Outdoor Fashion for Camping or Glamping. What to wear?!

I am like super excited for the next month! We going glamping!! Surprisingly, I only came across this 'name' last month and didn’t even know that such a thing like glamping existed! For those who doesn’t know, glamping is a short cut of Glamorous Camping which is basically a prettier camping style. We did traditional camping 2 years ago with my boyfriend parents in Croatia and I loved it! I don’t mind this type of holidays, it makes me sleep less and explore more rather than staying in exclusive hotels, plus I can spend more money on some fashion! Yay! (on left Joules lovely wellies)

Yes, Fashion! So I wanted to chat a little about that! I have a really bad tendency to pack the wrong things when I am on holiday or going on small trips! Last year we went to Gran Canaria, and we were told we are going to do some cool trio of excuses like camel riding, jeep adventure and boat. 
I wore sandals, shorts and shirt. last minute i have bought bandana (Like best decision ever!) but i regret wearing sandals badly!! First of all, we walked a lot! After 2h my feet hurt, and the small straps of my very pretty Zara sandals were literally killing my skin. not only that but also the fact that my sandals had lace I tided around my ankles a these kept untiring slowing me down. We had great fun with camel riding but everyone who stepped into camel sand, will know the smell! My feet smelled gross!! My shoes were ready to be throw away and I couldn’t wash off the smell for another 2 days! 

You don't want to make my mistakes when you going on trips like that! Remember to get some decent clothing and boots like these from Hi-Tec! I am definitely taking them to my glamping! We are renting a small pod for 2 people for a weekend away in June. The pod got electricity, cute fireplace etc. but we still need to take a lot of stuff like towels, bedding etc. most of all the nights are going to be still cold and we will be doing a lot of walking around Wales coast so I do need a decent clothes and boots! I have created an inspirational Pinterest board and I will be pinning more there! 

Make sure you have:
  • Proper boots
  • Wool hat, sun hat
  • Onesie (it's a must) -advice of another great blogger!
  • Wellies
  • Knee lengths sock for wellies
  • Spare pair of jeans
  • Extra thick socks
  • Warm jumper
  • Extra T-shirt
  • long sleeve top

Now, check where I am going in June! yay!
I am definitely taking all these on top of my normal packing list! I want to really enjoy it this time and not have ruined time of hurt feet or feeling cold etc. I am planning to spend the night outdoor with a firecamp while drinking red wine and listening to the sea! I am more than sure we are going to have great time! Have you ever been glamping? Please let me know how it was! 

ps. You can now Shop My Style!

* Post in collaboration with Hi-tec but opinion in this article is entirely my own,as always!


  1. Only problem with onsies is when you have to use the loo...

  2. Glamping, what fun! It's definitely on my 'to do' list!

  3. OMG! That looks beautiful! I'm a fan of camping so would love this little upgrade :)
    Jabeen x

  4. I love the idea of Glamping since me and camping dont get along lol but loving your fashion pieces.

  5. Majorly jealous! I have wanted to try glamping for ages now. I keep seeing cheap deals everywhere haha!


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