Designers at Debenhams, Ben De Lisi to take over Cheval Three Quays.

Last month, I was in tears! I have missed a fantastic opportunity to join the launch of an exclusive designer apartment styled by Debenhams designer: Ben De Lisi.
The apartment is located at the Cheval Three Quays, Tower Bridge Serviced Apartments. I totally wish I could spend at leats 1 night there! Just imagine the dramatic floor to ceiling windows with absolutely stunning views across the River Thames, Tower Bridge, The Shard and City Hall,sigh! Ben De Lisi really made it look immaculate. The splash of colours with his personal style with his luxurious mix only made it look even better! 
the whole SS16 collections it's based on Ben De Lisi's travel experience with this social media inspired interior touch, like Instagramable cushions with pretty typography or quirky globes! Have a sneak peak into the collection at the Debenhams. I totally love the mix of stripes, geometrics hand drawn graphics etc. It's something you must have this summer at your home! I think this is a perfect example of a seasonal design, and this you can keep all year round to keep the summer and travel spirit at your home! Also you can these days find cheaper codes to buy products at Codesium which is a new website with some discounts. You would still buy from main page, but that's a little help to save you some pennies!

When asked about his collection, Ben De Lisi said:
“I am thrilled to be part of such an innovative collaboration with Designers at Debenhams. It’s such a fantastic opportunity for loyal customers to experience my new collection in the luxury environment of Cheval Three Quays, and for guests to live the designer lifestyle”. You can rent the room from £295 per night and book from
Keep your eyes open for more Debenhams designer takeovers like Matthew Williamson in June and Abigail Ahern in September! Also, I was so lucky to get my hands some design homeware from the designer so keep your eyes peeled for my next post where I show you how I styled in my room!


ps. You can now Shop My Style!


  1. I absolutely love Ben De Lisi and have a few of his pieces in my house (an amazing typography bread bin and a set of London stacking mugs). I've been eyeing up that rug for a little while now but really have nowhere for it to go in the house, I'm gutted! Although... I could always buy it for the future and our next house right?

    Gemma x
    The British Feather - Life, Travel & Home Decor

  2. OMG I love the colours in his collection - especially the mix of blue and yellow :)

  3. Awww Anna I am gutted for you :(! It's such a shame you missed this. I'm sure you'll get a chance to travel so somewhere equally as luxurious soon. Absolutely love the look of this place. The colours are amazing.


  4. I am loving the interior here. Decor goals here.

  5. Love the colours! They're so bright and happy!


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