to find where to find them right? I have pretty good solution for you! I found Lionshome a new website where you can find all the pretty things in one. Everything is nicely categorised and if you need for example if you need plant accessories you just click and you have plenty of pretty things! Enjoy!
1. Wall plage, 2. Floral Glass planters, 3.Amara cushion, 4. Amara bathroom set,
5. Amara towels, 6. Habitat fairy lights 7. Planter
I am also impressed with John Lewis spring collections 2016 this year. I normally avoid as I find it expensive but you can't bit the design. It's the quality you pay for. just by looking at the fabics, designer furniture, you can tell John Lewis is going do well this year. No more tacky chandeliers or granny fabrics, here is fresh and modern design. I like you now John! ;)


Which is your favourite collection?


*collaborative post


  1. I am fed up of winter now as well, and love spring as it is the start of longer days and nicer weather. I love all your ideas and has made me want spring to be here much sooner

  2. The mosaic throw looks lovely, and that bed spread is lovely. The colours in my room tend to be quite dark to feel cosy but the lights do look nice x

  3. I want all of this! We are going to redecorate before Spring and brighten things up a bit, I just don't know where to start.

  4. I'm in total agreement about Winter, but at least the days are getting longer again now. Also agree about the John Lewis collection. It looks great, and fortunately for me we have a new John Lewis opening in Chelmsford soon!

  5. Oh yes! I'm loving those spring colours. I'm bored of the winter too- I've started buying summer clothes already.. I can't wait to see the back of these grey days!

  6. So many beautiful prints I don't know where to start! Hoping to get our spare room all sorted soon. Will Def be taking inspiration from this!

  7. Great post, it almost makes me want to nest again! I love the copper lamp and the botanical prints, so gorgeous!

  8. I too am fed up of winter, but this post has just cheered me a little with the images! Such gorgeous prints included.

  9. I'm ready for spring too, I think! I love the blues in the Cordello Home collection, that blue and white teacup is gorgeous

  10. I am so fed-up of Winter now. Roll on Spring. I love all of the florals :-)


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