How to find the perfect sofa for your home

I have recently got sofa upgrade in my rented pad, thanks to the kindness of my landlord! Yay! We had small black two seater sofa, that I had pretty much enough of. The sofa was okey, for those who loves leather seating... and personally, I prefer fabric sofa’s in corner option. I like to lie down and stretch my legs, and bring duvet from bedroom.. wrap like a burrito and watch Pretty Little Liars! I am extremely grateful we were able to finally change it and that my landlord allowed me to pick one! (picture on top hunker sofa)
I recently came across Sarah Sherman Samuel, a Los Angeles based blogger and designer. I totally love her style! She has the most amazing apartment, beautifully written and layout blog posts with tonnes of absolutely unique and stylish photographs but most of all, she has the sofa I want! Pink, large enough with super cosy cushions! This is the style for example I love! I’ve read Sarah’s blog for a good few hours one evening and I found her sofa is from Muuto. She styles her sofa with her DIY planters (must read) next to it and she added prints from the Framebridge. For me, it’s the perfection! If I would style my own apartment in in the future, perhaps I would be in the very similar way! (picture on top hector sofa)
Sarah Sherman Samuel Muuto sofa, you Must check her blog!!
While searching for our own sofa, I have followed some basic guides and my own criteria, as well as potential future tenants needs and of course something that is suitable for the apartment. I have thought, I perhaps may share this knowledge with you, you know I love writing about stuff like that! So, let put this practice and next time if you after your dream sofa you can just read this and find the perfect one!
Arco Sofa BoConcept
You know my blog and advises focus on budget, but when it comes to furniture like sofa, I will always say.’Quality over price!’ This is a piece that is worth to save up and wait maybe few more months with replacement, rather rushing and buying a piece that cost £400 with really bad quality fabric and a sofa that will break and reshape in no time! 
Osaka sofa BoConcept
Few simple rules to help you find the perfect sofa!

Style. First of all, you have to think of style of your apartment and what type of sofa you are looking for. These days, you can find so many styles and colours, it’s unreal! You can choose from the traditional shapes more vintage look of chesterfield or shabby chic with wooden legs or totally square and modern, and yet modular scandi. The options are wide. Best way to chose the style is to pick few different sofa style’s and just place images against other furniture and see whether or ‘’works’ or not. In my old apartment, I used to have this lovely chesterfield sofa. It instantly makde the apartment look stylish and added real character to it. There is something special with Chesterfield you know! I think, one day I will perhaps get one and mix with leather one! I think it would absolutely beautiful combination a light vintage brown sofa next to pink fabric one in different shape and all sort of scandi accessories and furniture! My dream look! Just look at the chesterfield! I particularly like the Grosvenor shape one! It’s very traditional chesterfield look but with quite airy and open look, so perfect for even small apartments! 
SofabySaxon Grosvenor sofa
Shape. You can get so many shapes these days. If you browse IKEA's sofa's your most likely just stumble across typical square modern scandal look but if you go to you can find all sort of shapes with real feather filled cushions! These looks super cosy by the way! Again, here when it comes to choking your sofa shape, think of what functionality of the sofa. ask yourself few questions:
  1. what is the sofa going to be used for? 
  2. watching tv only? occasionally naps? 
  3. friends visits and stay over?
For example, if you are looking for sofa, to occasionally watch TV and just read a magazine, perhaps you would fine with 2 seater, nice and square sofa or modular ones but if you looking to have a naps or friends stay over, consider to go for a corner one with maybe sleeping function where you can stretch your legs on the full lengths! I came across BoConcept while researching for my footballer client. They were looking for large corner sofa that would seat many people comfortably but not ‘’too soft’’ as it suppose to be for occasional events and as well as little monsters (read; kids proof) design.  Check out their designer sofasWe suggested Mezzo sofa and it was the one! BoConcept sofas are custom made with a lifetime guarantee and always on time delivery. They also offer various fabrics options and also 3D design online so you can try to design your own! Here, is where I am talking about quality! This is a sofa that is worth the investment, as this will be your lifetime investment and with their beautiful designs it will never go out of style or trends :) 
Mezzo BoConcept corner sofa
Colour. This is what I totally love about sofa’s these days! It comes in so many colours you can choose from! Forget cream, grey or black. Now you can choose any beautiful pastels , bold colours as well as a variety of fabrics! Oh by the way, when it comes to fabrics again, I know leather is durable but you can choose from so many good quality fabrics so it’s worth to spend few more minutes and read each fabric description and check the percentage if durability and quality as some shops off fabric similar to commercial when you can easy wipe off spillage etc.
I Bagsie sofa!
Personalise. Some does come really expensive but if you dream of the very stylish with a low budget then think of personalisation! you can buy a sofa like this IKEA  SÖDERHAMN which already comes in beautiful teal fabric but of you think of something more quirky then try covers from Bemz! You can always change legs or paint them in nice colour! Voila ! I wouldn’t even be scared of going second hand and repeat the steps above! For example, my corner sofa cost £100 including delivery! Definitely, check Ebay & Gumtree!
Bemz sofa cover on IKEA SÖDERHAMN
Dimensions! Always Always Always! No matter what! Online images or even trip to shop can give disturbed view! pick a long string if no tape measure and when at home lay all way down either by cutting template from a brown paper roll or just uses the string mentioned above! Worst thing if your sofa is too large or too small. It's heavy and not easy to return!


ps. You can now Shop My Style!

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  1. Everyone needs a good sofa! I love mine (it's black) and it makes such a difference having the eighth one x

  2. We've just bought sofas from Next and it was a brilliant experience and I'm super pleased. I was very tempted by a Chesterfield but we didn't in the end... :-)

  3. There's so much to think about! I've never bought a sofa as I've always lived in furnished flats/houses :)

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  4. Every good home will have at least one sofa in their living room or bed room. My clients are always eager to get the best and the perfect one for you. Dimensions , type of the sofa, interior design of the house, the fabrics, cushions etc are some key parameters, as you said clearly , we have to consider to get the perfect sofa.
    We tell people to wait for some time before making the final decision. We shouldn't jump into a sudden decision as sofa is a long term investment


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