How to make fashion inspired DIY cushions covers! Video

I always loved simple DIY.  I found some unused cushion covers (or pillow covers if you like to name it this way). Simple white covers that usually worked as back up pillow for my comfort, by I had so many of them already. I decided to jazz them up a little. I found some lovely cushions before but were quite expensive so for this #swifthomehacks I decided to show you how can you re-use these white simple covers (whether pillow or cushions) and create something really simple and super quick and most of all super cheap! 
This is sadly my last #swifthomehacks and I hope you enjoyed them all, here is a quick recap on all my videos:

Here, in my last video I am showing you how to to quick and easy create DIY fashion inspired cushion.  Enjoy!

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  1. Haha! How fun! I never would have though of using fringe for eyelashes. PS I LOVE YOUR HAIR!

  2. They look so fab! I love the eyelashes cushion :)

  3. Love love love these! It's such a simple but effective idea :) Thanks for sharing xx

    Effi |

  4. Oh wow! Great idea; thanks for the tip 😄


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