Liverpool fun time with Travelodge project #EvolvingCities

Last Friday, for the first time after winter, we could really enjoy the spring in full! Even Manchester was lucky to get some first puffs of warm air and the sun! But this day wasn't about Manchester! It was time for a some small adventure in Liverpool!

I met Anoushka on Picadilly Station while as always running late, sigh! I have managed to even grab a coffee and not missed a train, so we had the first achievement of the day! I know Liverpool, as I studied in Birkenhead, so I was surprised to see Anoushka never been to Liverpool before! We were going to have to proper sightseeing, yay!
After around 40 minutes journey chatting and taking selfies of our coffee's (you know a blogger must do!) we arrived in super sunny Liverpool Lime Street station! Quick, Boots shopping for a nail polish remover, an easter chocolate bunnies and we were all ready to walk to the Albert Docks to get a lunch. Anoushka's idea was to go to Oh Me,Oh My cafe on Water Street. We had booked table and arrived fashionably 30min earlier, but the kind staff let us sit down. Like a proper tourists, we couldn't stop taking photos! As an interior blogger, I was really impressed with the overal design of the cafe. I fallen in love with the shabby chic decor, randomly placed timber doors and pastel tiles behind the bar. I also loved how the restaurant is spacious with easy to navigate layout. I hate when restaurants/cafe have too many tables and you just sit back to back to some strangers staring at your phone!I know they do! Once, the decor and each detail were photographs by us, we could finally get to the main point of visiting the quirky cafe:food! It was served pretty fast considering the restaurant was full and it was really yummy, so we polished our plates and drank our yummy green tea.

 Liverpool, here we come! So, once we re-charged our energy batteries with food, it was time to go and explore! As walked off the cafe, we had an impressed view of stunning Liverpool buildings like royal Liver Building and walked along Underwater Street toward the Liverpool Waterfront. We have passed the Musem of Liverpool and I couldn't stop photographing! I just totally love the mix of old and new architecture there! The No.1, No.11, and No.15 Mann Island buildings are a perfect contrast for the old architecture of Royal Liver building. The building which is called Latitude and Longitude are mixed commercial and residential spaces. I think, I just totally loved how the old building was in the reflection of the glass on a sunny day. I think it is spectacular view!
So, as we passed the Museum of Liverpool, we snapped some photos with The Beatles giant statues, (I must admit it was a challenge, as with so many tourists, it was like one by one people swapping places to take snapshot!) We walked along The Beatles cafe and then turned toward the Tate Liverpool. We entered the Tate Liverpool as well and I wouldn't be myself if I wouldn't kiss the lamb outside! Also, as we walked along Victorian Albert docks we passed the Mersey Maritime Museum and there is currently some carousel which was super cute contrast on the red brick! I had to photograph that! We walked around the whole Port Area admiring the beauty of this place. The victorian Albert Dock is just full of restaurants and cafe's so you can definitely find something for yourself.
I was all about the architecture and cultural side. I have visited the galleries and Museum's so many times. I think it's a must to visit list if you are in Liverpool. Once we visited all places we wanted, we decided to go do some shopping in Liverpool One following by coffee in the town centre of Liverpool.
It was a definitely fun day, and we were extremely lucky to get such a beautiful weather! I am absolutely in love with the old architecture of Liverpool with this modern twist of geometrical buildings. Liverpool, apart from great architecture and great restaurants, is a perfect place for a weekend away to get relaxed by docks, learn a history of music and art. I came back inspired and relaxed. It really reminded me that time when as a student we went there to learn and now I am back  admiring the beauty of this City! I will definitely, visit Liverpool more often as it's so worth to just get that 40min train trip! definitely check out Travelodge #Evolvingcities page, as it may surprised you!


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  1. How cute are your photos!!! Especially the cafe ones! I definitely agree that strangers peek over and look at our phones hahaha!! You got to see so much!!

  2. I've only been to Liverpool once to look at the university but I would love to visit there again and look at the arts and cultural significances!


  3. I love your photos! Especially the shot of you jumping!

    The cafe looks so pretty!

    For some reason I always thought Liverpool would be an old style city with red brick buildings, apparently I am really really wrong. Obviously you can tell I have never been to Liverpool!

    Laura x x x

  4. I love travelling (I travel for work) but i never feel like see enough places. Liverpool looks like such a great place to visit and that cafe looks amazing!

    Love and Feathers,
    The Owlet 💜


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