Let's talk about tiles! Simple guide to tiles.

Many of you know, that I am a qualified interior designer. It's absolutely normal for me to be choosing different tiles every day. I remember when I had to choose my first tiles for a client, and I had absolutely no clue where to start. These days you have a huge range of shapes, sizes, and colours and I were little like Alice in Wonderland. In today post, I wanted to show you a simple infographic created by Thisisstone.com where the guys explained in such a simple way type of tiles with some great advice! I couldn't say no to this collaboration as I know this would definitely benefit you guys!(picture on top Artisau TopsTiles)
Victoria  Plumbing Devonstone floor Tiles 
Tiles have been used throughout history, dating as far back as far as 13th century BC. The Ancient Mesopotamians first used tiles of all shapes and sizes for a variety of purposes. They continued to be frequently used throughout the Middle East up until today and different tiles have been found throughout Europe representing different cultures and time periods. Ancient Romans, ancient Greeks, ancient Moroccans, you name it, cultures have used and adapted tiles for thousands of years and have never got bored! Tiles are an absolutely wonderful addition to the home and can be used in a great variety of rooms to great effect. Different tiles are suited to different areas, however, and it is essential that you are aware of which type of tile is going to do the best job in a designated area.

This stunning example is from Phoenix Tapware
Large, plain and durable tiles, for example, are always the first choice for floors and should rarely be ignored. They bear a lot of human traffic throughout the day and they need to be clear so you can see everything in front of you, including those painful things that aren’t too visible but can cause you a lot of pain if you step on them! 

HOSE Carrara Marble Fish Scale Mosaics Styled by Marsha Golemac Studio123 LTD. Photographed by Dan Hocking

Tiles with artistic decorations and patterns for this reason are not great for flooring but rather in specific areas that require a decorative touch. Kitchen backsplashes and bathroom walls can be a nice place to explore mosaic designs or elaborate patterns and the artistic license for this is unlimited. 
Diamante Pastel Sky tiles

Typical brick tile style in kitchen image Homedit
Natucer tiles series modeli
Here we take you through some key factors and options that you need to consider when choosing your type of tiles…

Infographic Powered by This Is Stone

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  1. Heavily patterned floor tiles are definitely having something of a renaissance right now aren't they? And I LOVE them. Image no 2 is definitely my fave!

    1. Totally agree! There is so much request lately for these as well!

  2. Love the nautical themed floor titles. The floor is maybe one of the items you forget when decorating!

    1. You absolutely right! People tend to look up! That's when we designers come to rescue and not forget anything ;)

  3. If I had my own place I would definitely have some tiled feature walls. I feel like tile is having a huge revival, but I would never have even known some of the troubles with tiles

    1. Yes, tiles comes back to trends with the range now on so many beautiful designs!

  4. I am so happy to know that people like you exist and can give some guidance how to design the house. I am useless at this so this is very useful !



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