My family album with Mother's Day gift ideas.

mother's day flowers photo
‘’For all the times you gently picked me up, 
When I fell down, 
For all the times you tied my shoes 
And tucked me into bed, 
Or needed something 
But put me first instead. 
For everything we shared, 
The dreams, the laughter, 
And the tears, 
I love you with a “Special Love” 
That deepens every year.’’ author  unknown

Mother’s Day is probably one of the most happiest day of all celebratory’s days. It’s because of mum's of course! She spend her entire life to raise us, teach us, feed us and there is no presents in the world to say Thank You! I know, but there are few amazing things you can do to make this day more special. These days you have not only florists and gift shops but you can also pick mother’s day presents in your local Tesco, or head to you’re a high street shops like Next, River Island, or Lush..
mother's day flowers photo
Shop Tesco Monther’s Day Gift ideas
mother's day flowers photo
Next Flowers Luxury Bouguet
Sadly, I won’t be celebrating this year with mum as she is far away in another country, so instead I wanted to share some family photos and memories. I remember when I was around 5-6 and we went to my auntie house for my cousin Christening. I was always this cheeky child who needed to try everything! So, I went to back gardens when no one was watching. Firstly, I fell into nettle bush and fun of achy spots I bravely carry on walking, then I climbed tree and fell, nothing new I was always clumsy! Last, I wanted to try these little red fruits … I tasted and turn out to be spicy peppers… Full tears on, scratches and bruises i run to mum to rescue me. She cheered me up by giving me some music instruments to play with. I know, its not an unusual or particularly funny story or anything, but I just remember this day and I remember how I wanted to go and explore and be brave but landed with tears on on mum laps! This was like the first time I realised that my mum is not there to just feed me but protect me and I can always rely on her!
This is when the picture was taken and me is the half naked girl with two ponytails and cheeky grim on ;) My brother is on my left and my mum is holding my cousin!
family photo mother's day memories

and guess who is that very unhappy lady in this picture?? :D 
family picture
family picture
family picture album
cute white cat with blue eyes photo
and.. I am a mum to.. a cat mum ;p 
cute cat with flower
white cat on bed

Mother’s Day gift ideas with jewellery, beauty and accessories.

What is your most memorable story with your mum?


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*I was gifted my flowers but opinion is entirely my own!


  1. Lovely memories. You must miss your mum a lot, my mum lives almost 4 hours away (still in this country) and I miss her terribly.

  2. Loving the gift ideas here. Channel perfume is always a good gift.

  3. Beautiful photographs and lovely memories, it must be hard being in a different country from your mum on Sunday but I'm sure you can catch up soon xx

  4. Some lovely gift ideas you have included. Lovely memories you have too.

  5. I love looking back at old pictures! When I have a bit more time, I might put together an album for my mum with all our special memories :)

  6. Awesome gift ideas. My mom live so far away from me, miss her so much. Whish you to spend the best Mother's Day ever

  7. Lovely memories, and your gift ideas would certainly please me on Mother's day.

  8. Masz Taka mine bo Cie rajstopy gryzly


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