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just a nibble plate and chocolate tart
I can't believe that it's been a year since Don't Cramp My Style was '''born''!

Last year, exactly 25th of May a domain went life! So many things happened since! I am not sure if any of you remember (I wouldn't be surprised if not), but I was initially under the name of Yay or Nay Interiors, that I started a few months earlier. It wasn't great at all! It was actually really bad! I barely had 200 followers across my social media accounts, I wasn't posting regularly and barely anyone was reading me ;) Well, it was a mostly my fault I guess as I wasn't as dedicated as I am now! You can read here about my rebrand. Then I had bit eureka moment last year and decided to go for a complete change! This was after my trip to Palma in Spain, you can read here The story behind Don't cramp My Style
white shirt and pink hair
Outfit: White shirt & Cullote trousers both from

white shirt and pink hair
Since I started in May, I went crazy! I had so much power, passion, and motivation! A month earlier, I dyed my hair pink and I think this helped my confidence with the whole rebrand. Since last year, I grown from 200 to 17 000 followers across social media plus my views went up to 15 000 a month and my domain authority reached 31 in March! On top of that I have Won Amara Interior blog Award, Best Home blog by blogger network, and I was Shortlisted for Cosmopolitan Blog Award plus few more -just check my sidebar ;) I also, took part in amazing campaign recording videos with Swiftcover (Yes, I had whole camera crew in my home) and literally yesterday I was guest speaker at Ideal home Show in Manchester (blog post to follow!) Also, I started working with fantastic and well known the UK and worldwide brands and I am not going to lie, I have the best time in my life! I can't say this all came super easy, not really! I worked ridiculously hard! I work already full time and always stayed late in my day job, so I spend nights or early morning (wake up at 5am to blog or stayed till 2-3am) and continuously on weekends. My social life suffers badly, but I wasn't worried too much about that as I am an introvert and I do actually prefer to stay at home. I did, however, join few friends parties and million blog events, so it wasn't that bad and definitely it was worthy! I am now super proud of my acheivemnts! 
heart shape tea cup
My first, little achievement was actual with when I received their award Blogger of the Month by NBN (join!), so today I am celebrating my 1st year as Don't Cramp My Style with Next! I am having a tea party with style! Today, it was such a beautiful weather in Manchester and all I wanted to just relax on the blanket! After my stage speaking yesterday I was so exhausted that all I wanted was just to lie in and enjoy the moment! I just got new VQ Hepburn Mk II radio ( new separate post on that and the radio giveaway this week!!  watch this space!) so I just put music on and relaxed! I also got an extra battery with my radio so I could listen to it outdoor! We went for a dinner earlier, so I had my chocolate tart as my dessert and lovely Beauty tea from Neil's yard Remedies (delicious!) in my super cute Next tea cup! It's all way round heart shape tea cup! It was so nice to just lie down on super soft Next throw! I wouldn't be myself if I wouldn't style the whole thing! Like seriously, how on earth I can enjoy any moment without having everything perfectly settled around me?! It's a hard life being perfectionist :) It was the perfect moment, just relaxing reading and I ate the whole tart! On my own! I didn't post these pictures as it gone messy haha ;)
birthday tea party with next
Have you noticed my solar lanterns??? Oh just wait till few weeks as I am going away glamping and I will show you how they look in dark! you can't see much as it was really sunny today! These stunning lanterns have the solar panel on top and need to stay on for 48h on light and then it gives a stunning warm light during the night! It's perfect! Also, I totally love my cushions! The ombre style is just so super soft and the leaf motive is waterproof (definitely taking glamping too!) I also had cute pear shape candle holder in case if you missed ;) Both of course from Next!

ps. You can now Shop My Style!

*Most of the items was send to me by Next but opinion is entirely my own!


  1. I cant believe your blog is only a year old! Well done on achieving so much, I really thought your blog must have been a few years old! xx

  2. You've got such a lovely blog and happy blogversary :) you found your niche and it's working for you which is always a beautiful thing xo

    ♥ LaaLaa || Dolce Vanity

  3. wow, what an incredibly successful first year of blogging! congrats! Here's to many more :)

  4. Congratulations hun! Such a wonderful achievement xx

  5. Congrats on your blog anniversary, you have done so much in such a short time to make your blog brilliant.


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