Arena Flowers beautiful bouquets plus Win £100 Voucher !

'How is it you can all talk so nicely?’ 
Alice said, hoping to get it into a better temper by a compliment. 
`I’ve been in many gardens before, but none of the flowers could talk.'
`Put your hand down, and feel the ground,’ said the Tiger-lily.
`Then you’ll know why.....
Chapter 2: The Garden of Live Flowers,  Alice in Wonderland. 

Perhaps, every girl I know loves flowers! Am I wrong? ;) I have myself, a huge sentiment to flowers. Not many of you knows, but pretty much most of my teenage years I have spent in Holland, working in glass houses cutting roses while trying to save up for my first car. In such a high temperature's nearly sauna like, I was walking in aisles of roses with special sharp secateurs in my right hand while holding already cut bouquet in my other. It wasn't an easy task! Despite we had safety clothing and gloves, the sharp prickles still were hurting me badly. We had to learn special techniques of cutting and also we had set criteria not to cut too young and not miss the ones that ready. It was such a hard/amazing time in my life. It was very much love-hate relationship! I hated it for the fact that instead of having fun with friends, drinking and going to cinema, I was stuck in sauna cutting roses surrounded with 40-50 years olds! Sigh... but then, I loved it in the same time. I loved the fact, that I didn't waste my youth and actually learn hard work, respect and passion. Passion? Yes, passion, because I had dreams and I was making them reality. My parents wouldn't be able to buy me a car but also I developed passion for traveling, adventures and just simple enjoyed it! I loved flowers, and I still do, so the work never came to me as hard or boring. It was rather interesting!

Arena flowers is a leading online florists who can deliver amazing bouquets, right to your door! The choice is huge, from beautiful seasonal to most wanted peonies, roses, tulips..You name it! You can customise your bouquet and even get a help with writing personal message with their super friendly customer service! They are an absolutely experts and award winning company features in many respectable publications! 

Today, I have an amazing giveaway for you!
 Arena Flowers is giving my One lucky reader a chance to Win £100 worth voucher to spend on theirs beautiful flowers! Whether is your mum or friend birthday or you are just a blogger and need some pretty background flowers, then you must enter! Good luck everyone!

The prize is £100 to spend at Arena  flowers . One person can win one prize only.
. The prize is non-transferable and no cash alternative is offered
• Open to UK residents only.
• Closing date for entries is 31st of July 2016
• Entrants must log into Rafflecopter and enter via mandatory entries.
• The winner will be chosen at random from all valid entries
• The winner will be informed within 14 days of the closing date and will need to respond with a postal address within 28 days or a new winner will be chosen
• The prize will be sent within 28 days of receiving the winner’s address
• Entry to this confirms that participants have read, understood and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions
• By providing the entrant's e-mail address, entrant agrees to be added to Don't Cramp My Style newsletter contact list.

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  1. those bouquets are absolutely beautiful! i use to hate flowers but i love them now

  2. These are beautiful arrangements, I would love to win!

  3. Wonderful, thanks so much. I've been poorly for the last few days and yesterday I bought myself a bunch of flowers as a cheer up present - it totally worked :-) .

  4. These are stunning :) Thank you so much for the chance x

  5. They look fab, the style really reminds me of my wedding flowers :) Fingers crossed xx

  6. gorgeous flowers, would love some!!


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