LSA International designs by skilled artisans from Poland.

When I saw LSA International design pieces, I fell little in love instantly! How could I not? The mix of materials like glass with wood or leather, porcelain with wood etc. is just simply beautiful! I can't even express how much I adore it! I have instantly hit the page ‘’about me’’ just to learn that the designs have been created by some of the world’s most talented craftsmen, located in Poland! My home country! Creative Design director, Monika Lubkowska-Jonas has a definitely an eye for beautiful simple yet unique designs! Skilled craftsmen use centuries-old techniques that been refined and perfected over several generations. All the items are handmade and mouthblown! 

I had to have some pieces in my home! I just had to. It would be a crime not to! I have carefully selected my designs. The first item I have chosen was the a Utility Pot with Leather Handle. I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to to keep it as a flower vase, a fruit bowl or create a terrarium with some cacti inside. Then, my boyfriend surprised me with some lovely white tulips so I made my choice: Vase! I am still considering terrarium though ;) Just look at the design! Is it not the most amazing, simple and beautiful vase? the leather stripe add so much elegance to the clear glass! I love the shape as well! Very unusual yet, so multifunctional! 
Next, I have chosen again a Utility colletion circle container with ash wooden handle. I currently keep all my kitchen utilities in a drawer and these are just simple cheap ones, but I want to upgrade to some nice teal one soon. For now, the cheap are staying :) What I really like, is that this utility container really embraces them and make it actually look nice. Something I actually wanted to display now! The container is made out of smooth white porcelain and finished with beautiful ash wooden handle. Again, simple yet so effective design! 
My last and the most favourite design is Utility board with a leather handle. There is no way I am using this as chopping board! This is too beautiful to scratch it! I am using it as breakfast board and cheese board! The wood finish is simply beautiful with an engraved LSA. I love that the grains are visible and its a quite thick with some nice camel leather finish of the handle. Can you guess I now love breakfast in bed?? Just look at this beauty! I apologies for the amount of photos.. but I just couldn't stopped! Oh and cat ;) 
I hope you fell little in love with LSA International like me. I have also posted about this brand in my latest post pastel designs favourites so go check out! If you feel lucky, don't forget to enter the simple Facebook competition (just comment!) to win John Lewis sewing machine in my creating green wall  post and definitely don’t miss my Youtube video with some great home hacks!! 

ps. in case if you wondering: this beautiful tea cup from the photos is Wedgwood from Amara.
My dotty egg holder is from Sainsbury home, a book bought in Amazon #Girlboss My cute tea & sugar containers are from Next Home, bread bin from Homesense & self-watery pot from IKEA :)

ps. You can now Shop My Style!

* I have recieved the item for review but opinion is entirely my own :) 


  1. What a great brand. I love all the designs but the Utility board with a leather handle is my favourite

  2. I love how you changed it to a breakfast board and your flatlay skills is impeccable.

  3. These are so cute! I loved #girlboss hope you enjoy it!

  4. Lovely decor ideas here. This is so inspiring. I tried reading that Girl Boss book but I didn't like it. I will try again.

  5. The minute I saw terrarium I was like 'yep, that's it'. The vase looks great with the flowers but can't wait to see if you do create the terrarium.

  6. So unique! Very modern and trendy, and you have taken beautiful pictures also! Your cat is adorable, too!

  7. What stunning pictures, such cute cat! Those vases are brilliant. Thanks for joining #happyandhome

  8. Gorgeous pieces, wonderful combinations of materials too


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