7 Simple tips to make your rented house a home

make house a home
Home sweet home!To make our home unique, truly ours and cozy, we should have not only chairs, tables, and beds, but many small and beautiful décor elements that will finish up the whole house to perfection and make house a home! This is what many renters are facing, you are moving up to space that is already ‘’styled’’ with perhaps less than a unique touch. You are going to most likely get the cheapest furniture and decor as your landlord won’t be bothered with it. He just want monthly profit! That’s all. (sentiment jar picture buy)
If you are one of these people who are looking forward to make your rented  house a home, bellow you will find 7 simple tips you can use to remake your home. These tips will work to make your home look more personal without spending fortune! These days we have so many fantastic websites you can save money with. I tend to check these with flash sales like madedotcom or lovethesign.com or shop in primary home sections. 

 Here 7 Simple tips to make your rented house a home and add personal touch to your home!

Invest in quality furniture and accessories.
I love shopping at House of Frazer, Next, Madedotcom etc. Traditional high street stores will never disappoint me! I love the seasonal collections, always something new. I do love online stores as well, of course but I am still traditionalist who not only check stuff online but I like to walk to store myself! You can get right bargains, like 4 cushions for £25 or buy quality furniture or lighting in discounted prices from flash sales. few examples below!

make house a home moodboard
1. Linea Plain Cotton Cushion, Duckegg, House Of Frazer
2. Ritchie 2 Seater Sofa, MadedotCom
3. Ogilvy Swing Arm Wall Lamp, MadedotCom
4. Living by Christiane Lemieux Hexagon Tealight Holder,House Of Frazer
5. Casa Couture Marble & Copper Trinket Box,House Of Frazer
6. Dickins & Jones House Print Cushion,House Of Frazer
7. Shabby Chic Venetian White Mirror,House Of Frazer

When you buy good quality furniture it can last you for years. Before, I refused to buy any and left for a year miserably watching my landlord ugly choices. I have revamped what I could but i still refused to replaced the rest. Now, I actually think it’s big mistake. I wanted to wait till I get home but I guess I didn’t realised it may take time! It’s good to start the small investments now! Gradually buying furniture is what you need! Whether you are after Skandinavian white modern furniture fun or traditional wooden you should go and explore and compare prices. Great furniture you will find at Quercus Living for example, offer wide range of solid hardwood furniture for every room of the house at competitive price along with excellent customer service which is paramount when it comes to furniture industry. They specialise in solid sheesham/Indian wood furniture. Thats’ a quality that will last you for years! I like finding different designers and explore the world markets!

Cosy up your bathroom!
Bathroom is the place that get the least love from me. I have recently created a cosy post for the ‘Me’’ time. you can read my post how to enjoy valentines on your own. Bathroom is a place I do try need spend more time in lately. you are probably like what the heck?well, I do shower regularly, I am more about of using a bath really. I am lucky to have 2 bathrooms! One is with shower and one is with bath. I tend to use the shower one only, so I am now focused to indulge myself with long baths! I did few simple steps to enjoy it! You can try it as well. 
  1. Buy baskets to hide all the small and medium bootle and cosmetics, less clutter it’s always better feeling! Read about my happy home environment post to understand that part more.
  2. Invest in a good quality Egyptian cotton towels! This company towelsRus offers amazing prices on soft towels including personalised! Nothing better than get off your bath and wrap yourself and super soft towel!
  3. Get bath caddy or make one! I have reused an old shelf but you can buy like a bamboo one! Having this let you to keep small items, like fresh flower, glass of wine and book! Don’t forget the candles!
  4. Shower curtain, I am just looking for the right one now! This will help you to get this cosy feeling!
  5. Whether you have tiles or ugly laminate, you do need bathroom floor mat! getting of the bath and stepping into soft mat will help you enjoy the moment for longer!
cosy and romantic bath at home

Hang an interior curtain
It sounds pretty straightforward, but just one great curtain can liven up and create an entirely different look instantly. It also has a practical function of separating two rooms, so it won’t be only a décor element that catches dust. The perfect place for these curtains would be between your big dining room and kitchen or between kitchen and sitting room. Also, neutral coloured linen curtain will help you hide all the kitchen mess then guests arrive and also make your house look classy instantly. Renting and ca’t drill?? Bathroom tension rod to rescue! ( I am just doing that so soon I’ll post about it!)
pastel bedroom
White paint to the rescue
anne sloan paint
Annie sloan white paint
Another super great and easy tip is perfect for all frugal décor nuts. You can visit a simple thrift or second-hand store and buy yourself some old tables and chairs for the dining room. Or it can be a huge bed, night table or whatever – you get the idea. What makes it so perfect and stylish, is the white paint you can use to remake and repaint this old furniture. White paint will instantly liven up furniture, make it look expensive and also bring a lot of light into your house. That is just perfect if you have a Scandinavia-inspired décor or wish to make one! So just get a huge can of white paint and hit thrift stores. You might find tons of goods easy to repaint. Read my girls guide to paint room as well! 

Move seating away from the wall
If you want to redecorate your house without spending a dime, you can just move your seating! Especially if they were near the wall at this time. Seats in the middle of the room creates an intimate environment and instantly fills up big spaces. While furniture near walls opens up a room and makes it slightly cold. On the other hand, seating in the middle of the room makes cleaning easier because you will be able to reach every wall corner now too! 

Paint one wall
If you desperately want to get some paint in your rented space and not having t have to spend fortune later to repaint before you move out, you can do it in the classy and sophisticated way if you just paint one wall in the room. Usually, that one wall should have an entirely different shade and brightness. For example – if the whole room is in white then one blue wall will indeed make a tremendous difference. You can even get some chalk paint and paint one wall you can write on later! The basic rule still would be painting just one wall but with intense colour. Read my girls guide to paint room as well!
square shelves on wall
B&Q paint Colours Grey Slate Matt Emulsion Paint
Don’t underestimate mirrors in décor

You can also make your old home look like brand new if you get a lot of different sizes and shape mirrors and put them everywhere. For cheap décor ideas visit your local craft store or visit that lovely thrift store for really unique pieces. Buy inexpensive mirrors to use as mosaic pieces on furniture, or picture frames to make mirror be the main decor element. You can also make your frames and customise them. Mirrors will make the room look bigger and catch more light in darker areas. So you will bring more light to your home and get a stylish decor element as well! I just hang to mirrors in my corridor and it looks ace!
Round mirror with floating oak shelf
Round mirror with floating oak shelf http://www.martingallagherfurniture.com/



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  1. Fab tips - I think investing in quality furniture is definitely worth it when you are renting as it is easily moved and looks awesome :D

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  4. These are great tips - I love the idea of painting one wall! I definitely agree about investing in good quality furniture - I bought lots of second hand furniture when I had my flat and it's all lasted me really well :)

    Caz | This is Caz

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  9. When you're just starting out cheap furniture is all you'll afford. But these days you can upcycle second hand items by painting them as you suggested.
    Cushions and throws can transform an old sofa/chair and add a splash of colour.

  10. This is brilliant Anna and you are right, a mirror can make so much difference x

  11. These are great tips, we are renting at the minute and to be honest some days I feel trapped and like we can't do much - but this has shown me that there is lots we can do to make it our home

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