How to create gallery wall in rented space

When you rent an apartment and dream of a gallery wall, this is impossible to achieve as of course you can’t hang picture frames! If you like me, rent from an agency with restrictions, who came to your apartment every 4 months to check everything is still in place! I sometimes get comments from people, saying ‘Oh you could just repaint or hang picture and ‘’make good walls’’ when moving out, well, it’s not that easy! When you have a contract only for 6months and you don't know whether you gonna be kicked out after 6 months or they would kindly let you stay?
It’s not my property to make decisions of changes such a repaint or drilling to walls. Having had to repaint the property, cover all drills (that require painting the walls afterwards) Yes, I have lost a deposit once because of that. I have done some tiny hole’s and despite covering them and using paint to cover the areas despite sing exactly the same paint ( a batch left in the storage room) The paint on my walls faded after the main repaint and it was very visible. Having only a few days to move out, I haven't realised this as not had the chance to see it dry and the agency charged me for taking the contractor to have to repaint a whole property! Despite I only hung 2 picture frames! I still feel it was very unreasonable, but I have learned my mistakes!

Today, I wanted to show you a new way of hanging your favourite prints. Wash tape is mostly  used for many crafts and arts and to hang prints but usually in the home office, kids rooms etc. I actually never seen anyone putting pictures up this way in the bedroom! I wanted to show you that it doesn’t have to look tacky at all! I have mixed colours of my and used loads of prints as I love these! Wash tape is great as it doesn’t stick to strong and it doesn’t leave marks. for the safety just try somewhere I the corner, leave a piece of tape over a few days and then take it off and check if you have any marks! I have taken mine few times up and down and you can’t even say it’s on! I have achieved my gallery wall by having just simply washi tape from Fred Aldus store in NQ, Manchester and my prints are from Desenio, go check theirs Posters online :) I loved them after regraming this Instagram photo on instagram but they had framed prints, so I came up with an idea of doing same, but just by using washi tape! I hope you like it!

Watch my video to see how I created my trick! Also, don’t forget to take part in my competition below!

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  1. This is such a cleaver idea! I'm in the process of moving so will definitely be trying this out as soon as I start decorating my room. Thanks for sharing.


  2. This is fab, you are great at videos and lovely to see your home in 3d :) I do like that quote - yay woman power!

  3. The wall looks stunning and very you, it reflects your style and personality so well.

  4. That must have been so extremely annoying to loose your deposit for only two pictures frames!!
    I like your new idea. It looks cool and has an artist studio kind of vibe :)

    Lu |

  5. So cute! You nailed it. I'm also loving the pink/grey/black/white color combination in your room. It's so chill!

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