Smart styling bedroom tips to help you sleep better!

When I was at University, for whole 3 years I was fighting against insomnia! All 3 years I was like walking zombie. I have no clue, how on earth did I manage to finish uni with first class degree and Dean’s Award?! I am just ace! ha! On a serious note, there is nothing funny about insomnia. I went through the worst days you can imagine. I could go for days with no sleep at all, study and work. It was awful! I will never forget these days! I was even put on sleeping aids by doctors but I refused to take them, as I didn’t want to become dependant on them.

Poor sleep, will not only give us panda eyes and tiredness through the day but it can seriously affect your health. I read tonnes of articles (while unable to sleep), I tried possibly everything that uncle google was suggesting. I counted billions of sheep’s, cats and drink tonnes of magical teas. I finally found my magical cure how to sleep better! There are few things you need to do and it won’t come over one night. It will help you gradually but it should work! It worked with me, that’s why I wanted to share these with you today. This is why I become an interior designer, it’s not just pretty things that help with visual aesthetics but smart and functional design helps us live better. That's why I have created my smart bedroom tips to help you sleep better, as there are few simple tricks that you can apply to fight insomnia!

Smart bedroom accessories. 
  1. Clock! Get yourself new analogue clock, the traditional one, not digital. The clock on your bedside table, will not only look stylish but will also help you with one important better sleeping rule; banning all technology from the bedroom.  If you going through extreme insomnia like I had, it will be hard. Get the non-ticking clock, as any ticking clock drove me nuts (still does) so it may have a similar effect on you! 
  2. Books. Again, stylish books on your side table will look great of course, but try to select your books carefully. Pick those, that will help you relax, and slowly will help you fall asleep. Keep all motivational and inspirational books for your Living room, as these may give you that energising kick , which is great normally but not when you have sleeping problems. you can always hide them under the bed for the morning wake up ;)
  3. Swap the TV for calming artwork. A Large piece of artwork, with nice landscape or paradise, will help you to get your thoughts into a nice and relaxing environment. Go to bed at least 1h before you wish to go to sleep and keep low light. 
  4. Pretty stationery on your bedside table, it may look good to have this pretty notepad or blogger calendar but it is also for you to use it. While lying in, make lists. Write down everything you need to do next day, write your shopping list, gift lists etc. Organising everything before you sleep will help you to keep your mind clean and less stressed. 
  5. Lavender or chamomile tea scent diffuser or oils. Scent your room for better relaxation! You can also go for mixtures with basil and jasmine.
  6. Pretty mug or cup.. full of chamomile tea! Again, chamomile tea is best. You know from my Instagram now, that I am addicted to mugs full of tea ;) You can also go for lavender, lime flower tea etc. You can buy these literally everywhere! my favourite is pukka night time tea! Mine is from Wedgwood from my trip there last week (soon on blog)
  7. Trinket box not just for jewellery. Hide ear plugs there. When your boyfriend starts the 7 symphonies in the middle of the night, it will be easier to just reach for them 
A stylish bed that help you sleep.
  1. Choose your bed carefully and don't be scared of going to a good size bed thinking you need a space for desk etc. Bedroom for sleep, try not to keep desk, laptop etc. so generally speaking do not work, eat or do daily tasks these. You need to get your mind that bedroom is for sleep only. The good feng shui! A good idea is bed with posters (if you have space) and covered with stylish fabric. Dreamy! but any decent size bed you like will do! 
  2. Mattress.  I have not long ago posted about foam mattress and how good is for my health. for example read here my Leesa mattress review. A good mattress is a key! It's kind of essential and so important! Good night sleep, on a proper mattress, is exactly what you need!
  3. Nice bedding! This can perhaps help to calm you. Choosing nice and stylish pattern of your bedding and the right fabric whether cotton or linen etc. it can make a huge difference! If you go for a polyester one during summer, you may be sweating and feeling too hot, and again too cold during winter with a satin one. Try to pick the right one, so perhaps why not try Bedeck one like mine?300 cotton counts with beautiful calming pattern! Love it!
Smart Lighting. 
  1. Keep lower voltage of your main light. In case if you have to switch it on, its won't has the same impact as high voltage one.
  2. Bedside lamp. It’s a must and best if is with a diffuser. Then you can keep very low while making your lists get your eyes and mind ready and giving them a signal, it’s a bedtime! LED bedside lamp with charger it's a great idea, you not tight to cable and your phone is charging so you can’t get it. Win win scenario! I just got Ikea bedside table and is amazing! Check LED hut for some great deals, as my mostly comes from their shop!
  3. Blinds. During winter is easier, as 5pm it’s already dark but when it comes to summer 10pm and there is still bright outside, so how can you sleep! Blackout blinds are your best option! If you rent like me, you can just change the existing one to blackout ones. I did! Best decision ever! 
  4. Lamp shade here can help as well. Go for smooth, fabric shades which don't  create a disturbing pattern on walls, read here my ultimate lighting guide for better lighting understanding.
  1. Keep your room at approximately 18degrees. Don’t over heat it! If you tend to wake up with a runny nose, sore throat and red eyes but throughout the day you fine, it means your room is overheat and to dry. Invest in an air purifier, just remembers to switch on 1h before sleep and switch off before sleep time. These tend to be loud. If you can’t afford it go for the traditional way and just put your towels in room temperature water and put them on around, including one near the heater. 
  2. Not room related, but a bath in warm (not too hot and not too cold) will also help, if you add relaxing oils to your water like lavender it will help even better. 
  3. Stylish basket with favourite pyjamas on your bedside. Keep 2 x pyjamas there, one satin and one warmer, perhaps onesie. You can always style it nicely with some flower on top, you now the Spa style. if you wake up in the middle of the night, too cold or too warm you can quick change it without  getting up from the bed and switching the main light on.
Psychology of the colours and patterns and textures
  1. If you always suffer from sleeping problems avoid warm colours like red, peachy, yellow, orange etc. These are positive and energising colours. You want to focus on neutrals, purples and cold colours like shades of blue and greens but not too cold shades as again it may have an opposite effect. 
  2. Bedding colours can be any, just maybe try to pick rather less disturbing patterns and go for florals, soft geometric or plain. Avoid shocking colours like neons or strong red etc. You can, of course, change them back once your sleeping is on the right path and you don’t have any problems. 
  3. Bedding textures. Keep satin for summer and switch to soft brushed or organic cotton in winter. Invest in good quality 200 threads bedding, you can use annalysik16 code is you liked my review of  The fine cotton company. Despite that bedding with sequins, extra buttons and all that may look so cute and pretty, avoid them! These only look pretty on pictures and can not only give you unstylish print on your face next day, but also it will keep you uncomfortable all night.
  4. Stylish throw. Don’t just buy throw that match the bedding. Keep it multitasking, for an emergency cover if gets really cold. Go for textures! pretty fur throw in winter and go crazy in summer with patterns but soft in touch! Again, save you from waking up and turning on the radiator. You can check my posts for inspirations! Winter bedroom makeover for a winter theme and spring trends! 
  5. Flooring colour and texture. When you rent an apartment you don’t have much to say about flooring but you can make the choice before you rent! Read all my girls guide to flooring. Yes, what flooring has to do with your sleep? Well, carpets can keep bacteria, gather dust etc which may cause allergies and another reason for your sleepless nights! Pick rugs and carpets that are natural, easy to clean etc. these days are many fantastic products that help you keep maintenance to a minimum, therefore, you have more time to spend in bed that clean!

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*contain sponsored content. I was sent the bedding from pictures for review but opinion is entirely my own!


  1. Some amazing tips, I remember someone said to me to keep a bedroom, a bedroom because you need to be able to relax and get a good night sleep, no technology or work. x

  2. Lots of really good tips! I love a nice scent in my room too.
    Bee |

  3. So many useful tips! I keep my bedroom for sleeping as I used to spend so much time in there and could never relax and actually drop off.
    Great post.

    Sarah | <3

  4. These are great tips, I used to suffer from terrible insomnia, and have just ordered a black out blind to help my sleep.

  5. You do translation blog on Polish ?
    sis <3

  6. Lovely tips. I used to suffer terribly with insomnia, but I can totally relate to the need to declutter your bedroom. It's the one room in our house that is free from junk and mess, and I have to leave it that way every morning, to feel relaxed when I go to bed.

  7. Great tips, and well done you on the awesome degree result ;) I have the opposite problem, stress makes me sleep too much. So I need an orange room right?! Thanks for joining #happyandhome

  8. Great tips - I don't have too many troubles sleeping but even so there's good advice here for me. #happyaandhome


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