How to create a Happy Home environment.

happy home enviroment
Don't worry cushion
It is thought that your environment is a reflection of what is going on inside your head and on the flip-side of this, that your surroundings have a direct impact on your mood. So, it is safe to say that if your home is holy moly mess, then your mind isn't as happy as it should be. But don't despair! I'm here with some handy hints to help you de-clutter your home and, with any luck, your head.

A Place you Will Love to Lounge About
modular sofa next modular lounger sofa
The lounge or living room (depending on where you're from) is usually the entertainment centre of the abode. As the place where friends are entertained, families eat and relax, and children play, tidiness can be difficult to maintain. However, with a little smart investment; floors strewn with toys, and abandoned shoes peeping out from underneath sofas will soon become a thing of the past. I'm talking about multi-functional furniture: sofas that mimic ottoman beds, with their discreet storage areas; and coffee tables with hidden drawers. There is a huge range of settees with seats that flip up to reveal ample storage space for books and toys, and if you only require a little storage, look out for sofas with hidden compartments in the arm rests.

Say No to Kitchen Clutter!
If you feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff in your kitchen and you have already resorted to using your oven as storage space, now is the time for a massive clear out. Be ruthless! When was the last time you used that juicer? How many loaves of bread have been created using that space gobbling bread maker? If you haven't used your kitchen appliances in the past year or so, it is unlikely you ever will. Clear those cupboards out and give goods to those that will benefit from them. The knock-on effect will be more surface space, as with clearer cupboards and drawers, things can be moved into cupboards and out of sight until needed.
organised kitchen in grey B&Q kitchen
organised kitchen storage
Kitchen Storage from
rustic kitchen with brick wall kitchen accessories
A Change of Bed is as Good as a Rest
All this de-cluttering is enough to send anyone clambering up the stairs to bed, which is exactly where we're headed next. No time for sleep though, because the bedroom is the perfect place to implement some storage solutions. For maximum comfort coupled with expansive storage, try an ottoman bed and mattress from Bedstar, and also benefit from next day delivery. Ottoman beds are simply mind-blowingly brilliant and so simple to use. A gas lift system allows you to raise the main section of the bed to reveal an abundance of space beneath where you can store bed-linens, extra pillows, and anything else you can think of. The same easy action allows you to lower the bed, hiding all clutter from view and giving you extra space in your bedroom.
happy home environment with cats
bed with storage
Ottoman bed with storage
Gorgeous Gardens
Not everyone is blessed with grassy lawns or bountiful gardens, but even if you have the smallest patch of concrete imaginable, you can turn your outdoor area into a place you can enjoy. The key to maximising outdoor space is to use furniture that can be easily stacked or folded away. Why not unleash a little hippy chic on your garden by using over-sized cushions that can be brought inside when not in use? Create the illusion of extra space outside by beginning your garden from the inside with potted plants placed on both the interior and exterior of the doorway. This pretty verdant pathway will certainly encourage you to embrace the sunshine and step outside for your daily dose of vitamin D!
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  1. I love the look of the sofas and I really need to get one of those beds too! My life it is full of mess!

  2. Kitchen clutter, I'm guilty! But I have a bed like this, black leather, it's amazing!

  3. The storage under that bed is a dream!

    Claire | xx

  4. A bed like this is on my wish list eespecially now we are downsizing.

    Wendy Xx

  5. I really love the idea of that bed, my bed is currently stuffed with bags underneath it, that would be a great solution.

  6. This post is so lovely, I really need to have a sort out in my home & get rid of all the junk! x

  7. Great post as always. The sofa is giving me life x

  8. I'm moving home soon so this gas inspired me to stay decluttered #tidyhousetidymind

  9. The kitchen drives me mad, people keep buying us gadgets and we have zero storage space, despite it being huge. Just back from a week away and the house is chaos, that first paragraph resonated! Thanks for joining #happyandhome

  10. Definitely agree with the kitchen declutter. since we've had our new kitchen we've kept our worktops (relatively) clear and even found some spots for some plants too, where there wouldn't have been room before. And it's nice to sit at the dining table at such a clear space - it's almost calming and one of my favourite views in our house. #happyandhome

  11. This is so true, I have been working full time this week and my house is a mess and I just feel itchy about it and can't wait to be off tomorrow so I can spend the day tidying, we are in need of a new bed base and I am loving this one. Imagine all the stuff I could put under it, out of season clothes, bed linen and towels! Lovely ideas #happyandhome


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